April 2013/ XIII Annual Convention Cosecha Mundial Report


and XIII Annual Convention Cosecha Mundial Report


Preparations for the annual convention occupied most of the month, concentrating on details, details, details. But despite all that, there is plenty to report of God's manifested goodness. We started the month off with a leadership meeting in Victoria followed by the “Post Encounter” consisting of three or four guest speakers and lots of praise and worship for the ladies who attended the encounter in March.


Later that evening, a couple of young adults came to us to confess that they had participated with other friends from the church in activities unbecoming to a believer the previous week. While it was a bit of a blow for us, we were thankful for their honesty and prayed for them. We also prayed for wisdom about how to proceed with them and the others. The Lord gave us 2 Cor. 5:18 to guide us.


The next day after service, we met with others involved. To our amazement, the Holy Spirit took over the meeting and led it in our conversation and in our prayers with them. Instead of condemnation, there was humility, repentance, and restoration. Deeper wounds were dealt with and healed. What the enemy meant for destruction, God turned into edification! We also thanked God that for future situations, those involved will know exactly how to minister, using this experience as a model.


Carlos and Vivi of Victoria held a house-warming with the leadership class the following week. After praise and worship and some Word, we split up and prayed in every room in the house. A wonderful meal followed. Then we headed just down the road to pray in David's house. They had recently moved into a new neighborhood around the same time.


In a conversation with Rocio Garza, she told Jeanette that she'd asked several leaders to go to her house and pray for her grandmother who is tormented by dementia due to witchcraft in her past. She—and the family—had gone days without a night's rest. While praying for her, she was in her right mind and so was instructed on how to be free. She received the word from them and slept all night.


Mario, Lili's nephew, has been growing quietly in the background since he began with us a few months ago. When he walked into the meeting, Jeanette thought to herself, “He looks like a pastor!” Just as she thought it, Jose said the exact words out loud. Mario simply nodded as to acknowledge that he believes that to one day be true. He recently gave scriptures to a lady who had many problems and later told him they gave her relief. Because of that, she has invited him to share the Word with her and her family. He recently has begun to attend the leadership classes, so he will have some foundation to go on. At the conclusion of the meeting, he asked to share a verse from the Bible that has been a source of revelation. We were glad to see his enthusiasm and growth.


In Mario Alvaro and Rosi's new GDA, they recently led 4 to Christ and prayed with another lady who had strayed from the faith soon after her baptism due to strong oppression from the enemy.


About the same time we were at Carlos', Willy and Los Leones de Cristo were ministering in song in Rio Bravo. After a powerful message delivered by Manuel Barrientes, and he and his wife Melissa as well as LLC prayed with the people, they all enjoyed a fabulous banquet prepared by the ladies of the church.


Earlier that day Salomon attended the second conference of pastors of small churches who had requested that the bigger churches in the area share how the Lord directed them and showed them how to grow. What an exciting concept!


The next day was kind of long, but very good. We drove a couple of hours with Salomon to minister in Mante. In addition to their weekly service and leadership classes, there are now two GDA's (outreach groups) recently formed, a first for the believers there. We are delighted to see them take the bold step to teach others what they have learned instead of depending only on some from Victoria to do all the teaching.


Folks in Mante have really prospered since they have entered the faith. Araceli won a car, which she promptly sold in order to help pay for the land where they recently constructed the church building to be inaugurated on Sunday, June 30. Gabby recently won a trip to Chile! Esteban, whose life was in complete ruin due to alcoholism has been completely restored and has a good job now. I could go on and on. The percentage of “winners” is extremely high considering the size of the congregation.


A lady in attendance suffering from crippling arthritis and several other health conditions went forward for prayer. Jose perceived by the Spirit that she had consulted curanderos, witch doctors, which she confirmed. He prayed for her and she received, later telling him that she was “freed from demons.” After a nice time of fellowship over a meal, we headed back to Victoria to load up our vehicle and head to the border. Because we were later than usual, we had the thrill of seeing a small church off the highway worshiping together outside their building (probably too hot inside). We rejoice in seeing the Body of Christ functioning all over the place!


