Our first trip of the month was exciting and full of expectation as it was the weekend of the annual convention of World Harvest Training Center, coupled with the dedication of the new building in Victoria.  (See the enclosed report of the events of that day and visit WHTCministries.org for a short video and pictures.)  Joshua accompanied us as we went to the cottage a day early to rest. 

When we arrived, one of the neighbor’s daughters ran up to us to let us know that Doña Lupe had had a near death experience by accidentally taking the wrong medication, mixed also with a sleeping pill and her blood pressure medication.  All that together caused her to fall into a coma with a glucose level of 35.  Thank God her daughter discovered her in time and persisted in getting her medical attention. (A doctor had told her that she was merely sleeping and to leave her alone!) 

Though dismissed from the hospital by the time we arrived, she was still far from well, and she asked for us to pray for her.  The family was totally ill-prepared to handle a crisis of that nature because they have not fed on the Word and could not draw from the peace and wisdom that only the Holy Spirit can give.  Only Doña Lupe and Don Lupano had made a profession of faith, and she was the only one to attend the local services.  So everyone had been in a state of hysteria.  Suddenly there was an urgency to teach them how to react in faith when facing a crisis and to use the Word to fight in His power.  So we led the daughter who was there to Christ and gave specific instructions to her and Don Lupano on how to respond by faith at a level they could understand.  We are happy to report that Doña Lupe has recovered miraculously and is back in her right mind.

Several people in the ministry are making an impression on others in their daily walk with the Lord.  Monica (of Victoria) led a friend to Christ after an accident that she’d had.  Monica and Fernando also led his sister to Christ.  A friend of Lucero and Eric commented that they “have something special and have tapped into the love of God.”  Anel has been ministering to her boss whose daughter was to be operated on.  By the Spirit, Anel told him not to allow the operation, and he didn’t, and the daughter is doing fine.  He’s been receiving well from Anel.  Her boyfriend Jorge led his mother to Christ as well. Rosi and Mario went to Voz to minister both individually and before the congregation during “Holy Week” and rejoiced in the wonderful time they’d had.  The following week they led Rosi’s sister to the Lord.  In Rio Bravo, the father of a new lady was prayed for and healed of skin cancer.

Immediately after the convention, people were still glowing from the experience.  Several approached us to discuss new activities such as a youth meeting and a women’s conference.  They are so eager to keep the ball rolling.

Also as a result of the convention, Omar and Miranda took it upon themselves to start music classes for the youth of Rio Bravo.  They have been going weekly ever since.  What a blessing!  It is time to have a new and improved praise and worship team there that would encourage the youth to get involved.  At the convention in 2008, Miriam, a young lady from Rio Bravo, had a dream in which she saw a praise and worship team for the church.  She said, “This is finally the manifestation of that dream.”

Ever since the convention, the services have been even more exciting and there has been a mighty flow of the Holy Spirit with signs and wonders following.  Never a dull, routine moment!  In one of the services, it was a pleasure to speak with the wife of the Frenchman Felip who attended the convention.  She said she felt conflicted because, as a Catholic, she should feel guilty about attending the Christian church, but does not because she had never felt such love, peace and joy as she has been feeling with us.  She said she wants what we have.  She also said she picked up some of the free literature at the convention and is beginning to read it.  She asked for prayer for understanding and that her husband, the Jesuit, would accompany her on this path. 

Following one of the services in Victoria, Maribel’s dad received a revelation from the Lord and quickly wrote it on the front page of his Bible and showed it excitedly to Jose.  That’s what the Holy Spirit does!

During the last service of the month in Victoria, the praise and worship team was absent in order to attend a concert.  So the team in Voz filled in and did a great job of flowing together and leading the people in worship.  Meanwhile, Carlos and Vivi filled in in Mante now that services have been changed to Sunday mornings.  How beautiful it is to function as the body of Christ and flow together in His service, regardless of where we are from.


Yours in Christ, 
José, Jeanette, Joshua, and the Missions Team

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