This month brought us into an even greater appreciation for the Body of Christ, particularly our home church and the congregations in Mexico. Our members shone in the love of God like never before. Though none of us is perfect in our own abilities and character, it is the love of God that is the dominant factor that strengthens and supports “through thick and thin,” for which we will always be grateful.


Early this month, a brother who had traveled much with us in the beginning stopped by for a chat. A testimony of long ago came up in the conversation, and reporting it is long over due. (How many others like it are kept in the hearts of the participants and remain unknown to us?!) He told us that in one of the ministry trips with his wife to and from Reynosa, as they were heading to cross the bridge back to the U.S., he spotted a man on crutches begging and felt compelled to get out of the car and minister to him and give him an offering. He led the man to Christ and told him that the Lord loved him and desired much greater things for him than to be on the street begging. Years later, our brother saw the very same man in McAllen selling newspapers. The man remembered him and rushed to him, thanking him profusely for being used by God to change his life. Then he offered him a newspaper as a token of his gratitude. This same man has been seen by others sharing Christ on the street.


Vacation Bible School (VBS) activities continued this month in three other locations of the ministry. Despite the congregation being small and the laborers few, Voz had a successful VBS with 25 children attending. One child has gone for 4 years in a row, and this year took a friend who had expressed hesitation about going. He'd never attended a Christian church, but he went and said that he enjoyed himself thoroughly and that he'd never seen anything like it before.


For continuity with these “unchurched” children and supplement the Word of the children from the church, it is planned to devote one Saturday per month to special children's activities including showing SuperBook and providing snacks, prizes, etc.


Mario and Rosi held the VBS in the village of Mariposas at the same time with the help of another couple from Victoria. They, too, had 25 kids, and their closing service in the evening took place around a campfire. The lesson called for a “made-up” campfire, but they chose to have a real one with which lots of yummy food was prepared. At least 2 children accepted Christ during the VBS activities.


The next day, it was great to see 2 families from Voz and a brother from Mante in attendance in Victoria. We truly rejoice in the unity among the congregations and that they feel quite at home among family when visiting other congregations.


Rio Bravo also held their VBS this month, despite the absence of the family of Oscar and Chela who were in Queretaro ministering to the fledgling church (more on this ahead in this report). This year they focused on kids from within the ministry due to being short-handed, so they were very pleased with the 20 children in attendance.


The fruit of VBS always begins to appear immediately. The nephew of one of the ladies in Victoria was riding in the car one day and commented to his aunt, “You know what? Jesus died on the cross for me so that I could be saved and have life in Him.” His aunt asked him, “Where did you learn that? (His family does not have such understanding.) And he answered, “At VBS!” She told him to share it with his friends and family. In addition to the lives of the children changed, we know of at least one new family that has begun attending church since their children participated in VBS. Also, there have been many parents who have expressed gratitude for what God did for their children through VBS.


The Lord is also doing great things in the grupos de alcance (GDA, outreach groups) As an example, a lady was healed of uterine problems when the group prayed for her. Also, a boy was healed of a severe ear infection.


In Victoria's youth group there have been several good reports. One young teen has been talking to her family about faith in Jesus. They had attended church but fell away some time ago, but because of her persistence, they have decided to begin attending a church near their home. There have been some health situations in the family: an aunt had gall bladder problems and was set for surgery, but due to the prayers in the discipleship class and regular church service, she was healed and no longer requires surgery. She desires to attend our service to give testimony one day. Also, the teen's mother was hospitalized with kidney stones. The teen reminded her that Jesus heals, and now she is convinced to stop selling at the flea market on Sundays in order to attend a nearby church. The Lord worked on behalf of the teen when, due to her mother's hospitalization, she did not meet certain requirements to register in time for school. But she trusted God and went to be interviewed by the school's director who accepted her without having paid and despite having missed the deadline. The family is so grateful to God for His favor.


Another young lady is rejoicing because she has shared Christ with her grandmother who had been very negative and resistant, but now attends services and plans to continue. In addition, a young man from the youth group was praying about getting a job and found one right next to his house! We also give God praise that David and Paola, the leaders of the group, were not injured in a recent car accident and the one responsible has paid all the damages, allowing them to take a a well-deserved vacation that they had planned.


Over forty ladies packed the room for the monthly meeting this month in Victoria! Great things are happening in these meetings. This time a lady testified about how the Lord is showing her how to live with her husband who has yet to enter the faith. She also urged the unmarried ladies not to get themselves into unevenly yoked marriages in order to avoid the issues that she must face on a daily basis. We are so very grateful for her candid message.


During a discipleship class, Rocio testified of how the Spirit rose up in her in the face of an intruder in her home. While she napped in her mom's room, her sister was upstairs in her bedroom where the intruder entered. During the nap, Rocio dreamed there was a house invasion, and she rebuked it in the name of Jesus. Then she was awakened to a noise and a scream and went up to investigate. She found herself face to face with a strange man. Instantly, she said, “What are you doing here? Get out of here now and never return!” to which the man ran away. As a result of the incident, Rocio wrote a pamphlet on the subject of the authority of the believer for the church's publication table. Since then, the scriptures provided in it have been very helpful in other situations that others been faced.


