While Jose and Jeanette took a weekend break in Corpus Christi before the beginning of classes, Pepe preached in Victoria, and everything went well. 


The following week they returned to Victoria for leadership classes.  After watching Mexico beat Brazil for the gold medal in the Olympics, they headed for the cottage to organize school supplies to pass out in Rio Bravo, Mante, Voz, Victoria, and Mariposas.  The abundance of donated supplies for some 60 children AND 4 teachers of the congregation in Victoria who work for private and public schools was astounding.  It took four trips to take in all that the Lord provided.  What joy!


Later Jose and Jeanette returned to Victoria and had dinner with Salomon and Laura at Chano’s restaurant.  Everytime we see Chano and his family, they look more and more free and happy.  Chano looks like he’s had a face lift.  And they can’t stop talking about what the Lord has done in their lives.  At another visit with them, they testified that when Chano’s wife’s dad fell off a ladder and injured himself, everyone in her family fell apart and panicked except her.  Even though she is quite young in the Lord, she said she remembered what she learned in church and knew to pray and trust God.  She kept her head, and took command of the situation.  In the middle of it all, she was light to her family.  Praise God, her dad is fine now and has begun to read the Bible on his own. 


Another couple in Victoria is really prospering by God’s hand because of their giving heart.  They sell solar panels and told us of their plan to donate some for the church, freeing the church of the light bill.  Praise the Lord!


Rio Bravo is doing well.  This month we learned that in Rio Bravo, the church began leadership classes, basing lessons on a handout on how to serve the Lord effectively which had been translated from the English version issued at Country Camp a couple of years ago.  Rio Bravo has also designated a young lady named Miriam as the children’s ministry coordinator.  She’s been faithful to the ministry since childhood and is sure to be a blessing to the children and their families.


The youth and young adults of Rio Bravo have truly been a blessing to the church.  Without the prodding of adults, they take it upon themselves to clean up the area in and around the church.  They also organize special events such as movie showings complete with popcorn and other snacks. We are so proud of all they contribute to the congregation and look forward to great things for them.


Willy, accompanied by Jon, Bob, Miranda, and Sandra from the U.S. side, visited Rio Bravo to hold a praise and worship conference/workshops with the young praise and worship team there.  It was a very beneficial and enjoyable time. (See Willy’s attached report.)


A few days later, Jose and Jeanette visited Rio Bravo to minister.  The members continue to be faithful, and the praise and worship team is improving.  At the end of the service, they laid hands on Oscar and Chela and their sons in preparation for their GDA to begin within days.  The GDA will target children in their neighborhood.  Their son Osiel, age 9, has already begun to sow seed in his friends.  In preparation for the meetings, he got ahold of some scrap pallets and placed them together on the ground behind the house to make a “floor” over the dirt where they plan to meet.  There are great expectations for this group.


During the last weekend of the month, Carlos from Victoria, joined by Isai from Voz, visited Rio Bravo to minister to them, just as brothers visiting brothers.  We really appreciate the love, fellowship, and mutual support that there is between the congregations.


The monthly men’s and ladies’ meetings in Victoria have really taken off.  In the ladies’ meeting, there is participation from each Grupo de Alcance (Outreach Group) in several different areas during the meeting, including sharing testimonies, teaching the Word, providing the snacks, a song, etc.  It’s almost like a mini-conference, but it requires very little effort to put together.  They have been very successful.  The men also take turns teaching the Word, and the meetings have gone very well.  The youth have their special day, as well, though they also participate in their respective ladies’ or men’s meetings.  In addition, Victoria's congregation also holds monthly marriage classes.  This month, Martina and Fernando led the class and did very well.


This month in Victoria, we also had another special event: the welcoming of a new baby member to the congregation.  Instead of having a baby shower, we have a welcoming reception during the fellowship time.  People bring goodies and a gift.  We also pray a blessing over the baby and the parents.  It’s always a very special occasion.  Some visitors also had a newborn that had health issues, so we also prayed for him and his parents.  Several visitors left the service expressing how impressed they were with the joy in the atmosphere.  That’s what brings them back!


The congregation in Voz needs prayer.  We have been concerned for some time about the lack of laborers from within the congregation.  There seems to be a spirit of lethargy on them.  The youth lack vision and are not at all eager to try new things or grow into positions within the congregation, this despite not having much else to do.  They seem to be following the pattern of the youth of the village to move in with the boyfriend or girlfriend, have babies, and paint themselves into a corner.  They all really need a move of God in their hearts.  The Apostle Paul had the same problem when he told some believers that they should be eating meat by then but he still had to give them milk.  In another place, the writer says, “You should all be teachers by now.”


