For our first trip of the month we were honored that Willy accompanied us to Victoria. He joined us in ministering in a very crowded leadership class held at Eric and Lucero's house. To make room for everyone, they had to move livingroom and dining room furniture against the walls.


The next day we dedicated 6 babies to the Lord in Victoria before Willy gave a report on the recent missions trip that he and Joshua made to Bulgaria and thanked the church for holding them up in prayer. The rest of the service was a wonderful time of food, fellowship, and lots of wonderful music provided by the praise and worship team with Willy accompanying them. The atmosphere was absolutely charged with love and joy amidst some 170 people in attendance.


During the fiesta, a 2-yr-old touched with both hands a hot pot and immediately reacted to the shocking pain. Jeanette observed her and her mother's frantic action at a distance and went to find out what had happened, managing somehow to catch up with the mother who was racing to take her for treatment. Jeanette gave the child a wrapped ice pack to help relieve the pain and asked to pray for her. Gratefully, the mother paused to allow her to pray, and the girl instantly and completely calmed down. The report later came in that the child was fine, with no burns on the hands!


Also at the service, the couple who several months ago recovered their stolen taxi testified that it was stolen again, and recovered again! As another testimony, a brother who has recently made notable growth in his walk with the Lord told us that a couple of months ago he somehow lost his entire 2-weeks' salary. Instead of panicking or asking his parents for financial help, he made the decision to just trust God, and the Lord provided for his every need.


On this trip we were stopped by a state policeman and gave him a New Testament with tracts, and 3 more for his companions. We also later gave one to a soldier who asked Jose many questions and told him that his father had accepted Christ through a son-in-law just before he died. Jose advised the soldier strongly to seek out his brother-in-law the next time he is on leave so that he can learn more (and be led to the Lord!).


The following week we stopped by Victoria to complete school supply distributions and take some to Voz. (Packets were distributed among the children of the 4 churches and 1 mission.) At Voz we had a good service in which Clara received healing from pain in her foot, and we enjoyed a nice meal together afterward. We were very happy to learn that Don Ricardo and his family from up the mountain in the village of Valle de San Jose continue to attend services ever since last month's visit. They brought us a gift of anis (liquorish) tea. The fragrant plant grows in abundance up the mountain and has a delicious flavor.


At the cottage, a nice gentle rain cooled the temperature some 30 degrees from one day to the next. There, we were blessed with some relaxing time on the balcony watching a squirrel gorge himself on some berries from a tree. The berries spared by the squirrels bloom into bunches of small, yellow flowers, much to the delight of the butterflies of almost every color and size that arrived to draw out the nectar. It was quite a sight!


Later we returned to Victoria for the leadership class. There we learned that during the week Carlos and Mario had gone to minister to a person who was tormented in fear. They led her to the Lord and prayed for a child present who also instantly became calm. Mario also testified that the neighbor with dengue fever that the group had prayed for recently is fine now. As further testimonies in Victoria, two more GDA's (outreach groups) have recently been added, and three more people have agreed to take turns with Jeanette to teach the 9 to 12-yr-olds.


At the next service in Victoria, Eric and Pepe baptized 11 people in the small pool at the banquet hall we are renting to hold services while Jose stayed “on dry ground” to officiate. One sister came up out of the water so overcome with emotion that she appeared in shock. When Jeanette took her aside to sit her down and asked what was happening, she began to cry and said, “I waited so long to be baptized, and it finally happened. And I ask God for the power and anointing to minister to my children so that they can have this too.”


The following week Jose arrived at the cottage with a high fever. He seemed fine enough the next afternoon, so we drove to Mante to teach a leadership class, and all went well. They all have very good questions and always try to take advantage of every second we spend with them. Brother Juan asked that we pray for his sugar cane harvest which has lost value due to some kind of infestation. We told him that God can heal his crop and that we have seen it before. The next chance we get, we will ask about his harvest. We were also asked to pray for a sister who was to be checked for cysts later in the month. Also, Araceli asked for prayer to be able to preach with confidence. She says something is holding her back. Juan and Anayi told of their having begun working with the youth and doing very well.


