August came and went like a flash! So many things happening in the Kingdom of God in such a short time makes it seem like we just blink, and it's over. It's always an adventure, and we are so grateful for all the good that the Lord has done.


Vacation Bible School (VBS) continued with Rio Bravo holding one unexpectedly at the beginning of the month. Sister Chela hadn't been well enough to lead it for some time, and suddenly felt up to it and received direction from the Lord on the theme and activities, so with the quick assistance of others from the congregation, they were able to pull it off. We praise God that she is every day better, and that the youth and other ladies were so supportive, making it a successful VBS.


Mante also held theirs, and we rejoiced that Carlos and Juan Antonio from Victoria went to help out. As usual, the VBS brought in new people to the congregation. A family that had been looking for a church near their home attended with about 8 kids. While the children were involved in their activities, the adults hung around, so Carlos picked up a guitar and held an impromptu service with them which went very well.


David drove from Victoria to Mante for the closing ceremony and was pleased to meet 2 new families in attendance. There was also a mentally retarded young man who attended with one of the families and had participated in VBS. The family does not know anything about him. He just showed up at their house, and they took him in. According to them, he occasionally leaves for a brief stint and returns. During the closing service, he asked David to prayed for his mind, which he gladly did.


The group from Victoria that visits the hospitals and shelters once a month is experiencing more and more of the love and power of the Lord as they flow in unity and faith. In their last visit, a doctor who is doing her internship for pediatric dentistry in one of the hospitals approached Rocio and asked where our church is located after having observed the group several times and finally got the courage to speak with her. She is from a place in the south of the country and has been distanced from the Lord for some time. She felt now is the time to get right with Him and had a great desire to attend the church of the group. The next day, she was in attendance and received greatly. Since then, she has attended 3 times. Her parents who are believers are ecstatic! We praise God that He has used this group to change so many lives. Brothers and sisters in Christ from Mante and Rio Bravo also minister in the hospitals, but are usually less informative of the details, though they are experiencing a mighty move of the Lord, as well. (We are working on this!)


Rocio also testified of the hand of the Lord intervening for her personally. She had been taking a course for 2 ½ months when there was a computer error that kicked her out of the system officially and was told that there was no way to put her back in. She was told that she would have to wait to re-enter next year, but the spots open are few. She prayed about it, and the Lord made a way for her to recover the loss through another avenue so that she could catch up with the other doctors. Praise God! He made a way where there seemed to be no way!


During our first trip in, we received good news that a leader of the church in Victoria was successful in ministering to a young lady who has been with us for some time now but has been making some unwise decisions. Thankfully, she decided against some “unbiblical” decisions which would have been detrimental to others, for which we collectively breathed a sigh of relief, though we are still praying for her to be more grounded in her faith. We praise God for the mature, wise support that the Lord has provided in the churches to minister to the people in their needs.


We are also so very grateful for the families added to the congregations. As an example, a family who attended for the first time for prayer several months ago because of a health crises received their healing and have faithfully attended ever since. Now they desire to be baptized and have also expressed their willingness to be of assistance to us. The Lord is doing great things in this family!


During the second week of the month, Carlos and Vivi swung by Voz to pick up Isai on their way to Mante for a “Night of Praise” event. It was a very blessed time, and Isai was much appreciated as he played his accordion. It was also an opportunity to bless Yahaira, the praise and worship leader of Mante, who was leaving to return to medical school. Please keep her in your prayers as the whole experience (the subject matter, the distance from home, etc.) is quite a challenging one for her.


While Carlos and Vivi ministered in Mante's Sunday service, we were in Victoria. With the help of Jeanette's 9-12 yr-olds Sunday school class, school supplies were packaged and distributed to the kids of the ministry in all the churches, as well as the group in Mariposas led by Rosi and Mario. Approximately 75 kids received packets.


Rosi, Mario, and their son and daughter have been visiting the village of Mariposas once a week for years now and minister to an average of 10 kids. In fact, they are now on the second generation of kids.


The following week, we attended service in Rio Bravo. They are in a transition stage, as Omar and Miranda will not be returning on a regular basis to minister there. (They are truly missed! And we all are very grateful for the invaluable time and ministry gifts that they have invested in the congregation.) Dona Maria remains in charge, there but the congregation could really benefit from some more support at this time to help minister to the men, the youth, and young adults. Please be in prayer for them.


