December always brings lots of celebrations of the birth of the Savior from the beginning of the month to the end, but there are also many things that the Lord accomplishes for His Kingdom, as well, just as He does throughout the year.


Our first trip in for the month began with Jose signing documents in Victoria for the ministry's registration. The next day, we headed to the cottage to take care of some details before going to Voz for the first Christmas party of the season. The whole party was delightful, beginning with Voz's praise and worship team leading us in song, followed by a message given by Jose, communion, and then a drama written and directed by David and Carlos of Victoria called “If Jesus Hadn't Come” was presented. The cast, also from the Victoria congregation and consisting of two married couples, the son and daughter of one of the couples, and two brothers from another family, were very anointed and effective in their presentation. (It was sweet to hear that they made casting changes to assure that the couples in real life performed together as couples in the scenes. They felt strongly that they wanted to honor their spouses by not even acting with another as a spouse—their appreciation for their spouses and desiring to honor them really blessed us. The Holy Spirit led them in that!)


A nice meal followed the drama before the party concluded with the traditional breaking the pinata and passing out candy bags to the children. The atmosphere of the entire party was very pleasant as the spirit of timidity has been finally broken off the people, and everyone had smiles on and was very comfortable in the fellowship. About 30 children and another 30 teens and adults were present. A couple of weeks later Isai and Karen of Voz traveled to Mariposas to help Rosi and Mario and their kids in the Christmas celebration in the village of Mariposas.


Another Christmas marvelous celebration followed the next day with the congregation in Mante. The children surprised everyone by sitting quietly through the entire service and message by Jose that went longer than expected. During the meal, Jeanette met the parents of a teen boy who has been attending for some months now. They told Jeanette that after 40 years of marriage, they had been separated for 6 months. The mom began attending with her son on Mother's Day. Then, 6 weeks ago, she invited her husband to attend. The Lord did a work in them, and they reconciled that day. They mentioned particularly that the anointed words of David and others who minister there have really penetrated their hearts. Their testimony was a precious Christmas gift to us!


During our trip the following week, the lady in the toll booth to whom we have been giving Christian literature including a New Testament, tracts, and magazines, asked for another KCM magazine. She said, “Please keep bringing them! Even if I have to pay for them, please bring them! My daughter and I read them from cover to cover and are really blessed by them.” Gladly, we gave her another one that we had on hand and told her it is our pleasure to bring her magazines as often as we receive them.


The discipleship class in Victoria were next to celebrate Christmas together. More great food and fellowship! During a conversation, Vicky said her niece, whom she'd led to the Lord just months ago and now attends a church in the town where she lives, commented that her husband has decided to go to church with her. He said that he doesn't know if it is curiosity or what, but something is leading him to go. We know what happens next: an entire family saved!


The next day the congregation in Victoria held their celebration which included another anointed presentation of the drama “If Jesus Hadn't Come.” A copy of the script was passed to Rio Bravo for future use. There was also a children's presentation that was darling. One of the boys, about 6-yrs.-old, of a family visiting from Mariposas concluded the presentation by quoting Isaiah 9:6 perfectly. Then the second praise and worship team played amazingly during the meal.


In a conversation with Sister Lupita, she told Jeanette that while she was laid up in bed with a cast on her leg, she led 5 people to the Lord who had gone to her house to visit and comfort her. As another testimony, Isabel said that she recently found a 500-peso-bill in a journal of hers. When she lifted it up, more bills kept falling out until she and her daughter had collected 9000 pesos (valued at over 700 dollars!).


Immediately after the party in Victoria, we headed straight to Rio Bravo to celebrate with the brothers and sisters there. The youth did 2 skits, and the children, including some from Chela's GDA of neighborhood children, also participated with songs and memory verses. As usual, there was an abundance of delicious food. Before leaving, we laid hands on Oscar, Chela, and their sons who were going by bus that night to Queretaro to continue ministering to family and watering the seed that was sown during their last trip.


During their week-long visit, they accomplished much. Another 15 people came to Christ (added to the 24 who accepted Christ the last time), and several were healed. Before the family's return, the new believers had begun to get together and read the Word. There is no formed congregation in their area, so they are the Church there! The children of Victoria sent an offering for the children of Queretaro, and Chela purchased toys to take to them which were very well received. The following is the report the family brought back (condensed):


Oscar: “We thank God for His provision for the trip. Fifteen people were saved. It is a joy to minister to my family. They receive and are open to listen. We tell them that there is new life in Jesus. In that area, there are only Catholic churches and many idols. The flesh gets tired, but God gave us strength. An aunt of mine has lost 2 children to kidney problems. She had a desire to hear the Word and she asked for prayer for herself and family, saying she wanted to change. She and 4 or 5 others received Christ that day. We ministered and shared that there is a curse, but in Christ she is free from it. My brother received Christ right before we came home. He asked as we said goodbye, “Why haven't you prayed for me?” The last time we visited, my dad was using a cane, but now he walks well without one. Thank you for your prayers! Where we go, you go! --Joshua 1:7”


Chela: “2 Cor. 2:14-15. Thank God for the Holy Spirit! We encountered 3 men on the way to Oscar's family's place. They asked us who we were and what our business was there. We told them, and one asked for prayer for healing. My brother-in-law asked us to bring back a tube of precious stones from the mines (they mine and sell them). He asked that they be given to Pastora Maria in Rio Bravo (whom they'd met in a past trip). He asks that we pray that as they continue to dig that they find BIG stones so that we can build a building for all those that desire to go from the congregation in Rio Bravo.