The fever seemed to increase on our way back to the cottage, so Jeanette preached at the next day's service in Victoria. At the altar call several went forward for healing and deliverance. Jose fought the fever of unknown cause for several days. On Wednesday, at the same time some were praying in Mexico, the church in the Edinburg was also praying. That same night the fever left him. Though he was healed, we thought it prudent that he not make the drive the next weekend back into Mexico to allow his body to regain strength, so Eric taught the leadership class and Carlos preached in the Sunday service.


Also, during the week, Lilia's dad passed away. He had been adamantly against receiving Christ for some time. However, while on his death bed, the Lord translated his daughter Marisela to his bedside in the same way Philip was when he led the eunuch to the Lord. After he accepted Christ, she was returned to where she'd been. Not long afterward, he peacefully slipped away. The countenance on his face reassured everyone that he had, indeed, been born again. To the surprise of many, his wife permitted our leaders to minister at the funeral. She said, “Why not? It was because of their prayers that he lived this long.” Several later commented that the service was very anointed, and many were touched. Later, the believers of the family found in the home several books and things on witchcraft, so they called the leaders to the house to remove them and pray. With that evil influence removed, the wife on her own decided to join the believing family members at church. She said she plans to continue attending! Now Lilia says she is believing God for a van in order to transport even more family members to church.


In Rio Bravo, Jeanette and Jose rejoiced to find half the roof off the church building, a sign of progress. They are expanding and are at the point where removing that part of the roof is necessary in order to raise the walls. In the meantime, they worship almost in “open air.” Please pray that they will have the resources and man-power soon to complete this project before winter.


When asked about the GDA at Oscar and Chela's house, we were told that the kids have learned that there is power in prayer since they have had their own prayer requests answered. One young teen who attends faithfully had asked the Lord for a job, and the very next day she got one. Our visit with the brothers and sisters in Rio Bravo always concludes with a wonderful time of fellowship and a meal.


Willy and the group Los Leones de Cristo also enjoyed such a meal when they visited the following weekend. Their trip went very smoothly as they had favor at the checkpoints and could see that Rio Bravo is back to being busy, and it seems that the violence and oppression are lifting, praise God. Arriving early to set up and finalize the songs of praise and to fellowship with some of the believers, they immediately noticed the modifications to meet the growth needs. As they praised, they could literally see into the heavens; it was a very nice, jubilant, and peaceful time in His presence. Willy then ministered the Word about when Peter walked on water and how Jesus was wanting him to start living his life supernaturally and unaffected by worldly situations. As usual, it was very well received and confirmed by several people. Being fed spirit, soul and body, the trip was a great blessing to the Leones! Thanks to Willy, Israel, Rene and Jon Molina for their service to the Lord.


The last weekend of the month was quite thrilling. As it had been necessary for the church in Victoria to seek out a place to meet quickly, the leaders were led to a certain banquet hall where they received great favor and a substantial discount for the weekly services which also included the use of a small meeting room across the parking lot to use for the children's Sunday school. Next, the leaders were tasked with finding an apartment or house for us to stay in that could also serve for our leadership classes since we have been at capacity at Eric and Lucero's home. After checking out several options, when Pepe mentioned to the owner of the banquet hall, Rudy (Please pray that he and his family enter the faith.), that he was looking for such a place, Rudy led him to a vacant apartment directly over the small meeting room and agreed to give us the use of the small meeting room 2 nights of the week included in the price of the rent. The apartment is absolutely perfect for our needs, including more than enough storage space for the church's items. When Jose and Jeanette entered the apartment, they were totally speechless as they found it completely stocked by the leaders with groceries, cleaning products, toiletries, a new bed, and freshly painted walls. Right away the apartment was used for a very effective meeting and dinner with our assistant leaders. The leadership class was held in the meeting room below the next day. Four people were prayed for for physical issues, three of whom received instant relief.


God has been (and is always) SO GOOD!!! In Christ, Jose, Jeanette, and the Missions Team

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