April 2014/ XIV Annual Convention Cosecha Mundial Report

It's been an amazing month!  It began with a visit with our brothers and sisters in Voz.  We rejoiced to learn that Cynthia, Vicente's daughter has stepped up to teach the children, and she is doing a great job.  When we arrived, some of the children ran up to Jeanette to quote memory verses that they had learned.  In addition, their lessons have been saved in a notebook for each of them, which they were also eager to show Jeanette.  In class, the little ones also showed her that they now take turns each time praying at the beginning of class.  We are absolutely thrilled that Cynthia has taken initiative to fill this need.  Sometimes the folks in Voz have been slow to offer themselves because of a lack of confidence, so this is big.

One little girl told Jeanette in class that her parents fight and her dad hits her mom.  This is the second case of domestic abuse in just a few weeks that we have been aware of.  

While in Voz, we prayed for several people, and were glad to hear that Lola received healing of a shoulder injury from a fall.  Before praying for her, she had been unable to lift her arm to hang laundry.  After prayer, she had full movement.  A lady visited with her daughter, who had been there before, for the first time and brought a friend and her children.  We were glad to be able to minister to these families who appear to be in great need for Christ.

The following day, we had a great time in Mante, a congregation that is becoming stronger and better organized every day.  They now have 2 GDA's (grupos de alcance, outreach groups) and meet weekly for prayer meeting.  They are also in the beginning stages of planning a ladies' conference.  At Jose's invitation at the end of the message, some 30 people eagerly went forward for prayer for various needs.  

Afterward, the church enjoyed a meal together.  That's often when we get to know the members better and serve them more individually.  In the short time we were there, two were led to the Lord.  The mother of Anayi, age 9, had asked Jeanette to speak with her because she was having rebellion issues with her.  Jeanette told the girl that the only solution to the problems she was having was to invite Jeanette to live in her, so she did.  Then Sister Araceli asked Jeanette to speak with her niece Dahlia who was experiencing many problems with her husband Benito.  Of course, the solution for her was the same, and Jeanette told her so.  Then, when she asked Dahlia if she would like to invite Jesus into her heart, and she said yes,  Jeanette suggested that she tell the Lord that and give herself to Him.  The words that came out of her mouth were beautiful, sincere, and ushered her into the Kingdom of God.  Jeanette then suggested to her that she share what she learned and did with her husband so that he too could experience being born again.  Jeanette equipped her with some scriptures to show him, as well.

The following weekend, Carlos and Vivi ministered Saturday and Sunday in Mante and had a great time during discipleship class where they also took advantage of the opportunity to teach on marriage to the couples getting married at the end of May at the multiple couple wedding.

Meanwhile, we were in Victoria in the discipleship class.  First, we heard testimonies.  One couple that had been having difficulties have been taking communion together and have improved much.  Roberto and Vicky just started their GDA, and it is going well.  Rosi was blessed with new living room furniture.  This is very good since she and her husband have the gift of hospitality and often receive people in their home.  Mario's dad sold his cows just before his neighbor was robbed of his.  At first, his dad had debated about selling them, but felt led to.  His would have probably be rustled, too.

The next day at service, about 10 people went forward for prayer.  Meanwhile, Jeanette was with the Sunday school class continuing a teaching on Passover, “Easter,”and Resurrection Day.  After a nice lesson, one child said, “There's just one thing I don't get:  What do eggs have to do with all this?”  It was a good thing he'd asked so that it, along with the bunnies and the other worldly traditions could be dealt with. 

For Resurrection Day, we stayed in the U.S. while Pepe led the service in Victoria.  In Rio Bravo, they held their first celebration in their new building.  Because of the electrical equipment, service was still in the small room where they meet, but the meal and fellowship took place in the new building because they finally have the roof.  The next step is the windows, doors, and floor.

During the next week, we received an email from Sister Mari of Rio Bravo, testifying of the great things the Lord is doing in her recently started GDA.  One of the members of her group has a daughter named Fabiola who was experiencing serious financial needs.  In the GDA, they began to pray for the family and that God would provide all her needs, especially that she would return to the Lord (she'd backslid, and her mother-in-law practices witchcraft).  The Lord provided the lady the money she needed, and her mother went to church to give thanks and testify.  Mari ended her email with “And glory to the Lord for His marvelous works, and we will continue going forward to reap the harvest of souls.”

Just days later, we received another email from her saying that word has gotten around that God is answering the prayers in Mari's GDA, and now she has invitations by people to go to share the Word in their homes.  In addition, Mari's elderly aunt had fallen and injured herself, and Mari's mother invited her to the GDA for prayer and the Word.  To their amazement, she went.  The seed is finally being sown in her.

On the last trip of the month, Carlos and Vivi testified that Mario had asked them to come over and pray for Chila (a woman who had been a worshiper of the spirit of death and is experiencing serious illness in her body, but has been attending services for about a month now) and her daughters.  Lupita and Rodolfo were also there to pray.  Lupita said she perceived a spirit of conflict, which the daughters and mother confirmed.  The daughters were led to Christ, then they prayed to be reconciled and forgiven.  By the time they were finished, the family was tearfully hugging and rejoicing in the reconciliation.

