This month certainly was one of joy unspeakable and full of glory (I Pet. 1:8)! In fact, there are so many good things to report that they will not all make it on this report, but will be sent separately.


Oscar and Chela of Rio Bravo made another trip to Queretaro, a trip that takes 14 hours by bus, then a ride up a mountain followed by quite a bit of walking on a stony path. It also involves long hours into the night sharing the Word with very hungry people who draw out of them as much as they can in the short time they have with them. During this trip, they led another 9 people to the Lord and held their first “organized” service where 18 adults and 15 children attended. (There would have been more, but one of the ladies was not able to make the walk to attend.) Another trip is planned very soon.


During our first trip of the month as we stopped by the cottage, the daughter of our neighbor Dona Lupe proudly commented to us that her daughter is dating a Christian. Though that the lady is not a Christian, and her daughter is attending services but hasn't said she has made a commitment to Christ, the lady is thrilled because she recognizes that the guys who are not Christians would not treat her daughter well and have no good future ahead. We pray this is another inroad to bring this family to Christ.


After our visit, we headed to Victoria for discipleship class and then the regular service the next day. A young man testified that there had been an incident involving a gunman at work which caused great panic, but he felt no alarm at all. In fact, after the authorities handled the situation, he was used by God to minister to the others who had been traumatized. He said that a word that was shared during the service confirmed the security that he had felt in his heart. The congregation is edified in their faith regularly regarding their security.


A sister in the congregation said that her young sons share with family and friends what they learn at church and urge them to attend. She also said that she includes Gems (Jeanette's devotional translated into Spanish on her Facebook page), and several ask her what church she goes to. It has been a way of opening up dialogue on the Word of God.


Children's lessons on the Body of Christ recently developed by our ministry in Mexico are already spreading past the originally targeted audience. They will be translated into English and shared with the church in Edinburg and another up north. They are just the beginning of even more series of lessons to be created for the children's ministry.


The following week we attended Voz and were thrilled to see that a co-worker of Julio's was in attendance. He said that he was there because he wanted the praise and worship team to team him to play an instrument. Though his current motives may not be to get closer to God, we know that through the anointing and the powerful Word in the songs that they will teach him, he will come into the Kingdom.


During our visit, it became clear that we needed to teach the people a quick lesson on discernment between true and false teachers. One of the children had made a comment that he only could have picked up by having close contact with teachers of a false religion. Often we hear villagers say that they respect all religions and that if the people make reference to God, then they must be okay. We were grateful that the child made the comment so that we could take the opportunity to teach on the difference and how to know who is telling the truth.


The next day we saw the praise and worship team from Voz again as they led the worship in Victoria. They wanted to give one of the members more practice before a larger congregation before they played at the convention. The group played very well, and the congregation rejoiced along with them.


At the end of the service, a young lady was called to the front by the Holy Spirit. She was prayed for and given a word. Afterward, she cried and said that was exactly what she had prayed about the night before.


A brand new convert is already being used mightily by God and affecting the lives of others. Her son and daughter received Christ just days after she did. Then she asked 2 ladies to go pray for her ailing mother. They did, and led her to the Lord. This new believer left her Bible with her mother, so she was supplied with another.


A young man who has begun a grupo de alcance (GDA, outreach group) in his home reported that his mother-in-law was delivered from the bondage of nervous attacks during the meeting.


This month there has been quite a glorious change for the congregation in Victoria. The owner of the events hall has asked the ministry to rent the entire property exclusively so that he would not rent to others for events during the week. After praying about it, though the expenses are more, we agreed to his terms finding this arrangement much to our advantage, especially just before we were to host the convention there. We also can't help but wonder if the Lord has further plans for the ministry on the property for the future. Regardless, it is a great blessing for us now.


One of our leaders was visiting Ecuador when the 7.8 earthquake hit. We give God so much praise that she was unharmed. When she felt the quake, she looked out the window of the hotel where she was staying and saw all the other buildings affected and chaos all around, but not her hotel. Her hotel did not even lose electricity! The Lord was a shield about her as He promises in His Word!


The following week was finally the much anticipated 16th annual convention, joining together the congregations of Rio Bravo, Voz, Mante, Victoria, and representatives of Edinburg. About 370 adults and youth and 60 children were in attendance for the main event on Sunday. However, the festivities began the day before with a youth conference/fellowship with some 40 in attendance that was a great success. The time of praise and worship and the dynamic word shared by Pastor Jaime made quite an impression on all the participants. The next morning, prior to the large group meeting, four workshops held in various rooms on the property taught by Willy, Pastor Jaime, Carlos, and Pepe on subjects all related to the Body of Christ were held to take advantage of the valuable time together with the “early birds.”


The youth of Victoria energetically greeted the people with signs and balloons as they arrived. Inside, as people waited for the service to begin, there was an impressive silent slide presentation highlighting each congregation, as well as an invitation to accept Christ, the key scripture text (I Cor. 12:27), promotion of the children's program, and promotion of the products table that offered free materials that would edify the faith of the participants.


The products table was very popular, and several testimonies regarding what was supplied have emerged (details to follow). Every year, the people return the items that they used from the year before to bless others. (At least one book is known to have circulated for at least its fourth year!) In addition, some purchase items to donate. And this year, the ministry was blessed with several items donated by the Kenneth Copeland Ministries for which we are extremely grateful. Since most of the people of the congregations do not have easy access to a Bible book store, and the Bible book stores that are around often lack in quality, Spirit-filled materials, the products table is greatly appreciated by the attendees who not only take items for their own benefit, but also to be used in their evangelistic activities.


The entire service was absolutely glorious, beginning with the praise and worship, then the word shared by Pastor Jose before the congregation took communion together (a miracle, because he had been attacked in his health but overcame just in time), and the message shared by the founder of the ministry Pastor Max Boggs who came all the way from Oklahoma to join us. Interestingly, he felt led to ask Vicente and his family from Voz to go to the front as testimony of lives dramatically changed by Jesus, just as Pastor Jose had done just a couple of weeks earlier in a regular service when Vicente and his family had visited the congregation in Victoria. Also, Pastor Max spoke on contending for your faith, which complimented Pastor Jose's series of messages that he had been teaching on for several weeks.


Following the message, the people were asked to step out for a quick intermission while the room was converted to a banquet hall. In the blink of an eye, the team of some 8 men had 30 tables with chairs placed perfectly, with more tables placed outside for the “over-flow.” The party continued with praise and worship teams from each congregation taking turns sharing some songs that lifted up praise to our Lord. (Amazingly, most of the musicians did not know how to play an instrument before they began attending the church, and for most, they were born again in this ministry.) Meanwhile, an activity designed to get the people to mingle was also going on. Everyone completing the activity received a prize among the MANY provided by each congregation. There were so many prizes that time ran out to continue with the activity, so the rest were given out to the recently born-again believers. What joy!


The following weekend we returned and received great feedback (specifics to be included in a report soon to follow) and took notes in anticipation for next year's convention. We also had the great privilege of going to Pepe's new business, a fruit market/deli to pray over it with the leaders. It was a great way to complete our activities for the month.


Yours in Christ, Jose, Jeanette, and the missions team

1 Pet. 1:8 whom having not seen you love. Though now you do not see Him, yet believing, you rejoice with joy inexpressible and full of glory.

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