At our first service of the month in Victoria, we were ELATED to see the growth and improvement in the praise and worship team from Voz Campesina as they ministered in the place of Victoria's team due to Carlos being in Monterrey.  It greatly pleased us that if ever necessary, they would be quite capable of filling in for other groups.  In fact, plans are underway to send them regularly to other congregations to minister.

We were also very pleased that the churches in Voz and Rio Bravo now, by their own initiative, hold their own VBS and work out the supplies for themselves.  Gone are the days of dependence on someone else to do it or to provide for them to do it.

In Rio Bravo this month, they had a powerful time in the Lord, and two new believers had an experience right out of the book of Acts.  In addition, they baptized in water four this month.  A similar experience occured in Victoria at an altar call.  Several people were praying for one another, and two were lead to the Lord: the mother and brother of Fabiola, a young lady from Karla's cell group. 

While we were ministering in Mante on a Saturday evening, Rosi and Mario from Victoria minstered in Voz.  Two accepted Christ there: Jesús Omar, a young man who had been painfully shy and used to refuse to even leave the house, and Nadia Verenise, a young lady who is a new friend of Jesus Omar's family.  He had recently spent a week in Victoria with Mario and Rosi while looking for work in the field he'd studied.  While he didn't get a job, he apparently found something MUCH, MUCH more valuable: eternal life.  Had he not spent time with them, we wonder if he would have gone forward to accept Christ.

The following week, Salomon and Laura went to minister in Mante and led a lady named Leti to the Lord.  God is establishing a strong foundation there.  We expect to see the group i;n Mante become a full-fledged church very soon.  Twice recently while ministering there in the open-air service, we have had to take authority over the noise.  First, a neighbor dog began to bark incessantly.  After praying about it, he stopped.  The next time, the neighbors blared their music.  Before the first song even fiinished, they turned it off.  This perhaps was a small sign of God's power, but the people in the group witnessed it.  While the music was going, José reassured the annoyed host of the meeting that it would stop.  At the same time, while Jeanette was teaching the children in the back patio, she also in agreement prayed for it to stop, and it did. 

There is a 6-yr-old boy named Ebert in Mante who has degenerative retinas.  We have laid hands on him and believe he has restored vision.  Please remember him in prayer.

The next  weekend, we were blessed by Willy, his father, and Bobby from World Harvest visiting the congregation in Victoria and Willy ministering while we were State-side to attend Joshua's graduation from UTPA University.  The people in Victoria are always glad to see Willy and those who join him.

This month, Don Tino and his son Omar were instrumental in getting the vehicle that the Lord had for Vicente from Voz into his hands.  They drove it across into Mexico and the church hosted Vicente and a young disciple named Isaí.  Vicente and Isaí thoroughly enjoyed ministering to their brothers and sisters in Christ in Rio Bravo at the service on a Sunday and fellowshipping long into the day before hitting the road and returning to Voz with the "new" vehicle.

Early on in the month, and even weeks later, we found ourselves as leaders making some tough, heart-wrenching decisions--although "easy" because we knew it was the right thing to do, and that the Lord would carry us through the rough spots.  As we made decisions to sit some down in order for them to receive more of the Word and be corrected and restored (As the Word says, "Restore the weaker ones in the faith."), others raced to fill the voids left, which gave us cause for great satisfaction.  As for ourselves, we did what David did when he faced disappointment as a leader:  he encouraged himself in the Lord and then went and took back what the enemy stole, and even more (I Sam. 30:1-19).   We expect that all things work together for our good and for the good of the Body of Christ.

We greatly appreciated your prayers of support,

Yours in Christ,

Jose, Jeanette, Josh, and the team

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