The last trip of the month was the grand finale because it was finally time for the 14th Annual Convention held in Victoria where all the ministry's churches gather together for fellowship and to worship the Lord together.  Willy, Sandra, Joshua, and Pastor Max joined us on the trip.  Carlos and Vivi welcomed us with a delicious meal in their home which they somehow found the time to prepare between all the other last minute details of the event.  After a very short break, Sandra, Willy, and Joshua joined the praise and worship team of Victoria for a rehearsal so that they could play together in the meeting.  Then we all got together with the leaders for any pending decisions, praise, prayer, and fellowship.

The following is a brief summary of the marvelous things the Lord did during the convention.  Most definitely, He continues doing great things in His people as a result of the convention, and we will be sure to report the additional testimonies as we learn of them.

In Christ,  Jose, Jeanette, and the missions team  

1 Cor. 16:13-14 (NKJV) Watch, stand fast in the faith, be brave, be strong. Let all that you do be done with love.


Fourteenth Annual Convention of Cosecha Mundial (World Harvest)
April 27, 2014
Cd. Victoria, Mexico

Great things always come out of the convention each year, and this one was no exception.  One of the first miraculous things we saw before the service even began was the husband of a member at the door who had been resistant for years.  Not only did he invite himself to the convention, he told his wife he would like to stand with her at the door as a greeter.  When Jeanette welcomed him and told him that God was going to do something great in him because he came, he replied, “That's why I came.”  At the conclusion of the service, he asked his wife if he could take home the table card which had the theme scripture printed on it and stick it in a prominent place to remind him of what God is doing in him.  Wow!  The theme scripture for this year was Isaiah 43:18, 19 “Do not remember the former things, nor consider the things of old.  Behold, I will do a new thing.  Now it shall spring forth; shall you not know it?  I will even make a road in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.”  

The manifestation of this scripture was, will be, and is marvelous!  To top it all off, Pastor Max, without giving thought to the theme in advance, was given a message by the Lord which coordinated perfectly with it.  Even the picture chosen for the announcement/invitation went perfectly with his message!

A lady who's son attended for the first time asked Willy and Joshua to pray for him.  He was about to leave early because he was under demonic oppression and couldn't handle the anointing.  Sensing he was under a spirit of fear, they ministered to him, and he was freed, enabling him to stay.  There were also “wayward sons” in attendance, much to the delight of their parents.

A woman who had been battling serious health issues, and over-taken by fear (though she did not express that), was prayed for the night before.  The Holy Spirit revealed the oppression of fear, and gave us the direction to pray in, and she later confirmed it to be correct.  The next day in the convention, she was seen to be completely healed and set free.  

The time of praise and worship was powerful and the best we've have ever had.  Willy, Sandra, and Joshua from Edinburg, along with Isai from Voz, and Javier who originally is from Voz but now lives in Victoria, were also included in the group.  The anointing really flowed, and the sound was especially sweet with the recently donated keyboard played for the first time at a service. Then, during the meal, the Mante praise and worship team and Rio Bravo's took turns playing and did great.  All the teams are rising to higher levels.  Later, Jeanette's request that Joshua and Jose sing with her as their last opportunity before Joshua gets married was fulfilled—sweetly—after a little coaxing by her and the congregation.  Then the people began to shout out requesting that Willy sing.  While he sang and played his accordion, he was accompanied by Carlos, Isai, Jason, and Francisco, all representing 3 different churches.

As we were wrapping up the meeting, all those who received their healing, provision, deliverance, or something else from the Lord, were asked to raise their hands, and hands shot up all over the packed room of some 300 adults and teens in attendance.  Eighty children were also in attendance in their separate meeting which was packed with lots of activities, praise and worship, and a clown show, in addition to a pinata to celebrate “El Dia de Los Ninos” (a holiday celebrating the Day of the Children in Latin America).  Additionally, there were approximately 20 babies and children who stayed with their parents.

We thank God we lacked in nothing for the convention.  They butchered a cow, and there was plenty of food, drink, materials for the publication table, and prizes for an activity to encourage fellowship between the different congregations.  We were even able to fit comfortably in the space that had seemed would be limiting for so many people to us.  (We'd prayed the Lord would multiply the space.)   

The publications table was a great blessing to many.  On it there were lots of donated books, tracts, booklets, magazines, CD's, tapes, and the like, which the people were pleased to help themselves to for the edification of their faith.  One lady asked if she could take quantities to share with people.  Of course!  That's what they were for!

We praise God for the abundance of all those things, but one thing we were glad there was none of: rain.  It had rained heavily just the day before, but not at all on the day of the convention, as we had prayed.

The only thing we regret is the first absence ever from convention of Don Tino and his son Omar, and Omar's wife Miranda.  Don Tino was battling health issues and unable to attend, and they stayed to tend to him.  Please continue in agreement in faith for his total restoration.

By all accounts this was the most peaceful and stress-free convention we have ever had, and we give the Lord all the glory for it, looking forward to next year's which will most certainly have to take place at another location as the congregations continue to grow.    

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