A family member had a serious injury in his leg, an open wound caused by diabetes. We prayed for him and it immediately began to dry up. God is opening doors, and all glory to Him!”


Josue and Abdiel: “On the trip, we helped take photos and assist our parents. It blessed us to see people hungry for the Word of God. We encouraged people to continue.”


Several brothers and sisters in Christ did a lot of traveling this month, and everywhere they went they took the Gospel. In addition to Oscar, Chela, and sons going to Queretaro, David and Paola went to Acapulco with plans to minister to his family there. Vicky and Roberto visited the niece who recently accepted Christ and planned to continue ministering there. Cynde and Willy traveled to Monterrey and always go with the purpose of being light to family. In the New Year, we will learn of more trips and more testimonies, for sure.


During Pastor Max and Linda's visit from Oklahoma, Pastor Max joined Willy, Oscar, and Erick to minister in Rio Bravo. Nick also went earlier with Omar and Miranda. The following is the report submitted by Willy (paraphrased, condensed):


“Pastor Max addressed the congregation and blessed them before Willy ministered the Word, while Erick assisted with the children. The others greeted the people and helped with praying for them. It was glorious to see a drug addict go forward for prayer to be delivered, followed by a friend of his who went forward and boldly said he wanted to accept Jesus as Savior. His girlfriend was also led to the Lord. Several of the leaders laid hands on them, and we were so blessed as the manifestation of peace and joy was evident in that place. It was another great service as the Body fellowshipped in great unity! The Rio Bravo church continues to grow spiritually and in numbers. It is a great joy to see how many kids attend and how excited they are to be in service. The trip was such a blessing to us all.”


In addition to being busy traveling and taking the Gospel to great distances, the church congregations have also been busy blessing communities. Rocio G. and others from the Victoria church and her GDA (grupo de alcance, outreach group) returned to a hospital to minister to the sick and their family members. Samuel joined them to help lead the singing. Three people received Christ. Also, Vicky and Roberto headed up a successful collection of toys with the Victoria congregation to take to a needy area as they have done in past years with great results. There were over 60 children and 40 adults present. They shared with them the real meaning of Christmas, and Carlos shared Christ with the adults. As also mentioned, Isai and Karen joined Rosi, Mario, and their family to help them with the Christmas celebration in the village of Mariposas. And a new GDA is soon to begin, as well. Randu and Samuel want to reach “the tough ones” from work. We are so grateful for their eagerness and look forward to their testimonies.


It has been a great month and a wonderful way to end a very blessed year. Truly, He has, indeed, crowned the year with His goodness, and His paths drip with abundance (Ps. 65:11). And we look forward to all the Lord has in store for us in 2016. May the New Year be a very blessed one for you all!

With love in Christ and sincere gratitude, Jose, Jeanette, and the Missions Team


(including those of the co-laborers in congregations in Mexico)

SALVATIONS*: 100 (last year: 73) includes some who were not led to the Lord in our regular services; rather, they were led to the Lord by members of the congregations or through other circumstances. Also, not included in this number are the unreported salvations and the many people who made decisions to rededicate themselves to the Lord or committed themselves to His service.

WATER BAPTISMS: 19 (last year: 22)



MANIFESTED HEALINGS*: 59 (last year: 32)

MARRIAGES HEALED/FAMILIES RESTORED*: at least 2 known, but most definitely there were more


*This number cannot be accurately ascertained as people are constantly being saved, filled with the Holy Spirit, healed, and set free from personal problems as they grow in the Word, and often we do not receive word of the event until much later, if it all. Also not included in this count are the great numbers of times God intervened in situations and brought victory. However, the following are some that were documented:






LADIES’ CONFERENCE: 2, with about 130 in attendance

VACATION BIBLE SCHOOLS: 5, # IN ATTENDANCE: +- 203 (last year 154 in 4 VBS)

BABY DEDICATIONS: 11, (last year 4)




PRAISE AND WORSHIP WRKSHOPS: 3 (+- 35 in attendance total)




HOSPITAL MINISTRY (ministering to the sick and their families, providing for spiritual & physical needs): MONTHLY




TOY DISTRIBUTION: in 3 sites to +-150 children


EXPO COSECHA (Harvest Exposition): 1 in Victoria (to promote the various in-house ministries and GDAs)


15th ANNUAL CONVENTION # IN ATTENDANCE: +- 370 (390 last year)


*There are more co-laborers serving the Lord in love and unity than ever before.

*The church in Rio Bravo has made great advances in their remodeling/expansion project, and its grand opening is expected in 2016.
*The church in Mante has improved their children's classroom and added air-conditioning and has further plans to up-grade their property.
*The ceiling project in Voz Campesina is completed, with the exception of final painting.

