April 2017/XVII Annual Convention Report



Much of the activities for the month of April had to do with preparations for the upcoming convention that was held at the end of the month. There was excitement in the air everywhere we went. And intertwined with the preparations were the “normal” activities of the ministry that, on their own, were also motive of great joy, encouragement, and edification.


We are constantly impressed by the love and devotion members of the Body of Christ throughout the congregations. After learning of the passing of Brother Oscar's father in Urecho, Roberto and Vicky, members from Victoria who have visited the village a couple of times to minister, maintained constant phone contact with the brothers and sisters in Christ in our budding church. Of course, Oscar's home church, the congregation in Rio Bravo, was also of great support. Oscar had to go by bus and attend the funeral alone, and one would have expected him to have a difficult time with that. However, when we called him just after the funeral, he was preparing to hold a church service in the village, taking advantage of the trip to minister to the small congregation, since the visits there are not as frequent as we would like due to the distance. Oscar manifested the peace that passes all understanding, and he drew great consolation in knowing that his dad knew Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior just a couple of years before going home.


Also quite impressive is the dedication of several brothers in Victoria whom we found busy working on some very creative touches on the building and inside, including a “back-drop” for the stage made out of the wood from pallets and other recycled materials. The final product, which had as its center a hand-made work of art made up of various colors of stained wood that formed the ministry's logo, was nothing short of amazing. But more amazing still is the tireless dedication and love of so many brothers and sisters in Christ.


After dropping off some things in Victoria, we headed to the cottage to check on the house and the neighbors before driving to Voz for a good service. There were people we hadn't seen in some time, and lots of kids. After service we were treated to a nice meal and fellowship. We were also happy to hang a pamphlet display for free materials which Jeanette and her mother designed in March. Karen says that the children who attend without their parents often take the materials available home for their parents to read. And that day, a 10-yr-old asked if he could take some to give to his brother. Such an easy way to sow some seed of the Word!


Following our short visit, we headed to Victoria for the discipleship class and a meeting with the leaders regarding the convention.


The next day we rejoiced in hearing a testimony of a lady who had asked for prayer for a boy who had sores all over his body. She was glad to report that he had been healed. After the service, there was such a desire to continue praising God that the praise and worship team erupted in song, and much of the congregation stayed behind to continue singing and praising God with hands raised high. It was an amazing, joyful punctuation to the end of the service.


We visited Rio Bravo a few days later and were very glad to catch up with Brother Oscar after his trip to Urecho for the funeral of his father. He said the children were excited to tell him the memory verses that Brother Roberto had given them to learn during a recent visit as “home work.” He also informed us that on the day of the funeral at the service that he held, there were 30 adults in attendance. We were also impressed to hear that God gives one of the little girls of the congregation of Rio Bravo songs. She has a desire to join the praise team, and will as soon as they think she is ready.


Back in Victoria the next Sunday, 4 children from the older group prayed to accept Christ as Savior. Three others had received Him as Lord just a few days earlier.


Sister Martha of Victoria has been in Spain helping her daughter with her baby for a few months. She also intended to go to sow seed in her son-in-law who has been very resistant to the Gospel. The time she spent there was challenging for her because she missed the constant fellowship and supply of the Word, but the Lord provided her an oasis in the desert as she came across some Christians singing at a local cafe the very songs that we sing. Her heart leaped within her as she basked in the light that the believers projected. It is very encouraging to know that the Church is alive and well in Spain.


We stayed in the U.S. the following week in order to celebrate Resurrection Day with the church and family in Edinburg. Raul, a very capable and devoted disciple in Victoria preached in Jose's place for the first time and did very well. Steadily, he has been asked to serve in sharing the Word more and more and in various settings, all with a very good response. We are so blessed that he is one of the several available and willing to share the Word. He said that initially he was a bit nervous that Sunday until he went to the neighborhoos tortilleria (tortilla factory/store) and noticed a poster on the wall that had not been there before which said, “Fear not. Be of good courage for the Lord is with you.” With that confirmation, he proceeded confidently.


When we returned to Victoria the following week, we learned that a boy who had been dealing with a high temperature for 10 days was healed the same day that we had prayed two weeks earlier. This was a great sign to his father who has not yet entered the faith and to his mother who is learning to grow in faith. As another testimony, a brother told us that he had lost his stipend at his job which came to a substantial amount of money. He prayed about it without being anxious, and the stipend was reinstated.


Also, a sister said that her uncle who attends a very “dry” church told her a dream that he'd recently had in which the Lord Jesus spoke to him. He told his niece, “Jesus told me that He is coming soon! He loves us! His grace is very great!” Now he spends a lot of time speaking of the love of God. This is completely contrary to the way he used to be. As another testimony, a brother said that he'd had car trouble, but later realized that it was the Lord detaining him and protecting him from a dangerous situation ahead on the road.


