Our first stop of the month was to the cottage in Llera to check on the house and the neighbors before heading to Victoria for the discipleship class.  Though some of the leaders were in Mante for their VBS, there was still a good group with great participation and several testimonies which were only the beginning of many throughout the month.


Chano accidentally hit a limb which hit a vehicle and damaged it just before church service began.  He immediately began quoting Isaiah 54:14, and then the Lord led him to go to a mechanic he had recently met.  Turns out that the mechanic had a glass the same size as the one damaged which he gladly gave him for free, along with the installation.  The only expense for Chano was the glue.


We prayed for several situations, one being a neighbor of Rosi who is oppressed by demons.  Rosi testified of leading the neighbor's daughter to the Lord, but is praying about how to help the mother.  We also prayed for the newborn of a couple from church who was in the hospital with bronchitis.  The next day the baby was released and doing fine.


Rosi, Mario, and Carmen had just begun praying for a lady who had attended our services at the other building to begin attending with us again.  One week later, she attended with her two children.   She's been attending every week since, and each time looks more and more free.  Mario remembered that a man visiting from Africa a few years ago prophesied over him that he would have the ministry of “recovery of jewels,” the believers who have strayed, and this is just one of the many examples of the fulfillment of that prophecy in his and his wife's life.  We also thank God for the blessing they are to their family members.  We'd prayed last month for Rosi's sister who'd had premature labor and this month gave birth to a healthy 7 # baby.


During the week, Karina and Alejandro of Victoria drove to Voz to help Mario, Rosi, and family and the church there with VBS.  Working in the village was a new learning experience for Karina and Alejandro, which they enjoyed very much.  In all, there were 42 children in attendance at least once during the week.  While there, Mario and Julio also took the time to work on the roof, for which we are very grateful. 


During service in Victoria, a lady asked Jeanette to pray for her sister who had just attempted to commit suicide.  The two prayed together.  (She also told Jeanette that while in the hospital with her sister, she ran into another lady who she found out attends our church, too.  So the two prayed for each other's situations and encouraged one another.) The next week, she brought her sister to church, and she was ministered to and led to the Lord.  The following week, the sistercould not speak for all the flooding emotions, but clenched the Bible we'd given her with both hands as if to signal her gratitude.  Then the next week, she was able to express with tearful words her gratitude for this new life.  She said, “I've been so ignorant!  There was so much I did not know!”  Her 8-yr-old son was with her, and he was absolutely thrilled about being there.  At the conclusion of the service, he told Jeanette how happy he was to be there and how much he enjoyed it.  We look forward to watching him grow in the love of the Lord along with his mother, and declare that his older sisters will, too.


Following the service, we headed to Rio Bravo.  About half way, there was a check point that caused a long line of cars which looked like would delay us about an hour.  We prayed, and suddenly found ourselves moving through the line within minutes and without even being checked at all.


Service in Rio Bravo was excellent with wonderful participation and enthusiasm from the members. We also enjoyed fellowshiping over a nice meal afterward with the brothers and sisters and catching up on things with them. 


Dona Maria attended the funeral of a man who used to be a pro wrestler.  Several of his friends from the business attended, and at the end of the service, Dona Maria led 10 in attendance to receive Christ!  She is quite anointed to lead people to Christ in such situations. 


Oscar and Chela and their sons from Rio Bravo were away visiting his family in Queretaro with the purpose of ministering and leading them to the Lord.  In the weeks that they were there, there were 24 people led to Christ,  6 healings, and 2 deliverances from oppression!  While the adults were getting ministered to, the children were, as well, as the sons shared Jesus with them.  This is the birth of a new church (GLORY TO GOD!!), and we are praying about how to raise the babies in Christ consistently.  The trip there is a fair distance away, and with it there would be considerable travel expenses.  But we trust that Jesus, the Good Shepherd, will care for them and lead and provide for those who will go.


The next week, after helping set up for a ladies' conference in Victoria, we accompanied Carlos and Vivi to Rodrigo and Ceci's house for dinner to celebrate her mother's birthday.  During our conversation, Rodrigo told us thaat first he had been attending our services for over a year, still bound to every kind of vice, sometimes showing up hung over, until he decided it was best to “party” only till Friday to give him a day to come down from the affects of it all in time for service.  Then one day about a year or so ago in the service, he came to the realization that he needed to give his life to the Lord and be set free.  From that day on, he has been free.  He also told us of a customer of his whom he'd recently led to Christ after the man asked him how to be saved.


