We were blessed by baptizing 4 from Mante at the beginning of the month.  We were joined by Carlos and Vivi from Victoria.  We later shared a meal with the congregation and held a service following it.  The fellowship was great, and the people were very receptive during the service.  Afterward, Carlos and Vivi joined us at the cottage just to spend some quality time with them, which we very much enjoyed, despite the fact that the electricity went out.

Cristina also testified that on another day, she went to make copies for her Grupo de Alcance (outreach group).  She wanted to pay with a 200 peso-bill, but the teller didn’t have change.  So Cristina planned to go next door and buy something to get change, but a lady standing there paid it and said, “I just want you to know how much Jesus loves you.”  Cristina said she just marvels at God’s love for her.

He has been a widower for 2 years and fell into deep sadness and loneliness, relying on the counsel and prayers of his sister who lives in another state.  She urged him to find a Christian church.  That’s when Dr. Rocio gave him a booklet of the book of John when he asked about how to have a long life.  After reading it, he called her and said now he understood and wanted to go to her church.  God orchestrated the whole thing!

Another elderly gentleman walked to church with the look of one who’d had a hard life.  He spoke with Salomon, then went forward for prayer at the altar call.  He said he came from Saltillo to work in Victoria, but things have gone badly for him.  He said his money just hasn’t lasted and that he even lost 200 pesos.  Jose prayed for him and told him by the Spirit that he should return to Saltillo, connect with a church, and stay.  If he would do that, God would raise him up.  Later Salomon told Jose that the man had stopped attending church because his son died.  He also told Jose that the man had argued with his wife about going back to Saltillo.  She wanted to return, and he had refused.  The word from the Lord was just what that couple needed.

We found the people in Rio Bravo doing very well and growing.  They still carried about them the joy from the convention.  All of them commented about the joy and the anointing that was so strong there.  Sami, age 13, returned with a word from the Lord swelling up in her which she pleaded with the elders to share.  So in the service following the convention, she was given permission to give the Word, which she did and well.  She started attending the church with her family when she was 2, so it was very satisfying to hear of her being used by the Lord in this way, in addition to being used in the praise and worship team.

Lately we have had a sweet move of the Lord in the leadership classes in Victoria.  Worshiping and praying for one another is really making the classes a joy to be in.  When Laura R. was told, “We love you,” she responded, “I love you more.  Well, maybe I can’t say that, but I can say I love you the way Peter would say it, and I receive your love the way John would.”  Quite insightful.

The next day, Dante preached in Mante, accompanied by Victoria’s praise and worship team.  They had a great time and saw God heal 6 people.  The team from Voz arrived to lead the song service.  We were asked to pray for Blanca Margarita, a neighbor of Emilia, who has been given 3 months to live.  Salomon and Laura have led her to the Lord and prayed for her.  Please keep her held up in prayer.

At the cottage we rejoiced in learning that our neighbor Don Lupano is doing well.  He had been sent to a specialist in Monterrey because it was suspected that the prostate cancer had spread to his bones.  But there was not a trace of that after the studies.  And the blood levels that were too high have begun to go down.  We are sure that God did a miracle.

A 5-yr-old who has just begun visiting the church in Victoria with this parents commented to Martina that he didn’t see why we would pray to a dead god.  She asked why he would think He was dead.  The boy said he saw Him dead in the “other church” on the cross.  She explained that God the Father raised Him from the dead and that now He is seated in heaven.  During the children’s class, they taught on the same subject.  Then afterward, convinced, he told his dad not to take him to that church where God is dead anymore because he knows the truth now.  Wow!  His parents were among the couples in attendance at the marriage class.

God has done so many mighty things this month, and we are encouraged.  The good so much outweighs the difficulties and challenges we face.  However, we do greatly appreciate your prayers as we must stand in faith during some situations.

Jose, Jeanette, Josh, and the rest of the missions team 

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