Also, the group that ministers at local hospitals report several salvations (too many to count!) during their recent visit, including a man who had approached them to ask for prayer for his mother. Later, he went up to Raul and asked how to receive Christ. A lady named Ana also accepted Christ. Her sister was hospitalized due to an accident, but after prayer was released. Several of the people asked where the church is located so that they could attend. Gaby prayed for a person with cancer whose blood count greatly improved afterward. She continued praying for the person, and the blood count was later found to be normal. Then the person prayed to receive Christ. Also, an aunt of Gaby recently told her, “I'm free now on weekends so I can go to your church. I need to be like you so that I can enter the conversations that you and our Christian friends have.”


Interestingly, the brother-in-law of a member of the church who does not attend works with someone who is in Victoria temporarily who had asked him if he knew of a church to attend. He added that he thought he'd seen one as he drove by called Cosecha Mundial. The brother-in-law said, “That's where my wife's family goes! Go there,” and he gave him more details. (His wife has only gone once or twice, but her sisters and mother attend faithfully.) The man has attended ever since.


During service the next day, a lady who had only attended once before said she feels so at home at our church. She said she missed work to attend. She also said that she arrived with pain in her body that day, but it left her during the service.


A brother from the congregation who has been set free from many things has a tire shop and a barber shop close together and shares Christ as he works in both of them. He also has expressed the desire to feed the poor. He wants to have a diner, serve the people natural food, and then also share Christ with them. He says, “God is so good! There's so much joy and life! I must tell people!” We are so blessed by the joy in him and the desire that he and so many from Cosecha Mundial have to share the Gospel.


Finally, the day of the XVII Annual Convention arrived! The following is a summary of the always abundantly blessed event. As we contemplate all the good that the Lord did through the convention, we are already looking forward to the next one.


Thank you so much for your valuable part in the activities of World Harvest Training Center and Cosecha Mundial through your prayers, participation, and support in so many ways.


With love in Christ, Jose and Jeanette, and the Missions team


He turns a wilderness into pools of water, and dry land into watersprings. There He makes the hungry dwell, that they may establish a city for a dwelling place, and sow fields and plant vineyards, that they may yield a fruitful harvest. He also blesses them, and they multiply greatly; and He does not let their cattle decrease. Psalm 107:35-38


April 30, 2017

Cd. Victoria, Tamp., MX


Just as we had prayed, the temperature was dramatically lower than then hundred-plus temperatures of just the days before, making the event so much more comfortable, though it still got hot inside because of the number of people in attendance. But with the anointing so present, it was hardly noticeable.


Counting the children, there were approximately 420 people in attendance. The festivities really began the day before with a youth convention in which Willy ministered after some amazing praise and worship. Several in attendance responded to the altar call and received from those who prayed for them.


The next day, the early arrivals were treated with a light breakfast and offered four workshops to choose from, all related to this year's theme taken from Psalm 107:35-38. The titles were “Jesus Changed My Life!”; “The Harvest Is Great”; “Divine Prosperity”; and “Rivers of Living Waters.” Everyone commented on how much they appreciated the Word they received.


Before the service began, the people were encouraged to participate in an “ice-breaker” which carried on during the fellowship time to get the people to mingle. About 90 prizes contributed by the members of the congregations were given out to the energetic participants.


The children had their own powerful meeting that was packed with lots of fun activities, gifts, and food. People from each congregation took turns as teachers so that everyone could enjoy a taste of what was going on with the adults, while also contributing to the very important ministry with the children. As in past years, a little booklet containing the scripture theme and activities was designed especially for the children. Those booklets have become collector's items and mementos from each convention, and they get better and more creative every year.


Meanwhile, the teens and adults joined together for what could only be described as waves of joyful praise and worship inhabited by the presence of God. Pastor Jaime greeted the people and illustrated beautifully with the help of representatives from each congregation the compounded exponential power of unity as they all linked arms together, much as the ice-breaker did as the people joined portions of the text together to complete Psalm 107:35-38. Then there was the anointed Word on the power and authority of the believer brought by Pastor Max, the founder of WHTC who had traveled from Oklahoma to attend, which was quite powerful, effective, and very well received. There was also a sweet time that followed when we all took communion together, led by Pastor Jose. He then gave an invitation for everyone who needed prayer to go forward. An estimated 40 people did so, and the leaders of the various congregations accompanied Pastors Max and Jose in ministering to the various needs, including deliverance of demonic oppression, the results of which we are sure to hear about and observe as time goes by.


During the entire event, a products table offering free magazines, books, CDs, DVDs, tracts, etc. was available for attendees to select for the edification of their faith. Every year, the members return with those items to put them back on the table for others to enjoy. This year, Andrew Wommack's ministry generously donated several books for the table, and we also received booklets of several different titles from World Missionary Press as well as “new believer packets” from Kenneth Copeland. In addition, high-quality original materials developed from the “publications department” of the church in Victoria were also provided, among which included an attractive card to give new believers (guiding them on what to do as babies in Christ), a booklet of testimonies from members of the congregations (more details ahead), and several pamphlets, in addition to the children's booklet that they developed.