Jose and Salomon met this month with the lawyer to work out MORE “glitches,” some due to oversights on the part of the lawyer, and some due to the current violent situation.  A particular official in Llera has not reported for duty, and his signature is required.  We are not losing our patience, but we do realize that we need to complete the process.  Your prayers regarding this are appreciated.


Also in your prayers, please include Guadalupe Diaz, the husband of Marissa Hernandez.  Sister Lucero, Marisa’s GDA leader, specifically made a point of asking us to pray for his salvation.  Years ago, when we passed around paper to make a list of spouses to pray for, Lucero took a step of faith and listed her dad and brother (She wasn’t married, but deeply desired that her family be saved.)  Just a couple of months later, her brother Pepe was gloriously saved, and her family members have been coming into the faith ever since.  Lucero is applying her experiential faith to this situation, knowing that the fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.


Salomon and Laura have been counseling a young man named Brendan who has serious marriage problems.  They first led him to the Lord.  His wife had been attending a GDA about a year ago, but he discouraged her from doing so.  Eventually, she left him.  Now, in desperation, he asked Dante and Monica for help. They, in turn, referred him to their parents. Now he’s the one seeking the Lord and humbling himself.


Fernando and Martina, who have been with the congregation in Victoria for a little over a year, have really become involved.  They turned in a very detailed report on their new GDA with adolescents.  Most are from Catholic families and are just now understanding how to be born again and how to pray.  One participant has to travel by bus an hour and a half just to attend.  She recently accepted Christ.  There are about 14 in the group.


Fernando and Martina have also been effective in inviting couples to church and to Salomon and Laura’s GDA.  One couple came to Christ at the GDA this month. 


During the last weekend of the month, Jeanette and Jose stayed in Edinburg in preparation for the first day of school.  They were thrilled to see Maribel and Tono, a couple from Victoria who now live in Austin,  visiting WHTC in Edinburg.  Marlen, another young lady from Victoria who now lives in Edinburg, was also in attendance and now claims WHTC as her home church.  That day was also the day Rex Parnell and his wife, missionaries to many parts of the world, ministered.  It was quite a day full of blessings!


In there absence in Victoria, Dante preached, and others also ministered to some twenty people who went forward for healing.  In addition, the daughter of one of the members finally came to Christ after several years of praying for her.  The entire service was charged.  Meanwhile, Pepe ministered in Mante and had a good time.


During our last leadership meeting in Victoria, the GDA leadership gave a quick report. Many GDA leaders shared dynamic ideas that they had implemented to encourage the members and foment growth. In Carlos’s meeting, everyone invited someone who needed Christ for a special evangelistic meeting.  There were 24 new people who saw videos, heard the Word and enjoyed a meal.  One lady in the group was healed of a brain tumor!! Everyone who invited someone will follow up on him/her during the week.


All in all, we thank God for His hand manifesting great things throughout the month and for His protection on His Church.  There is much in store for September, and we will be sure to keep you informed.


Thanks so much for your part in all this!  In Christ,  Jose, Jeanette, and the Missions Team




On Friday August 17th, Willy, along with Miranda, Sandra, Bob and Jon (members of the WHFC Praise Team) went to Rio Bravo to work with the Praise Team in an intense and very productive two day Praise Conference.  Each of them taught the Rio Bravo Team in their prospective instruments.  They learned 2 new songs that will surely praise our Father in heaven.  Not to be outdone in this time of sowing, the sisters in Rio Bravo along with Don Tino and Brother Oscar blessed the praise teams with home cooked meals such as pollo en mole, spanish rice and fresh corn tortillas.  They all ate lunch together on Friday and enjoyed a great time of fellowship.  Cynde, Willy's wife sent some good old american desserts for them to enjoy-Earthquake Cake!  It was greatly received!  The 1st day's conference ended at 4:00 for the WHFC praise team but the Rio Bravo Team continued practicing for several hours after.  On Friday night Omar was able to join the WHFC praise team for dinner at Don Tino's house to enjoy a night of none other than some Rio Bravo cuisine, tacos!  Don't get much better than that!


On Saturday, the conference again started at 10:00 am and was only stopped for lunch when once again the ladies, being helped by some men from the church, blessed them with some tamales and some tamales Veracruzanos (banana leaf wrapped tamales).  It was a very productive and stomach filled day! 


Bro. Willy Contreras and the rest of the team stayed for the night's service as Willy ministered the Word that evening on Firstfruit offerings.  The WHFC team was very blessed and privileged to have imparted skill and time into these young people serving the Lord! 


Willy, along with Omar and Miranda and part of the WHFC Praise Team have now had 4 Praise Conferences in Mexico.  (3 in Rio Bravo and 1 in Cd. Victoria)


It is truly a joy for them to Praise God with people that want to thank GOD for all his goodness and love!


Willy Contreras

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