Our first trip in for the month started off nicely with a soldier asking us if had something to read for him to “reflect upon.”  Gladly we gave him a New Testament with tracts stuffed between the pages.  On another occasion, a soldier joyously received his New Testament and said, “Be assured, I will read this!” We usually give away at least one New Testament to a soldier each weekend.  God’s Word is spreading throughout Mexico by way of the soldiers and the traveling Christians.

While stopping by a store, we ran into Sister Rafa and her daughters who said they were buying lighting for their back patio.  They had put a roof over the patio for their growing Grupo de Alcance (Outreach Group) and were in need of lighting for the meetings held in the evenings.  It was reminiscent of the early Christians who remodeled their homes to make room for the increasing congregations.  During one of their meetings, they led a man who has HIV to the Lord.  Two of his sisters and a few nieces and nephews have already entered the faith and attend the GDA and the services in Victoria.

That group is not only growing in numbers, but is also becoming very active.  Monthly they minister at the hospital, taking food for the families of the patients, praying with them, and also sharing Christ.  Several prayed to receive Him this month.  One of the sisters ordered Bibles at her own expense for that purpose.   They also pass out lots of tracts.

Tracts are also going like hotcakes at Rocio’s gym “Curves.”   She says she leaves them out with the magazines, and many ladies ask if they can take them, even ladies steeped in Catholicism.

The youth from Victoria came back with lots of testimonies about their trip to a conference in Dallas which they shared with the congregation.  They all said the harmony among them throughout the week was amazing, and the conference surpassed their expectations.  The experience produced in them a greater appreciation for the church, the communion among the brothers and sisters, and the Word they have received.  In addition, one said God seemed to speak directly to him where he sat.  At a restaurant, a waitress asked them if she could take a picture of the group.  Taking advantage of the opportunity, they led her to the Lord.  The group had only one complaint about the trip: NO TACOS; they grew tired quickly of hamburgers and pizza.

In the leadership meeting at the cottage, we heard great reports of the VBS held in Voz.  They had 22 kids on the final day, and 6 made a decision to accept Christ.  The Lord enabled them to do much with few resources and not many workers.

That same day, we returned to Victoria for Jose to attend the men’s meeting and Jeanette to lead the first planning session for the up-coming ladies’ conference to be held on October 15th (Your prayers are much appreciated!).

Following the meetings, we headed to the business of a young couple who recently entered the faith whole-heartedly.  They had asked us to pray for them and their business called “Alkileres.”

The next day, we had a tremendous service in Victoria with about 30 people going forward to receive the fullness of the Spirit.  We also finally had the opportunity to lay hands on Laura’s brother Arturo who is dealing with spots on the liver after also having gone through other health issues.  He had been hesitant to attend the service, much less to go forward for prayer.  Please keep Arturo in your prayers along with his wife and kids.

During our last trip in, Jose joined several from the Victoria congregation in a 10-K race early one morning.  Three of them won first place in their categories, and Jose finished with a very respectable time.  Later that day, Jose and Jeanette went to Voz to dedicate two babies and minister before returning to Victoria. 

There, Jeanette and Laura headed to the hospital to pray with sisters Lydia and Maribel whose father had had a heart attack earlier that day.  Despite them being fairly young in the Lord, the ladies were found firm in their faith and eager to minister to others.  Lydia said that in her job she was criticized for being “too calm.”  She was just resting in the peace that passes all understanding.  Her father could really use your prayers for healing, but most of all for salvation.  To the dismay of his Christian daughters, he still resists even hearing about salvation.

While the ladies were at their father’s bedside, they overheard his roommate, a man in his 20’s who had cancer, say that he was accepting death if that was God’s will.  Right away, they shared scriptures with him of life and healing and led him to the Lord.  They didn’t get his name, but learned that he has no family at all since the age of 15 and was being sent to Monterrey for treatment.  They invited him to church and told him that we are a very big family and would gladly receive him into the family when he is well enough to attend.  Please pray for him.   

In the next service in Victoria, Karla was named as director of the new nursery ministry, and Lucero her assistant.  New steps in the ministry are exciting!  Also during the service, Rosi testified that a baby that we had prayed for who was expected not to survive the birth and eminent surgeries is surprising the doctor.  He said he is a man of science and cannot explain the baby’s progress other than to call it a miracle.  Several surgeries are still in store for the newborn, so your prayers are greatly appreciated.

This month the kids in Victoria, Mante, Mariposas, Voz, and Rio Bravo were given some school supplies provided by several from WHTC, HCA, and others.  It was a joy to encourage the kids to aim high academically, knowing that God has great things in store for them.

Jose and Jeanette stayed in the U.S. the last week of the month in order to make final preparations for the first day of school at HCA.  While they were away, the ministry continued without a hitch.  Eric led the leadership class on Friday evening, Carlos and the Council baptized three from Victoria on Saturday, and Monica preached on Sunday.   

That same Sunday, Pepe went to minister in Mante.  On the way, he was stopped by the evil men and told to get out of his truck because they planned on taking it.  But when one of them notice the shirt he was wearing that had the church’s logo, he asked Pepe if he was “of the religion” (meaning if he was a Christian).  When Pepe responded yes, he was asked where he was going and what his purpose was.  He said he was going to preach the Word.  When the man radioed his leader to tell him Pepe was a believer, he told him to let him go as long as he gave some money “for gas.”  The man even apologized for what they are doing.  Not all those men respect the believers, but God intervened on his behalf, for which we are grateful.  Pepe rejoiced as he continued on his way and had an anointed service.

On September 10th, Mexico will hold its second annual National Day of Prayer.  Hundreds of churches in Victoria and around the nation will meet specifically to pray about the serious problems it has been facing.  We ask that believers in the U.S. and around the world join their faith with the Church in Mexico for victory over this situation.  It has gone on long enough!

One of our sisters’ dad went to be with the Lord while we were away, but she was at peace.  She said she prayed the prayer of faith with him and sang choruses with him just minutes before he slipped away.

More great reports from Rio Bravo have come in of last month’s activities:  During a youth meeting, an 18-yr-old named Vicente accepted Christ.  A 16-yr-old named Gerardo was saved when he had breakfast with someone from church.  He’s been faithfully attending ever since. Another young man named Alexis has also come into the faith and has been consistently attending, as well.  The elderly man whose wife had left him received Christ when Dona Maria ministered to him and has agreed to continue receiving Bible studies every Monday.  He has since removed the images from his home.  Omar and others from the church are also following up on the six who received Christ at the fellowship they held for the soccer team of troubled teens.  We look forward to seeing where this all goes.

One of the words God has had us focusing on in recent weeks is that of the beauty of co-laborers for which we have gained an even greater appreciation as we spend time with all those who serve by our side and across the land in the Kingdom of God.  We are so grateful for them, and for you, as we all “press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.”

Yours in Christ,                       Jose, Jeanette, and all the co-laborers




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