This month was full of adventures and joyous occasions.  It started off with Jose and Jeanette baptizing a teenage girl in the village of Voz Campesina.  The following day, eight more were baptized in a river near Cd. Victoria.  Among those baptized were Marco Polo, his sister Belicia, and his aunt San Juana, all of whom had recently been gloriously saved and have fallen head-over-heels in love with Jesus.  Another lady, Socorro, finally decided to be baptized after several invitations.  She later testified that on the day of the baptisms she’d had a terrible earache and back ache and had seriously thought about not going through with it.  But as she came up from the water, she was instantly healed of both ailments. 

After a service in Victoria, two ladies approached Jeanette for prayer, stating that Mirta, one of the sisters, had demons.  Jeanette quickly sat them down to talk with them.  Both of them cited some very serious behaviors and symptoms that certainly indicated demonic oppression, and Mirta herself said that she indeed had demons and desperately wanted help.  Before dealing more specifically with Mirta, Jeanette turned her attention to her sister Mirna and asked if she had a relationship with Jesus Christ, advising her that “Greater is He that is in the believer than He that is in the world,” and that Jesus has given us authority over the devil.  She began crying and said she didn’t know how. 

About that time, Jose joined them and led Mirna to the Lord.  Mirta prayed the prayer along with her.  Then Jeanette and Jose started to pray for both of them.  At the moment that Jose said in prayer, quoting Mark 16:17, “And these signs shall follow those who believe:  in my name they shall cast out demons,” Mirta became another person and began to display dreadfully demonic behaviors.  By that time, the only ones in the warehouse were Jose, Jeanette, Mirta, Mirna, and a deacon who is the night watchman.  He joined them when he heard the comotion.  Immediately, they began to rebuke the demons, bind them, and cast them out.  Mirna, the new believer, boldly stepped up and began to apply the authority that Jesus said we have and spoke against the evil influences. 

This went on for over an hour until Mirta went limp and lay on the floor.  Then she was heard saying, “Lord Jesus, I believe in You and thank You for what You did for me on the cross and in Your resurrection.”   At that, Mirta was helped into her sister’s vehicle and the two ladies were sent home.

The following week, the two attended service again in Victoria.  Both of them were beaming.  Jeanette went up to Mirta and asked if she was delivered.  She looked straight at Jeanette and answered yes. 

Just before that service, Jeanette had a chance to talk with the lady who was recently widowed and has attended services with her two sons ever since Jeanette and Jose ministered at the funeral.  She testified that the Lord has provided for her greatly.  She said that on one occasion, she gave in the offering her last 20 pesos (about $1.60).  That night the Lord woke her up and led her to check the balance in a debit card that her husband’s co-workers add to off and on.  She found it had over 4000 pesos, more than enough for groceries.  She  explained that her only concern was that justice has not yet been done regarding her husband’s death and that she suspects corruption.  Jeanette was glad to share by the Spirit scriptures about two widows in the Bible with very similar situations found in Luke 18:1-8 (justice) and 21:1-4 (giving all she had).  There is always a scripture for every circumstance.

That service was special for many reasons.  Willy took his group that plays “música norteña” and led the service.  The congregation in Victoria usually runs between 50-70 people, but that night there were over 90 in attendance, and everyone flowed in one accord in praise and worship and in the receiving of the Word.  The whole evening was electric.

The next day, the guys in the group met up with Salomon to share their combined expertise in the areas of sound/acoustics, construction, and air conditioning for the new building being completed for the church in Victoria.  What a blessing that the men could give advice on how to proceed. 
Meanwhile, Jose and Jeanette headed for Rio Bravo’s service where they heard great testimonies as a result of last month’s ladies’ conference held there.  Doña Maria’s niece began attending services with her children, one of whom accepted Christ recently.  Another lady who’d prayed for two loved ones who were in prison said that one of them was released the very next day after the conference, and two days later the other was.

Other ladies who are not saved yet requested that Doña Maria go to their house weekly to teach them the Word.  This almost always leads to salvations and church growth.

As an example of how home Bible studies lead to salvations, Monica testified that she had led two young ladies to the Lord at her cell group.  The group has also begun to “train” to form a soccer team which has attracted others who do not know the Lord, but soon will.

At Karla’s cell group, she was fighting flu symptoms but did not want to cancel.  She taught the ladies on the faith in theWord to lay hands on the sick.  Then she asked the young believers to lay hands on her.  They did, and to their delight, Karla’s symptoms left her.

It is believed that Karla was dealing with the swine flu, though she did not go for tests.  Her husband also fell ill temporarily.  Though the illness can be serious, the most negative impact is how the fear of it is causing the closures of many public buildings and even church services.  At the time of this report, it is unknown as to whether or not our services will be allowed.  Other public gatherings have been prohibited, and anyone ignoring that can be fined.  We are trusting God for a quick end to this whole thing.

The legalization of the ministry in Mexico is well underway.  A Christian lawyer who sees it as his ministry to help churches become legally registered has taken our case and will do all the foot-work in Mexico City.  (Praise God we won’t have to go!)  He is quite experienced and knowledgeable about the process.  Please keep him in prayer that he have favor and protection as he serves the Lord in this capacity.

Love in Christ,                                                                       Jose, Jeanette, Joshua, & the Team

“There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling for He shall give His angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.”  Psalm 91:10, 11

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