When we returned to Victoria the following week, one of the teachers of the 3-5 yr-olds said that one of the children had a “melt down” in which he exhibited panic and paranoia and exclaimed hysterically, “No more video games! No more! I'm afraid!” Thankfully, the teacher, accompanied by her husband, prayed over him and were able to finally calm him. The boy said that he plays those games using the tablet, the t.v., and the cell phone. Apparently, it is constant. The mother was informed, and we pray that she takes steps to avoid such harm to her son. A parenting seminar is in the works, and this topic will be addressed.


The teacher and her husband later commented to Jeanette that their young sons are extremely discerning, and when even an objectionable commercial comes on, one will instruct the other to turn away. We praise God for the light and peace in that home!


During our last trip of the month, after a quick trip to the cottage and a brief rest, we had the privilege of ministering at the wedding of a couple from the church in Victoria. It is always an honor for us to bless the union of 2 believers while at the same time proclaim the Gospel to those in attendance. Just a few hours later, we continued to celebrate marriage in the monthly marriage class that we hold in Victoria which was very effectively led by Karla and Raul. Several who had attended the wedding were also in attendance at the class—which really blessed us!


At the conclusion of the class, Sister Lucy shared 2 testimonies involving her son Marcos who is a truck driver. Last month, some guys stopped him at gun-point in the night and planned to shoot him. But one of them said to the other, “Don't shoot him, shoot the other one (in the passenger's side).” But he was traveling alone. (This is not the first time that people have seen him accompanied when no one else was there.) Marcos said, “Yes! Shoot him!” Distracted by his response, Marcos had time to quickly signal with his lights a police car ahead. When the police approached, the men scattered but were soon captured.


In the other testimony, Marcos had run a little late, and a trucker friend that he would have followed along with was killed in an accident. Shaken about the incident, he called home, and his mother reminded him of the divine protection that has always been his. He later had a dream in which he saw a person who was “very loving, with a sweet perfume and a brilliant light” and said to Marcos, “I am always with you. Remember that you have a purpose...When you are tired, rest in me. Don't forget that I go before you.” The man put his hand on Marcos' head, and Marcos felt complete peace. Lucy referred him to the description of Jesus found in Revelation 1, a scripture that David had just used in a recent message that he preached.


The next day, we ministered in the service in Victoria and were thrilled to see the newlyweds in attendance with their families! There was a special time at the conclusion to pray for the bride's mother and brother in which they really seemed to receive a lot. During the altar call, several others were prayed for concerning health issues and deliverance from bondages.


We also received testimonies of one elderly lady who had fallen and broke her leg, needing surgery but the doctors were hesitant to do so because of her blood type and other complications. The family prayed and declared the work of Jesus in her body, and the surgery was done with no problems. She was released from the hospital in 3 days.


Another lady testified that the hospital had informed her that she had breast cancer, but she gathered herself after the initial shock and prayed, “Lord, according to your Word, You care for me and the Bible says that no evil shall befall me. You love me and your thoughts for me are good and not evil.” She said the enemy tried to cause her doubt and sadness, but in the name of Jesus she rejected every spirit of infirmity and evil. The next day, she awoke with peace and the assurance that God was with her and that no evil will come to her life. They did further studies, and, glory to God, she is healed! There is nothing there!


During the last stretch on our way home on our last trip of the month, we called the Pharr bridge to find out how long the wait time would be to cross and were shocked to hear that it would be about a 2-hour wait. It's been a while since the line had been so long. So we prayed about it and decided to go through the bridge in Donna, though our last time there had also been a long wait. We came into agreement in prayer and declared a 15-minute wait. Well, the Lord blessed us with less than that! We went through in about 5 minutes, praise God!


We really praise God for the many benefits that He has poured out on us this month and for the wonderful people that He has allowed us to join up with for the expansion of the Kingdom of God. We are so grateful and look forward to what lies ahead for the month of September. Thanks for praying for the ministry and for all your support!


Yours in Christ, Jose, Jeanette, and the missions team

For we who have believed do enter that rest,...” Hebrews 4:3a

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