It's been another quick, action-packed month for the ministry! No two months are the same, and April certainly began differently for us since it started with Jeanette joining the WHTC ladies for a 3-day retreat near Galveston, returning home just in time to attend Rio Bravo's service the next day with Jose.


Despite Rio Bravo's current challenges, we found the people positive, loving, and enthusiastic, and the children's class was quite enjoyable with new children in attendance. We were also very happy to deliver an offering for Chela who is still combating attacks on her health (and winning!) as well as some goodies for the weekly children's Saturday class. We expect that class to grow quickly and bring in families to the church. With the recent banner they had made to hang outside announcing the activities, word will get around the neighborhood rapidly.


Our return to Victoria after having been away for a couple of weeks was a busy one. There were issues to address and people to pray for, including for Diana who would leave for Cuba to attend a 2-week seminar for her work, but with great plans to be a blessing to the people there. She asked for literature (mostly pamphlets developed by the church staff) to take in, which we were glad for her to take in abundance. During her last service before her departure, the congregation prayed for her and sent her off with their blessing.


We also prayed for a lady named Brenda who was diagnosed with a cyst on her liver which is causing serious problems. Her husband went forward with her and was promptly led to Christ. Afterward, Jose felt led to ask the congregation to give the couple offerings to help with her medical expenses. It was so beautiful to see to long, loving stream of people who stepped forward to deposit their generous offerings in the basket.


After service, Jeanette had a conversation with a young lady in need of a job. She turned down an offer because it would have interfered with her church attendance. A young man also told Jeanette that he seeks another job because he desires to participate in more of the church's activities during the week. We are so pleased (and proud!) that the youth have a desire to be with the believers and “seek first the Kingdom of God”!


That same weekend, the men of WHTC attended a men's advance at Texas Bible Institute, and Carlos and David, two leaders from Victoria, went along with them. We are always so glad when people from one congregation fellowship with those from another. It truly feels like all the congregations together are one big family. The trip was also a fruitful one because another man invited by his boss accepted Christ, and returned to church (WHTC, Edinburg) the next day with his wife and a cousin who both also accepted Christ when Carlos, who had been given the unique opportunity to preach in Spanish there, gave the invitation.


When David and Carlos returned to Victoria, they hit the ground running with lots to do in support of the ministry in expanding the Kingdom of God. The brother of Eugenio (the one who was healed of fibermyalgia (sp?!) had a health crises and finally agreed to allow people from the church to pray for him. The door was opened, and Carlos led him to Christ—after he had resisted several earlier attempts by others to share Christ with him. Now, even his parents want to come to our church when he improves more in health.


In a conversation with Rosi and Mario, we learned that a cousin had been shot and was led to Christ in the hospital just before passing away. At the cemetery, the son had an anxiety attack and was taken to the hospital where he passed out. They prayed for him, and when he came to, he was delivered and full of inexplicable joy. Then they were able to go on with the burial.


Rosi and Mario also informed us that the little church in the village of Mariposas, unrelated to our ministry, no longer has services, and a brother there has asked them to hold services in his home. They request the support of someone who could lead the praise and worship. We trust that the Lord will provide. They also plan to reestablish a GDA (grupo de alcance, outreach group) that would rotate in the homes of the participants.


Raul testified that in his new position at work, he has been asked several times how he got promoted over others with more years of experience. He gives God thanks that without even seeking promotion, it came to him because he seeks first the Kingdom of God and receives supernatural provision.


One of the very faithful sisters sent us a wonderful testimony regarding a co-worker who had separated from her husband when he was discovered in infidelity some years ago. Gradually, this couple is being restored and has begun faithfully attending our church together since the convention. We give God all the praise for using our sister in such a loving way to be a blessing to those around her.