A meal followed the service, and several of the praise and worship teams blessed us with their music while we fellowshiped. The leaders of Victoria decided to hire waiters out of their own pockets so that they could all be free to enjoy the meal together and not pull people from the congregations to help serve—so valuable is the fellowship to them that they were willing to pay to have it! Then, as a great way to top it all off, we baptized 6 or 7 people. (More had planned to be baptized, but didn't stick around for it for various reasons, but we are sure they will be baptized soon!)


The testimonies will be coming in for quite some time, but the feedback has been very positive from everyone we spoke to. The first testimony to be reported was the salvation of the bus driver who drove the group from Rio Bravo in the city's bus that had been provided free of charge. (All they paid was the gas.) This is not the first time they lead a bus driver to Christ!


A sister later told us that as she was praying early the morning of the convention, she had a vision in which she saw Jesus dressed in a white robe in the center of so many people surrounding Him, reminiscent of Revelation 7:9. Then the Lord put a person on her heart to call. She asked her if she was attending church anywhere, and the lady said no and that she didn't know where to go. So she invited her to the convention. The lady not only went, but she took a friend and their children, too, and they were all filled with the Spirit during the praise and worship.


A lady who hadn't attended since 2014 due to a family, returned for the convention bearing gifts and contributing to the breakfast, so glad to be back. And, as in every convention, relationships were formed and strengthened between members of the various congregations—one of our main objectives. At one point, representatives from every congregation were seen together casually having conversation and making plans for the future together.


Several people who thought that they were not going to be able to attend due to other commitments, suddenly were free to do so. This is direct result of the prayers of the intercessory group who prayed against all demonic opposition and that every obstacle be removed.


A man named Saul whose son is ill and needing medical care showed up just before the service asking for David who had ministered to him about 3 months ago when Saul approached him on the street. David shared Christ with him and invited him to church. That day he appeared, and at the urging of several leaders, he attended the service despite his concerns about not being dressed appropriately. He returned the following week and was led in a prayer to receive Christ. Several people later gave him an offering, along with a Bible and other aids. We pray that he enter into the fullness of what the Lord has for him.


The amount of participation, cooperation, and contributions of the brothers and sisters in Christ for the success of the convention is absolutely astounding. So many things have to fall into place for such an event, and love was the fuel that allowed it all to take place in such a joyful manner. We are so very grateful for the Body of Christ and each member functioning in it for the glory of God and the edification of the Body.


As promised, the following is a summary of the thrilling testimonies contained in the second volume of collected testimonies of Cosecha Mundial entitled, “Dios Es Fiel” (“God is Faithful”) that was created especially for the products table at the convention. For a copy in Spanish in its entirety, feel free to request one.

*I couldn't walk because of a problem in my knee, but now I am healed.

*I give God glory for His guidance by the Holy Spirit and favor for my son who was selected from among hundreds of boys to enter a special training soccer team (that leads to the pros), and he has found great favor. (Several teams made him offers.) After feeling peace about selecting a particular team and joining it, his team recently won the national championship, and when asked who he would thank for his success, without hesitation he said, “God. He put me in this path, in this team, in this tournament, and I am very happy and grateful.”

*The Lord has protected me as I have had to travel back and forth to the university with violence all around. Also, I have had favor and grace in the eyes of my professors.

*I give God thanks for my salvation and healing in me and in my home. He has taken me from glory to glory and has guarded me from many things, and most importantly, He has kept me for Him and for His Kingdom and for the husband that He has for me. Despite all that has happened in my life, He is always faithful with us.

*Every night I pray with my children, and one day I told them that in our prayers we should always tell God how much we love Him because He loved us so much that He gave us Jesus. My son responded, “Yes. Yesterday He told me that He loves me. God spoke to me. I recognized His voice.” I felt such joy within me because God is faithful to His promises and is watching over us.

*The Lord has strengthened my family and given us peace in the passing of my father. I give Him thanks because he accepted Christ in His heart in time and now is enjoying His time with God.

*I had been suffering from depression. Then my boyfriend and his family invited me to church. My boyfriend told me that God loves me and doesn't want me to suffer. It was hard for me to understand it, but I know that the Lord is helping me.

*I give the Lord thanks for the opportunity to pray and minister at my job. I had been praying for opportunities and open doors for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

*My sister is pregnant, and the doctor told her that the placenta was separating from the uterus, but we as a family prayed, and the Lord intervened. At the next doctor's visit, everything was fine.