Dante ministered in our absence in Victoria, and a “coffee break” was also included in the service to welcome another new member, Lucero and Eric's new baby girl.


At the following week's leadership class, Diana asked for prayer for her nephew David who suffers from schitzophrenia (sp?!). This has caused quite a few problems for the family. However, it has also led to two relatives recently coming to Christ in their desperation and a brother has returned to the faith after having strayed and made a mess of his life too.


On our way to the cottage the next day, we observed what appeared to be missionaries about 3 vehicles ahead of us while stopped at a military check point. They got out of their van and noticed people on a motorcycle stopped right behind them whom they obviously recognized and also appeared to be Christians based on their manner of greeting each other. Directly behind them was another car that had a Christian bumper sticker. When the soldier asked us who we were and what we were doing, and we told him, he asked if we were with them. We told him we didn't know them, but we are with them. The inquisitive soldier seemed to stall as he asked more questions. We gave him a New Testament as he sent us on our way. We rejoiced in what appeared to be four vehicles in a row of believers and that the missionaries have become more active! Mexico is coming to Christ!


That afternoon we returned to Victoria to hold three different meetings with couples. One was for premarital counseling. We were a little taken aback when Alfredo asked about he and his bride being baptized immediately following the ceremony in the presence of the families as a testimony to them. WOW! We'd never had that request before. We told them we were willing if they were, but that they should pray about it and consider the issues of pictures, make-up and hairdo's first.


Another meeting followed that one with a couple that is expecting and living together. Their situation is quite complicated, but not impossible if they will live by faith. Then we met with yet another couple for fellowship, gentle correction, and guidance.


The church in Victoria had yet another “coffee break” the next day. This time it was hosted by a couple celebrating their 12th wedding anniversary, but more significantly their 2nd anniversary in the Lord and with the church. Two years ago, they attended service to ask for the pastor to “bless” them and their marriage. They came to Christ and haven't looked back since.


Several regulars were out. Carlos took several men from his GDA to Mante to minister. Samuel drove to Tampico to pray for his aunt Beatriz de la Fuente who was told that doctors would have to cut off her tongue due to cancer. She is surrounded by atheists and really needed support. Later she did have surgery, but it is not yet known if they did cut it entirely out, or just the effected part. Samuel learned that it was a different surgeon, so plans may have changed. Still, please pray for her and for the salvation of that fanatically resistant family.


The day finally arrived to travel to Victoria for the convention! Willy, Bobby, and Jonathan went with us while Miranda, Omar, and Oscar joined the folks in Rio Bravo who went by a bus provided by the city government. One of our greatest desires is that the others from the church in Edinburg would get a revelation of the importance and the absolute JOY of fellowshipping with their Mexican family on the other side of the border. Please pray that there be more representation of the mother church next year, should the Lord tarry. Attached is a brief report of the 13th annual convention.


On our way back we were glad to see that the restroom attendant is carrying in his pocket and reading a New Testament that we gave him a few weeks ago by the nudging of the Spirit. He relies on it due to personal problems he is experiencing.


Submitted in love and gratitude, Jose, Jeanette, and the missions team


P.S. We would greatly appreciate your prayers regarding plans for Willy and Joshua to minister in Bulgaria at five different churches in June.

13th Annual Convention

Cosecha Mundial

Cuidad Victoria

April 27, 28 of 2013


About a total of 330 people attended the 2-day convention from the five churches (Edinburg, Rio Bravo, Voz Campesina, Mante, and the hosting church Ciudad Victoria), some able to attend the first day and not the second, and some the second but not the first. Rio Bravo, Voz, and Mante each took about 30 people. Every church contributed with people to minister, help serve, help with the children, and provide materials for the publication table and the prize table. The praise and worship team was a combination of musicians from Edinburg, Victoria, and Javi, who originally is from Voz, but now lives in Victoria. Later, the other praise and worship teams participated during the meal with some very anointed songs.