We received more testimonies this month from Rocio who informed us that 5 to 8 people accepted Christ during their last visit to the hospital. (It's always challenging to get the precise number because the people gathered to hear the message and music are often led in a confession of faith together.) They took communion with the people, explaining the significance of the elements as they related to the salvation of souls as well as healing, and the security guard who always lets them in gave his life to Christ. They had also prayed previously for his 5-yr-old daughter who had leukemia and is now healed! So grateful for the God's healing touch on her, the man expressed a desire to go to church to testify and give thanks.

Rocio also reports that her cousin Wendy who was also diagnosed with leukemia is doing very well and is healed in Jesus name. At one point, she was quite critical and the family went to gather around her. But as they interceded, she was strengthened and is astounding the doctors!

The Lord also used Rocio to pray in the Spirit one night for a 7-mo-old baby who was in grave condition in need of surgery. The surgeon said the baby would not make it, but Rocio contradicted her and interceded on more than one occasion for him, even laying hands on him. (She is the sub-director there.) She also enlisted the prayer support of the group from church. Now, the baby has improved, and the surgeon saw the work of the Lord, saying that she now puts her trust in Him.

The Lord also used Rocio and other believers traveling with her to declare LIFE and pray for people who had been involved in an accident that should have been fatal. The news later reported that there were 5 injured, but no fatalities. Rocio attributes all these testimonies to the recent emphasis that the Lord has impressed on us on the power of our words!

The team that visits the hospital requests prayer concerning an opportunity to enter another hospital in the pediatric area to sing and pray. Rocio, the leader, has already asked for permission, and the director of the hospital has agreed, with the stipulation that not so many enter and that they “not make so much noise.” They are praying about how to proceed in the most effective way to take advantage of this open door.

On the last weekend of the month, we led the marriage class in Victoria and taught on the importance of living by the Word as it relates to the marriage and family, in addition to our personal lives. There was a great number of couples in attendance, including some for the first time. Following the class, we met with the leaders over dinner just to touch bases and fellowship since we had all been running in different directions for some time.


On the same day, Rocio and Luz traveled from Victoria to the village of Voz for the monthly ladies' meeting where 12 ladies attended. (For the village, this is a very impressive number!) It was a very effective meeting. In addition to the anointed teaching of the Word, Rocio and Luz prayed for a grieving mother whose son had recently been kidnapped and killed. We praise God that, though the son was not a member of the congregation, he had recently been led to accept Christ as Savior. Another young lady was prayed for and consoled for having had a miscarriage that month. We are so very grateful that Rocio and Luz were at hand to minister to those ladies!

The last Sunday of the month the churches celebrated the Day of the Child in many ways (including goodies and games), but most importantly, the children were prayed for and blessed in the name of Jesus. Also for the children, a laptop, speakers, and DVDs of SuperBook were delivered by Carlos to Mante when he and Eugenio went to minister. We expect that these items will be of perpetual benefit for the children and lead them into greater things in the Church.

Some of the members have been quite occupied in “Kingdom business” by visiting the houses in the neighborhood where the church is located every week, in addition to their weekly ministry in the hospital and GDAs of people living a distance from the church.

Also that day, 5 people were baptized in Victoria. We are so very blessed that the facilities that we rent for services include a small pool that serves us nicely for baptisms. Prior to moving in there, it was always an issue to determine where to baptize, having to consider safety, distance, time constraints, etc. What a blessing that the Lord has provided this place!

As we waited to begin baptizing, a lady approached Jeanette to give a testimony of the fulfillment of a word given to her daughter at last year's ladies' conference. It was a specific word letting her know that what she had been asking the Lord for was on its way. The next week, the Lord provided her with a change in her responsibilities at work and relief from an uncomfortable, unsafe situation. She and her baby were also recently healed from an infection after going forward for prayer.

Yet another healing testimony: Confirmations by two separate studies, the cyst on Lilia's spinal column is no longer present! Hallelujah!

As we bring this report to a close, we want to wish all the mothers (all natural, adoptive, and spiritual mothers!) a very special, blessed Mothers' Day.


Yours in Christ,

Jose, Jeanette, and the missions team


For we who have believed do enter that rest,...” Hebrews 4:3a

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