His aunt Elizabeth from Pharr, Texas, was also in town and joined us at the dinner.  Her brother had driven all the way to the border to pick her up and take her to Victoria so that she could deliver 50 back packs and school supplies to us that she'd purchased.  We were able to pass them around to the elementary age children of Victoria, Mante, Mariposa, and Voz.


The next day, the ladies of Victoria held a mini-conference/breakfast.  The décor and theme was of a kitchen, and everything tied in well to the theme.  Sophia gave a great message to come 75 women on feeding the spirit, Vivi and Lucero gave a quick cooking demonstration with application to the value of all the members of the body of Christ, four ladies sang a special that went well with the theme, and at the end, the ladies were supplied a spectacular cook book of recipes and favorite scriptures contributed by the ladies of the congregation.  What a blessing!  Best of all, several ladies were ministered to, including at least one who gave her life to Christ and another who came in anguish due to a family crisis, but left free.  Jeanette also enjoyed chatting with the ladies at her table.  One of them told of how her brother really was interested in coming to church, but his wife refused.  So he would sneak to church, using the excuses like having to go get a hair cut.  When the wife discovered what he was doing, her reaction was worse than had he cheated on her.   His daughter began dating a Christian and attending his church and even teaching the children.  Then her sister joined her.  Now, every time there is a special occasion involving the children's ministry, she talks her mother and father into going “to support” her.  We know that seed is sown every time, and eventually the whole family will enter the faith.


Jose observed when he arrived after the meeting that the ladies all had expressions of great joy as they left.  During the conference, Jose got together with some of the guys for breakfast.  When he attempted to pay, one of the brothers impeded him, saying that he remembered Jose having prophesied over him years ago that he would never lack, that he would lend, but never borrow.  He said that has been true in his life ever since.


That afternoon, we headed to Voz for the closing service of their VBS.  Jeanette shared the Word and then Jose and the leaders prayed for all the very happy, enthusiastic children present before sitting down to enjoy a very pleasant meal with the congregation.  About 10 people from Ruiz were present.  They had had a pastor in training who abruptly left their congregation to become a Jehovah's witness.  They have asked us to provide them pastoral covering, but Jose recommended to them that they continue attending our services, as they have been doing, since their village is close by.  One of the elderly ladies had accepted Christ at the church in Voz many years ago.  Her constant prayer was for her son of whom she had no knowledge of his whereabouts other than knowing that he had gone to the U.S.  A few years ago, he returned and has since become a Christian and doesn't leave her side.


VBS continued the next week in the village of Mariposas, led by Mario, Rosi, and their family, with some help from some teens from the village who had been in their Sunday school classes as children.  They had 51 children in attendance!


Back in Victoria, a lady called Carlos to ask for prayer for a kidnapped person.  We prayed as a congregation, and he was released within 2 days.


A sister testified to Jeanette that around 4:00AM, her refrigerator had an electrical failure that caught on fire.  The Lord had woken her up at precisely the same time, sent her to the kitchen, and she was able to observe the problem and take action, preventing major damage. 


The mother of a 4 ½ -yr-old boy rejoiced in his words of faith as he comforted his mother when she was feeling nostalgic due to the passing of her father some 5 years ago.  He said firmly, “But Mom, the enemy has been defeated completely, not just in some things, but in all things!”  The mother related this to Jeanette in an e-mail and said, “Sister, I dance for joy!  I give thanks to God that the Word is being sown in my sons from this young age because they will live in abundant life even more.”  Another mother attributed her son's smooth first days of kindergarten to the children's ministry and expressed her gratitude.


We ended our month with a very enjoyable marriage class on Saturday, teaching on the value of ministering to one another, followed by another joyful, anointed service in Victoria.  We were pleased to have Vicente and his family from Voz in attendance.  We also rejoiced with Rafa who had won a car through her business!  Another couple gave thanks for the healing of their 4-yr-old who had somehow fallen and injured his neck.  After a thorough examination, no damage can now be detected.


We give God glory for all the great things He has done, with great expectations of even more marvelous works to come.


With love in Christ and sincere gratitude,   

Jose, Jeanette, and the Missions Team


You crown the year with Your goodness, and Your paths drip with abundance.” Ps. 65:11



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