We kicked August off in Kansas enjoying the closing event of Vacation Bible School at Pleasant Hill Community Church.  It was a real pleasure for us to attend the fellowship and the program.  Later Joshua was blessed with the excellent music from this year's program for him to use at Harvest Christian Academy back home.
VBS is such a wonderful tradition that is practiced around the world, and our congregations in Mexico are no exception.  VBS was held this month in three different locations and sowed much seed in lots of children, using the same materials that Victoria used at the end of July.  (More specific info. on that to follow.)
We were additionally blessed during our time in Kansas because the Lord allowed us to be present at the baptisms of a sister-in-law and two of her children, along with another two from Pleasant Hill.  That in itself was worth the trip to witness!  What joy!
It was also nice to visit Pleasant Hill Community Church on Sunday and give a brief report on what the Lord is doing in Mexico and thank them for their support.  To our delight, we found the congregation is growing both in numbers and in the Spirit.
When we returned to Mexico, we learned of more testimonies of what the Lord did during and through the VBS that first took place in Victoria.  A child who never used to talk or participate in the children's activities, changed completely.  The very same thing happened later in the VBS in Voz.  Also, a parent who had never attended before asked for prayer for diabetes during the service.  Other parents said they really enjoyed to closing service and want to continue attending.  In addition, the wife of the owner of the location where we meet in Victoria attended the service and enjoyed it.  They offered to help in any way possible and their children attended the VBS each day.  We are so grateful that the Lord is bringing them in to be a part of our congregation, just as we have been praying.
The VBS materials were then sent to the congregation in Mante, and they, too, had a blessed time, ministering to 29 children.  From there, the materials were sent to Voz where some 25 children attended before heading to the village of Mariposas where Mario and Rosi minister to children weekly.  Thirty children attended there!  (Finally, the materials will be sent to Rio Bravo to be used next year there.)  
Mario and Rosi felt led to visit Voz for several days to help with putting up sheet rock on the ceiling of the church building in the mornings and the VBS in the afternoons.  To get there, they first took a bus from Victoria to Zaragoza, then walked the rest of the way to the village.  Such dedication!  We are so grateful for their help and leadership!  They got people from the congregation to help who never had before, and we found them thoroughly enjoying the experience.  It was exactly what we had been praying about!
Mario finally felt free to leave his old job, and now has the time to do what really brings him joy: serve the Lord in the ministry.  For income, he is thinking about opening a small office supply store.  Someone gave him a small copier, something no one else in his neighborhood has.  The Lord has already also provided some office/school supplies for merchandise.  He is also praying about a job offer that would be working hours that he would like.  We rejoice with him and are so very glad that the Lord has put it in his heart and in his wife's to visit Voz frequently to help minister and support Vicente.  That confirms what has been on our heart for some time.
In Rosi and Mario's GDA (grupo de alcance, outreach group), a new couple attended that has not yet entered the faith.  They were amazed at the testimonies that several gave and expressed interest in returning to learn more about this faith.
Elizabeth, the aunt of a young man who attends with his family in Victoria, visited one service last month and was absolutely amazed at the love and the presence of the Holy Spirit that she perceived, and said so.  Having on her heart the desire to bless the congregation, she sent fifty backpacks for the children.  There was enough for the congregations in Victoria, Mante, and Voz.  Elizabeth's daughter took a bus from Pharr, Tx, to Victoria to deliver them.  We are stunned at their generosity and eagerness to do such a thing.   We later enjoyed meeting with Elizabeth over a meal at Denny's to thank her.
Don Tino of Rio Bravo is still dealing with health issues though he was recently released from the hospital and under care at his son Omar's house.  While still in the hospital, a lady from the billing department spoke to Dona Maria rather harshly and threatened her if she didn't pay.  Suddenly, the Spirit rose up in Dona Maria, and she said something to the effect of, “You need Jesus Christ in your life!”  The lady broke down crying and began to tell her her problems.  Dona Maria prayed for her and led her to Christ.  Since then, that lady has been a very helpful ally to her and Don Tino.
We later visited the congregation in Rio Bravo and found them doing very well, despite the fact that Don Tino has not been able to attend, and Dona Maria has had to devote most of her time to tending to him.  (Please continue to lift him up in prayer, declaring complete and total restoration!)  Chela and Mari led the 40-yr-old sister of a member to Christ who died just 3 months later.  She had at first rejected the Gospel vehemently, saying that it was just a pack of lies.  But they persisted, and she finally received Him as Savior.  A seventeen-yr-old whose family is Jehovah Witnesses also accepted Christ recently after having his questions answered by some of the leaders when he stayed after service.  Later we learned that the 12-yr-old niece of a member was delivered from a spirit of suicide and accepted Christ, as well.
Victoria has lots of testimonies, as well:  a member is finally free from his blood pressure meds. after having to take 3 per day for years.  Also, 2 men who needed jobs after a long wait got them.  One of them had missed a call because his phone was on silent, and then got another call from another place that offered him more money.  We were also thrilled that the first GDA for young teens began with newlyweds David and Paola as leaders.  That couple really has an anointing to serve.   As another testimony, a girl in the Sunday school class said that she used to fight a lot with her brother, but since her family attends church, they get along now.
Carlos and Vivi attended a funeral service of the relative of a member and were given the opportunity to share the Word, which went very well.  We are so grateful for this couple who really assists us well, along with two other couples, in the pastoral duties.
After service one day, we met with a young couple planning to get married soon.  She was a Christian, but we was not, so our first order of business was to explain to him the Gospel, which he received with ease.
Carlos and Vivi and Eric and Lucero helped lead our monthly marriage class this month in Victoria.  They were very creative in dealing with the topic of working as a team in the marriage.
Before heading to Mante on the last morning of the month, we stopped by our house to check on  the neighbors who have been quite a blessing to us.  They reported that Don Lupano's prostate is no longer swollen, though the doctors do not know why.  We do!  God answered our prayers.
Mante is doing very well.  We had a very blessed service with them, and the Spirit ministered to several about things to be removed from the heart.  It was a very moving service.
We thank God for His provision for every need, for His favor on us, for His protection, and for joining us together with so many anointed co-laborers for the glory of God.  We are so blessed!
With love in Christ,  ​Jose, Jeanette, and the rest of the Missions Team
I Corinthians 16:13, 14 Watch, stand fast in the faith, be brave, be strong. Let all that you do be done with love.

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