At the end of another discipleship class, one lady declared by faith publicly, “Thank you, Lord, for setting me free from fear. The same Spirit of God is in me, the same power that raised Christ from the dead.” The new-comer later said that she had almost talked herself out of going to the class, but was so glad she went, adding, “The presence of God is so strong and beautiful. Everyone shines.”


During another class, Karla testified that she had been asked to give the toast at a friend's wedding. This was a first for the soft-spoken lady, but she boldly spoke to the couple using several scriptures on marriage, this, despite having been advised by someone who knows she's a Christian not to mention God too much “so that the people don't get bored.” We praise God for her living witness.


This month we have seen several people delivered from heavy oppression, including suicidal thoughts, by the anointing and the word that went forth by the Spirit during services. The personal testimonies have been amazing. In addition, one mother noted that since she and her teenage children came to Christ some months ago, her other family members who are not yet believers have noted the big changes in her kids. Before faith in Christ, there was a lot of bickering among the siblings. Now, they are best friends. And one of them who had been under psychiatric care for some very disturbing behaviors has been totaling set free.


The altar calls have brought several to the front week after week, people receiving a touch from the Lord for many things. In one service, TEN people accepted Christ. And at the home of one of the couples who have been attending now for over a year, the husband gave himself to the Lord, joining the wife in faith who became a believer since they began attending.


One lady waited for us after service to speak with us and tell us her very sad story of the destruction caused by the enemy in her life and in her family. It was her first time visiting, and the message seemed to be directed toward her specifically. Although she had been saved at the age of 10, but apparently with little discipleship to grow and mature, she found herself with two broken marriages, a daughter who passed away much too young, deep depression, and pastors who only offered words of condemnation. She desperately needed to know how to be free and find peace. Jesus came to heal the broken-hearted and set the captives free, and He did it for her. She walked away practically on air that day. The following week, she was one of the first to arrive to service.


Several members of the congregation in Mante went to pray for the ill father of one of them. Despite being quite resistant for some time, he gave his heart to Christ and was healed of an ailment. Another man was healed of a diabetic sore on his foot.


A brother who used to attend services in Victoria but has moved to Tampico and works in a business selling printers/toners had in his heart to bless someone with ink for a printer and contacted the church to ask if we could use some. It “just so happens” that the church in Victoria just purchased a printer to keep up with all the bookkeeping and printings for the literature table of free publications (many of which are written and produced by a team of ladies from the congregation) at the entrance of the church building. Praise the Lord for the provision from this brother whom we hadn't seen in some time. It, indeed, will be a gift that produces MUCH fruit!


In Rio Bravo, Dona Maria reported recently 2 salvations and 2 people healed, one of a problem with the leg, and another with a liver ailment. In addition, in one service, a lady was healed of dizziness, and was filled with the Spirit and spoke in tongues. We also rejoice in the news that Brother Tono's sister who is fighting cancer recently accepted Christ. (She is the one who received some written teachings on healing that had an instant effect on her when she read a portion.)


The family from Rio Bravo who has established a work in Queretaro (the village of Urecho) returned to Rio Bravo after spending several weeks there this month. They held services under a tent where there were some 52 people in attendance. During this visit, there were 6 adults and 8 children pray to receive Christ. The people are eager to have their own church building. Land has already been allotted for a church building, and one of the brothers has already begun pricing aluminum siding. We are sure that the Lord will provide. Since most of them are from the same family and have the tradition of getting together every Sunday, it seems like the congregation is ready-made. However, we are praying about how to consistently support this church with the Word so that they can grow. There are people willing to drive the 8-10 hours to minister to them. However, it is a matter of coordinating with Oscar and Chela when he does not work so that introductions can be made and others will know how to get to the village up in the mountains. We would really appreciate your prayers for the laborers sent to this field and for the leaders to rise from within the group.


With the school year starting, we asked all the children to go forward to be prayed for. One little boy went at the insistence of his mother, but tearfully strongly protested. Jeanette hugged him and told him not to cry because we were going to bless him, and everything was going to be fine. She added that he didn't need to cry because he is a great man of God. He looked up at her and smiled, and immediately stopped crying. His reaction was so sweet.


Thanks so much for all your prayers and support. We really appreciate you being a part of the grand things that the Lord is doing in these very exciting days.


Yours in Christ, Jose, Jeanette, and the missions team


P.S. We would greatly appreciate your prayers specifically for the following places where World Harvest (Cosecha Mundial) has congregations and groups:


Rio Bravo

Voz Campesina

Ciudad Victoria

Ciudad Mante

Mariposas y Maguiras

Urecho, Queretaro

Reynosa (GDA for children/prayer with the parents)


1 Pet. 1:8 whom having not seen you love. Though now you do not see Him, yet believing, you rejoice with joy inexpressible and full of glory.

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