Our trip to Guanajuato at the end of July was a pleasant, successful one as we were able to accomplish many objectives. We met with a pastor and his family, old friends who had gone through a difficult family crisis and seem to be on the other side of it now, and spent time ministering to Jose’s relatives.  They are in a spiritual desert and are in serious need of a good church.  They say that one church they had gone to makes distinction between the wealthy and the poor, another split because the pastor fell in sin, and another charges an entrance fee.  Could all this be true?!  Well, Paul faced such things.  We hope to return to seek one out or plant a church with the help of our co-laborers if the Lord opens the door.

The good news is that a sister-in-law says she attends a church in the outskirts (one that is the result of a church split), and another relative named Imelda is now saved and has been in the faith ever since Jose preached at his dad’s funeral and gave out Bibles.  And Jose’s brother Faustino testified that he has been delivered from alcoholism since he accepted Christ a few years back.

During our visit, Jose also shared Christ with a neighbor who said he felt a “force of energy” as Jose spoke to him.  Jose clarified what (Who) that was.  By request of one of Jose’s brothers, we also prayed for his wife Lourdes, who doctors say is dying of cirrhosis of  the liver, though God has preserved her life for the 4 years that it has been since the last time we prayed for her.  There were many other needs in the family that had to do with deliverance of a nervous condition, a suicidal niece, and others.   One niece begged us to take her 11-yr-old daughter so that we could teach her the Word.  She also asked for scriptures to read to her two younger sons. 

While we were there, Salomon held the service in Victoria.  He told of the testimony of a sister who said her sister had finally accepted Christ after being very rebellious for years.  She rejected anyone--including her own mother--who would attempt to share Christ with her until one day she came to herself and went to this sister’s house and asked what she must do to be saved.  Hallelujah!

Another sister named Karina also testified that she led a friend named Francisco to the Lord, and Dante told of the miraculous hand of God as he lost a travel bag that contained all his documents and other valuables and those of a friend while at a conference in Dallas.  Despite thousands of people in attendance, the Lord directed him to find it in the hands of a person walking by several minutes after it was noticed missing.  He walked up to the person and said, “That’s my bag!” and retrieved it with all its contents.  That was GOD’S handiwork!

In Voz, great things are happening, too.  Isai’s cousin accepted Christ, and Melissa’s brother has requested to be baptized.  They are also beginning monthly fellowships for the men and the ladies.  This is a huge step for them since they are no longer relying on us to spear-head the meetings.  At one regular service, Vicente’s wife found herself leading it because he couldn‘t be there.  Though she’d never done that before, said she handled it just fine.  At another meeting, a young man named Javier shared the Word for the first time after the Spirit indicated that he has a calling in the teaching ministry.  They say he did well.

We baptized 6 people from Mante in a river near Xicotencatl.  That day there were about 25 people present, and we had a marvelous opportunity to minister to them during the fellowship that followed.  Three accepted Christ, and Jose spent quite a while talking to an alcoholic man who is an attorney who suffers from depression.  The hardness of heart was broken, and he has begun attending the services.  He doesn’t even look the same anymore!  That same day another expressed her desire to teach the children during Mante’s services.  She’s been faithful for some time and will be a great blessing as the group developes into a church there.

The following week we baptized 11 in Victoria.  The fellowship that followed was also very fruitful.  One of those who received a lot was a Fenchman who had been a Catholic Jesuit.  He is headed into the faith, just as his wife has entered.
The next day the church in Victoria held a special fellowship after the service to welcome the new little member recently born to a young couple.  We have decided to handle it this way instead of having baby showers and found it to be quite a blessing for the couple, their family, and the Church.

At a recent leadeship meeting in Victoria, Jose spoke with some of the leaders of the young adults and created a leadership council (instead of just one pastor for them) for special events since they all contribute very effectively with their different gifts as leaders. They all eagerly accepted the challenge.

God is definitely doing a powerful work in the people, and the enemy as tried to hinder it, but we have won the victory because the Greater One lives in us.  During one ocassion, we were praying for people in line at church.  When we started to pray for one young lady, demons manifested themselves.  Immediately, Jeanette and two men removed her from among the people and dragged her to the office where they cast the demons out.  The two men had never seen anything like that before, but thankfully, they did not draw back, and the lady left in her right mind (Mark 16:18).

In Mante the husband of a woman who asked to dedicate her baby instead of having him sprinkled accepted Christ and has been faithful ever since.  And recently, the Holy Spirit has powerfully touched the people there who have never seen anything like it.  Several were recently slain in the Spirit, including another attorney with lots of problems who had gone forward for prayer.

At Salomon’s business, he recently led 3 to the Lord, including one who later called to say that marvelous, miraculous things have been occurring in his life ever since he believed.  Salomon later told us he feels led to write a manual on personal evangelism based on his experiences and on the Word and then present the information at a workshop.  He has already begun preparing for it.

A training session with the teachers in Victoria was held this month, and two more ladies were added to the team.  They were each given more materials, and other materials were sent to the other churches.

The next day, we had a delightful lunch with a family in Victoria that just bubbled up with testimonies.  Marta praises God that she and her family--including her husband-- are free from the ritualistic prayers they used to have to do.  The rest of the family say they have been brainwashed, and she replies that yes, they have been--washed from all the evil and confusion in their minds!  We also heard that Lily, a woman who got saved not long ago used to practice witchcraft.  When a family member recently asked her to perform some traditional rite,  she, without us even discussing that with her, told them that she is a Christian now and no longer does that.  Another sister at the lunch was asked how she is handling the persecution that she once spoke of .  She said one of the people who had been the hardest on her was one of those who got baptized last week.  And her mother has softened, as well.

For the last trip, Jeanette stayed behind to make final preparations for the beginning of classes at Harvest Christian Academy, and Willy was quite a blessing as he accompanied Jose, ministering in Voz and in Victoria.  Jose and Salomon went on to Mante to minister and saw a mighty move of God there.

On Saturday, September 4th, we invite all members of the American Church to join their faith in prayer with the Church in Mexico as they pray for peace in the country on their National Day of Prayer.  The Church is standing up and taking its place of authority and faith and finally dealing with the issues of the land.  Join us!                                                                        

                                                            Yours in Christ,      José, Jeanette, Joshua, and the Missions Team

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