*My 6-yr-old son asked to have a fellowship with his friends from church and play soccer together. As he played, he began to have difficulty breathing. A series of studies were ordered of his heart and lungs. I was worried and held back tears, but my son said in faith, “My heart is fine because Jesus lives there.” I then understood and declared his healing. A month later my son played in a local tournament. Before every game he prayed, “Thank You, Lord Jesus because I am more than a conqueror; You give me strength as a buffalo, and You won this game for me and You have the victory. I bind every injury in my teammates and declare this a game of peace, in the name of Jesus.” The tournament turned out just as he had spoken, and his team won the championship, for the grace and favor of God follows him and He crowns us with favor and mercies in the name of Jesus.

*I received a scholarship without even requesting it and have no idea how they got my information.

*My son graduated as an engineer in June and, without experience, was offered a job told to tell how much he wanted to earn. They accepted his amount and he is paid the salary that he requested. He was recently sent to Guadalajara for more training, all expenses paid.

*After praying for my nephew, he finally was able to come home and see his family after several months of being away.

*The Lord provided financially for my son who had no money so that he could form a soccer team which has been successful to win a trophy.

*One day at school I began to feel very ill, but then I remembered the verse that says, “The just shall live by faith,” and I began to pray and declare my healing. The symptoms immediately left.

*I had been suffering for years from an incurable disease, depression, and other symptoms. The day I first entered the church at the invitation of my doctor who attends here, as the congregation was worshiping, I felt something in my body as every doubt dissipated, and I was healed. At that moment, divine grace filled me with light and enormous joy. My afflictions and anguish disappeared, freeing me from all the burdens, and I felt renewed in body and spirit.

*My daughter-in-law who was 7 months pregnant began to run a high temperature, and despite all attempts to lower it in the ICU, it persisted, and they couldn't find the cause of it. Then the brothers and sisters in Christ prayed for wisdom for the doctors to find the root of the problem. Soon after, they found the problem, and now, a month later, she is totally healed. (And the baby was not affected in the least!)

*I had a strong pain in the ear and couldn't hear anything, but I stood in faith on my healing, and my ear is fine now.

*My whole life I have attended Christian churches, different denominations, attending innumerable conferences and concerts, searching to know God and trying to gain peace by my works. But something was missing. It was His Grace. I give God thanks for leading me to Cosecha Mundial because in the three months that I have been here, I have experienced His grace, His love, the importance of the communion of the Body of Christ, and the true peace and freedom that I was looking for. I thank God for the true food that nourishes us that we need to live complete lives, full of love, power, and victory.

*I thank God that in the passing of my sister, my best friend, four months ago, the Lord has given me a peace so great that only the Lord Jesus can give. I remember that she once asked me if I believed that the Lord could give peace in the middle of the storm and I answered yes. Now I confirm that with Jesus Christ it is possible.

*The Lord healed me of a growth in my cervix when the pastor laid hands on me. It was found to be benign.

*I give thanks to the Body of Christ in Edinburg for the great spiritual and natural support that they have given me and my family since my brother went to be with the Lord this year. The demonstration of love to my family testifies of the importance of being a part of a church.

*I give thanks to God for filling me with blessings in every area of my life.

*For 5 years, I have had high levels of triglycerides and cholesterol. Brother Omar and Sister Miranda shared with us the proper nutrition in order to take care of our bodies, and since we followed their suggestions, the dangerous levels have become normal.

*Doctors told my sister that she had advanced breast cancer that invaded her brain and bones, and they gave her no hope. However, the whole family has trusted the Lord Jesus Christ and, even though there were difficult moments, she is healed and can now walk without complaint of any pain. She is progressing and spiritually has been healed. She has received Christ in her heart. During this difficult time, the Lord has also given me word that has sustained me.

*Last year I was awakened at 6:00AM to invaders who entered my home to kidnap me. I had on a chain with a religious image on it and so blind was I that I thought that it would protect me. One of the men broke the chain off of me and told me that it could not save me from death. I began to pray and ask God for forgiveness for having distanced myself from Him. I never stopped praying all the while, and they took me away from the city and abandoned me. When I started walking and looking for help, a Christian lady picked me up and took me home. Then I started meeting extraordinary people in my life that have continued to help me and give me counsel. I accepted Christ and was baptized and have been coming to Cosecha Mundial ever since. I have learned that I am not alone and that we need Christ, not an image. I give Him thanks because He opened my eyes and there is no other God that can help us.

*I am so grateful for the invitation to participate in teaching a workshop for the convention. It gives me great joy to share the Gospel that is the power of God to all who believe. It's been 20 years in which I have seen the power of God working in my family. Thank You, Jesus!


So many blessings have come from this year's convention: a marvelous time of fellowship and edification of the Body of Christ, and the Lord has been glorified for all He has done prior to the convention, during it, and as a result of it. And things are only to get better, so we are already looking forward to next year!

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