*Monthly meetings continue to be held in Victoria, Mante, and Rio Bravo for ladies, men, and young adults.

*A new congregation in its infancy stage was added this year in Queretaro.
*More new GDA's were added this year.

*Several brothers and sisters received new jobs and promotions/raises this year.

*Willy Contreras and Los Leones ministered in Rio Bravo and South Padre Island.

*The process to register the ministry is nearly completed.

*An extra room was obtained in Victoria for the children's ministry and other meetings, freeing up another room to accommodate the much-needed nursery

***Too numerous to include all the interventions of God!



1) to train more leadership
2) to improve the children's ministry where teachers are lacking by sending missionaries and training co-laborers from within the congregations; produce a DVD for teacher training and implement newly-developed lessons on “The Body of Christ” to share with all the congregations
3) to complete the process for legalizing the ministry in Mexico
4) to increase the number of new converts baptized
5) to continue encouraging the establishment and growth of cell groups (GDA's) in all congregations

6) to inaugurate the new building in Rio Bravo
7) to complete improvements on the roof/ceiling and outside the building in Voz, including adding a sign and a fence

8) to support further development of the new congregation in Queretaro

9) obtain property/building for the congregation in Victoria

10)to produce a second CD by Victoria's praise and worship team

11) to continue fulfilling Mark 16:15-18 in love and unity



SALVACIONES: 100 (año pasado: 73)
Representa a muchos que no fueron guiados a Cristo en un servicio regular, sino fueron guiados por miembros de las congregaciones o por medio de otras circunstancias. Además, no están incluídos los que tomaron decisión de volver a Cristo y los que se dedicaron al servicio del Señor.


BAUTISMOS: 19 (año pasado: 22)




SANIDADES MANIFESTADAS*: 59 (año pasado: 32)





*Es difícil averiguar este número, puesto que la gente es constantemente liberada de problemas personales mientras crecen en la Palabra, y a veces no se informa del testimonio hasta despues de mucho tiempo, si es que. Además, Dios ha intervenido y traído la victoria en situaciones innumerables. Los siguientes son algunos ejemplos de los testimonios:

-liberación de espíritu de suicidio

-liberación de opresión económica

-liberación de drogas y alcoholísmo

-liberación de amargura u otras ataduras

-provisión sobrenatural/prosperidad (varios)

-protección sobrenatural (varios)

-recuperación de objetos robados

-empleos, ascenciones (varios)


PREPARACION DE LIDERES (sesiones de discipulado): semanales




NUEVAS CELULAS EN HOGARES (Grupos de Alcance): 5




CAMPAMENTO DE ESCUELITA DE VERANO: 5 # ASISTENCIA: +-203 (154 en 4 VBS el ano pasado) (excluyeno la asistencia en las clausuras, la cual sería lo triple)













DISTRIBUCION DE JUGUETES: en 3 sitios para +-150 ninos


EXPO COSECHA: 1 en Victoria (para promocionar los varios ministerios en casa y los GDAs)





*Hay más co-laboradores que nunca que han entrado al servicio del Señor con amor, unidad, y madurez.


*Siguen las reuniones mensuales para barones, mujeres, y jóvenes en Victoria, Rio Bravo, y Mante.

*Se iniciaron mas GDA adicionales.


*La iglesia en Mante ha hecho mejormientos al cuarto para la escuela dominical y tiene mas planes para el mejoramiento de la propiedad


*La construcción completa del edificio en Rio Bravo está por realizarse.


*La iglesia en Voz ha terminado el proyecto de poner el cielo falso, con excepcion de pintarlo; tambien hay planes de poner una senal y una barda.


*Una nueva congregacion esta en su etapa de infancia en Queretaro.


*Varios miembros han recibido nuevos trabajos, ascenciones, y aumentos.


*El proceso de registrar el ministerio esta por cumplirse.


*Se obtuvo un cuarto adicional para el uso del ministerio infantil/otras reuniones.


*Willy Contreras y Los Leones ministraron en Rio Bravo y La Isla del Padre.


***¡Bendiciones demasiadas numerosas para nombrarlas todas!




1) seguir preparando más líderes


2) mejorar el ministerio de los niños donde hace falta más continuidad en el programa, mandando a “misioneros”y preparando a más maestros de las congregaciones; producir un DVD para la preparacion de maestros; implementar lecciones recien producidas sobre “El Cuerpo de Cristo” para compartir con todas las congregaciones


3) completar el trámite de la legalización del ministerio en México.


4) incrementar el número de los bautizmos de los recien convertidos (animando a los líderes de los GDA's a bautizar)


5) seguir apoyando en el establecimiento y crecimiento de los grupos de alcance


6) inaugurar el edificio en Rio Bravo


7) hacer los proyectos de mejoramiento en el edificio de Voz Campesina


8) obtener propiedad/edificio para la congregacion en Victoria


9) producir segundo CD por el grupo de alabanza de Victoria


10) apoyar a la congregacion de Queretaro para mayor desarrollo


11) seguir cumpliendo con la gran comisión de Marcos 16.15-18 en amor y unidad


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