As people entered, they were able to select from many books, magazines, tracts, New Testaments, and CDs, donated for their edification. When they sat at the banquet tables, they found an ice-breaker activity to encourage meeting folks from the other congregations. About 50 prizes were given out to the winners.


The Lord gave us as a text for the event 2 Cor. 4:15 which encourages “thanksgiving to abound to the glory of God,” so time was dedicated to giving thanksgiving and glorifying God through song and personal testimonies. A representative from each church gave testimony of God's goodness. Chela and Oscar of Rio Bravo testified of how through their 8-yr-old son, a cell group was created for the neighborhood children. She said that one boy writes notes to his teacher telling her about God's love. He now is a well-behaved child whose life has been impacted because of this group. Brother Oscar of Edinburg first shared of the love that he perceived among the brothers and sisters in Christ. He then gave thanks to God for helping him remain strong during a most difficult time in his life. Lili of Victoria shared of how her brother was healed from an incurable disease and of several other manifestations of God's power in her life. Isai of Voz told of how grateful he is for how the Lord really brought him fully into faith through this ministry and also gave thanks to God for giving him his lovely new bride of just a few months. And Sister Araceli gave praise for the completion of the building in Mante and invited everyone to attend the inauguration on Sunday, June 30, at 10:00AM. Also from Mante, Esteban shared of how the Lord gave him a new life, a new body, and much more after he came to Christ and was delivered from alcoholism. Gaby gave a quick testimony of God's favor in her life.


Following the testimonies, Jose shared a word entitled “The Lord Is Our Righteousness” while the children totaling 60 had their special program and celebration of the Day of the Child. Several responded to an altar call, including a lady who used to practice witchcraft. She accepted Christ. Another lady and her daughter were led to the Lord by a sister from church and invited to attend. They went forward for prayer for her husband to also come to Christ. At least 2 were baptized in the Spirit. Several people were healed of ailments including one of hernias and knee problems, and the entire church from Voz was prayed for, mostly for boldness, participation in their calling, and vision.


After effective ministering, we all sat down to an abundant, wonderful feast. Pepe's dad had donated a cow for the evening meal and the next day's breakfast. Following the meal, small workshops were held at nine different tables. It was our first time holding such talks and found them quite effective. The following are the topics and presenters:

Salomon Juarez: Finances and Prosperity

Dante Juarez: How to Grow in Faith

Monica Juarez: How to Share Christ

Wilfredo Contreras: Authority of the Christian

Pepe Guzman: Opportunities to Serve the Lord

Miranda & Omar Torres: Your Purpose in the Body of Christ

Maria Felix Reyes de Torres: Deliverance

Jeanette Andrade: Taking Care of the Temple


Several of the people from Victoria opened their homes to so many from out of town. Their hospitality was a tremendous blessing and saved the visitors from having to stay in hotels or travel at night. Two from Edinburg stayed at a couple's home where several others were also invited for another meal and more fellowship. The man of the home is fairly new in the faith, making his hospitality even more meaningful.


The celebration continued the following day with praise and worship, taking communion, more ministry through an altar call, a delicious breakfast, and more praise and worship as we fellowshipped. During the receiving of the offering, Jeanette was struck by the modern image of the “Widow's Mite” as she saw an elderly widow from Voz make her way to the front to deposit her offering in the basket. It was quite moving. There was another altar call and a great response. The Holy Spirit also gave specific words for several that most assuredly will impact their lives for eternity.


As people mingled during the meal and others sang and played instruments with great anointing, there were children holding hands and dancing in the back. Jeanette joined them, and the group grew with more children and some adults joyfully holding hands and singing and dancing. More and more joined in, much to our delight as we made our way to the front by request of the children.


No one seemed to want to leave, and several expressed that. But eventually, it was necessary to send the people home with a prayer of blessing and protection over them. It was not until we were well on our way that rain began to fall. We praise God for the much needed rain and that it did not interfere with the activities of the convention.


**More specifics of the testimonies produced from the convention will be included in future reports as they become know to us.


***Most likely we will establish that the fourth Saturday of April of each year will be when convention is held.

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