For security reasons, we felt it prudent to hold our first leadership meeting of the month in Victoria at Salomon’s warehouse, the site where the ministry began.  It brought back sweet memories.  There were about 30 in attendance as we made final preparations for the convention and had prayer.


The next day we held leadership class at the cottage with the folks from Mante, Voz, and San Isidro.  Beto expressed frustration due to not being able to defeat the anger issues that he has struggled with.  Pray for him; it is a huge step for him to admit that to a group.


Later that afternoon, we headed back to Victoria to attend a wedding where we rejoiced in the opportunity to share Christ with several people seated at the same table.  Before leaving the cottage, a neighbor asked for a ride to the city to the hospital where she works.  On the way, it was interesting how on her own she expressed interest in attending the much talked about convention.  We gave her an official invitation and told her of all the things God does at such a meeting and prayed she’d go.  She and her family truly need Christ in their lives, and God must already be dealing with her.


An elderly man named Juan accepted Christ during the service in Victoria the next day.  He pleaded with us to also share the Gospel with his daughter who is in serious problems.  We reassured him that if he would bring her to the service, we would.  And we did.  Erica went forward with her dad and came to the point of repeating the prayer.  Trembling and crying, no words would come out.  She resisted the prompting of the Holy Spirit and said she wasn‘t ready, so, sadly, we could not proceed.   For the meantime, we gave her some tracts and the Gospel of John for her to read on her own and told her she could make the decision for new life anytime and should do so as soon as possible.  Please pray for her.


Vivi called the next day, full of excitement with the news of several things that God has been doing through the GDA held at her and Carlos’s home.   At the meeting, the group decided to pitch in with sandwiches and other foods and drinks to take to local hospitals to share with family members waiting for their loved ones to improve.  In addition to feeding the people, the group ministered through the Word and prayer very effectively.  They enjoyed the experience so much that they agreed to go once a month.


Vivi also expressed such a pleasure spending time with the coordinators who had been meeting weekly in preparation of the convention.  The last meeting was mostly fellowship, and many testified of how special that time had been.  The love and unity shared between them had EVERYTHING to do with the success of this year’s convention.  The convention the following weekend went off without a hitch.  Please see the  special report summarizing the details.


A week after the convention, we enjoyed the debriefing with the leaders in Victoria.  They all commented on the love, unity, maturity of their co-laborers and can’t wait to see what God has in store for the ministry next.  At the cottage, we got feedback from the brothers and sisters who attend that leadership class.  Araceli testified that the man who had rented them a mini-bus to go to the convention attended service in Mante the following week with his wife and two children.  Vicente ministered that day and led them all to the Lord.  More fruit produced from the convention!


The next day, we enjoyed a nice time of rest at the cottage before returning to Victoria for Maribel’s bridal shower. (She and Toño have the distinction of being the first couple to marry in Victoria’s building that the church moved into just a little over a year ago.)   During the shower, we didn’t realize that our testimonies and joy would be heard by a lady who was a mutual friend of another sister who had been seeking ways to draw her to Christ along with her husband.  The Holy Spirit knew exactly whom to seat where and led the conversation.  Later, it was discovered how the Lord had orchestrated this “chance” encounter and how the wedding could be the hook to reach out to this couple.  (Stay tuned for more details!)


Also at the shower, another sister told of God’s protection on her son and his family as they swerved on the highway to avoid hitting a cow, narrowly missing a head-on collision with a semi.  No harm came to them or their vehicle.  Her son also had an encounter with some of the evil men that have been causing lots of trouble.  They took him from his home and tried to make him buy a truck load of stolen merchandise.  The Lord gave him the words to say and got him out of the situation safely.  Days later, those men were caught.  It could have ended badly.  All over Mexico, there are missing people.  One we have been asked to pray for is José Antonio Rodriguez, the nephew of a sister’s husband.


After the shower, Salomon and Laura asked us to go with them to pray over a plot of land where they intend to build yet another business.  Since coming to Christ, the Lord has prospered them abundantly and given them the desires of their hearts.  Specifically, we prayed over several obstacles and issues they face regarding the land.  Your prayers for smooth resolutions to the issues would be greatly appreciated.


Next, we met with Maribel and Toño for their last premarital session and to discuss the details of the wedding that will be May 7th.  They specifically requested time to share their testimonies and have an invitation to receive Christ during the ceremony.  How exciting!  We’ll let you know the results in next month’s report.


Two people accepted Christ in the service the following day (Valeria and Martin --they would appreciate your prayers as they walk free from several bondages and problems).  The message dealt with the price Jesus paid and the true meaning of Passover and Resurrection Day.  While Jose was preaching to the adults, Jeanette and other teachers reviewed on the same topic with the children, which they had been teaching on for a month.  Then the teachers took communion with them.  Everyone raised their hand to say they receive the sacrifice of Jesus and His blood on their hearts.  They seemed to grasp the concept much more easily than some adults!  It was a precious time with the children.


Despite the violence and atrocities all around, our people are perseverant and have remained safe.  At one time or another, most --if not all--have had some kind of unpleasant encounter with the evil men that have turned Mexico upside-down.  Yet the believers are proving the Word to be true: We are more than conquerors through Christ (Rom 8:37).  And it is because of the Body of Christ that Mexico has not totally collapsed.  As you pray, please declare that evil be exposed and brought to justice, and that the Church stand and occupy the territory that would otherwise be run by the enemy.


We can’t tell you how much we appreciate every prayer lifted up on behalf on the ministry in Mexico and on behalf of the brothers and sisters in Christ there.  Thank you so much!


Yours in Christ,

José, Jeanette, and the Missions Team 

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