It was seamless as the program of the convention flowed from one thing to the next.  There were several coordinators and assistants from the hosting church in Victoria, covering every area imaginable: down to the parking, the sound, the food, the ushers, and so on.  The unity and love established between them long before the event were what laid everything so easily in place.  Also during the planning stages, we were thrilled that the Holy Spirit spoke through two people separately to indicate the scripture theme for this year’s convention: Psalm 96:3, “Declare His glory among the nations, His wonders among all people.”  It was a wonderful confirmation and assurance that the convention was not just an idea of men, but a God-ordained event.


The convention was a great time of joy as people representing churches from Rio Bravo, Voz, Mante, and Edinburg came together to see old friends, make new ones, and worship God together.  Unfortunately, because of the situation Mexico is facing, several people did not make the trip this year, but are already talking of going next year, regardless.  Despite the lack of security on the highways, most of the brothers and sisters from Mante attended in a rented a mini-bus packed with about twenty-five people.  The members from Victoria also emphasized inviting lost friends and loved-ones so that they could become members of this very large family.  A great amount in attendance were invited guests.


During the altar call, dozens of people went forward to make decisions for Christ, pray for deliverance from addictions, receive healing, and so on.  So far we know of at least six people who gave their lives to Christ that day.  (Since several people prayed with those who went forward, our exact numbers have been hard to gather.)  One who went forward in a hurry to receive salvation actually plowed through the rows of chairs moving them to get to the front instead of walking around.  Another one who got saved asked the person who had invited him, “Why hadn’t you invited me sooner?!”  Several rededicated their lives to Christ, and one young lady said she needed to get baptized.


God’s hand and purpose was so plain to see on the children‘s program, as well, led by ten teachers taking turns.  Never have we seen such a peace among the children.  There were forty-eight present of all ages, and not one was running around or crying for mama.  All were totally engaged in the activities and enjoyed every bit of learning that Jesus is our Super-Hero as they sang animated songs, had several hands-on activities, including decorating their own capes, and left with goodie bags loaded with reminders of what they learned.


Jose felt led to have communion, a feat we’d never before attempted with 300 people in attendance.  But serving the elements went so smoothly that everyone was served more quickly than if we had served only the local congregation.  The anointing was so strong as the Body took communion together; it was a very special moment for us all.


The praise and worship teams from Voz, Victoria, and Edinburg all blessed us as they played and sang with great anointing and led the people in lifting up the Lord in song. They each had their time during the program, which effortlessly stitched one facet of the service to the next. God’s presence was so sweet, and even those guests who had never attended such a service before were obviously touched.


Following the service, those in attendance were blessed with a delicious meal, served to them very efficiently, with lots of servers.  Praise God, there was more than enough of everything.  We used to think that serving three hundred people would not be practical, and that we would have to change our tradition once we grew to that size, but the Lord showed us how easily it could be done when the brothers and sisters work together in harmony and give generously of their finances and of their efforts.


We are sure that everyone left having received from the Lord in one way or another, be it through the Word shared by Brother Max, or the music, or through the publications table which offered free of charge New Testaments, books on faith, tracts on salvation, Cd’s, and the like, or even by the tangible love that was noticeable upon entering the building and throughout the event.  To view a video or pictures of the event, go to and click on “Cosecha Mundial.” 

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