Oh, what a month it has been! Though we celebrate Jesus with our brothers and sisters in Christ regularly throughout the year and every service seems like a party, December is especially joyous.


The month's activities began, however, much as they usually do, with our discipleship class in Victoria. In addition to the precious time in the Word and praising God, the group also prayed one for another regarding several issues. We also prayed for a couple that is separated that attended specifically to ask for help with their marriage.


The next day, a very soft-spoken, young lady approached Jeanette to tell her she feels called to minister to the homeless while at the same time search for a cousin who is believed to be among them. This is an amazing step for her, and we are excited to see the Lord use her and the team He assembles for this purpose.


During the church service, a young believer showed Jose a Bible printed in 1925 that someone had given him and told Jose he'd like to donate it to the church to have on display. What a kind, thoughtful gesture! We will find the right spot for it.


Hospital ministry took place the following day in Victoria. Rocio was very pleased to report that the grandparents, daughter, and granddaughter of a family all accepted Christ. Every time the group ministers at the hospitals, they return rejoicing for the experience.


The Christmas parties began the next weekend, starting at Voz Campesina. We had a very nice time celebrating with them. There were lots of children present, most as a result of the weekly SuperBook showings, and what was quite notable was their orderly, respectful demeanor. They were very well-behaved. The Word is certainly working well in them. Also, in past years most of the children were too timid to hit the pinata, but not anymore. This year, they participated very well in the festivities. The adults also had a good time and enjoyed a really good meal and fellowship. We left rejoicing and headed to the cottage to greet our neighbors before turning in for a night's rest.


The next festivities were held in Ciudad Mante. It was a nice time together, and we really enjoyed getting to know some of the people better. A new family that lives just houses down from the church expressed their desire for support concerning the man's 12-yr-old daughter who lives with his ex wife and is highly influenced by the Jehovah Witnesses. Thankfully, the daughter was in attendance, and we were able to shine some light for her. We also provided the father and his new wife with some spiritual tools that they will need for this situation. They also have a hyper-active 5-yr-old son who is improving more and more as he attends services. Please pray for this family of young believers.


After the Christmas party, we returned to Victoria to meet with the leaders. Several important issues regarding the administration of the ministry were discussed. It appears more and more that we are “taking dominion” of the territory where the Lord has sent us, and we are very excited about the future that lies ahead. We can sense that in 2017 there will be an “explosion” of new and great things for the ministry, so many that our heads will spin!


We were so blessed by Willy accompanying us the following weekend. Actually, we accompanied him as he drove. It was quite a special weekend which began first with the wonderful news that a man whom we'd been praying for was rescued from kidnappers earlier that morning. (Pray that he will finally give his life to Christ, now that he sees his need for Him!)


On the way to Victoria, we heard for the first time the anointed album that Victoria's praise and worship team recorded. All the songs were originals written by the members, and all focusing on the theme of God's divine protection and being free from all fear—such an invaluable topic considering the condition of this world! One of the songs was birthed from a situation in Carlos' home when his daughter awoke from her sleep needing comforted and reassured. The Lord showed Carlos that, as the father, he was her source of peace and safety and that our heavenly Father is that for us. After his daughter went back to sleep, he went to the living room, picked up his guitar, and the song flowed, only adding finishing touches at work in his office later that day.


After enjoying a nice meal at Carlos and Vivi's house with David and Paola joining us as well, we headed to the apartment for a brief rest before getting together with the discipleship class for a meal and to do some preparations for the Christmas celebration to be held the next morning.


To start the service, the praise and worship team played some five songs from the album which really lit up the atmosphere. The youth also performed a very moving skit written by David that quite effectively shared the Gospel. Then, during the meal, a praise and worship team comprised of children as young as 4 or 5 and young teens shared a couple of songs. Carlos had been spending time with them teaching them to play instruments, and all the practices really paid off! They were amazing! The future looks very bright! (Interestingly, at the same time, in Edinburg's service, the TBI alumni handled the entire service in every detail: greeters, deacons, praise and worship, teachers, preachers, etc. What a blessing to see the anointing on the next generation of leaders!) To end the special service, a group of about 20 ladies participated in song. It was truly a joy to see them together singing. Before we left, the leaders laid hands on the CDs and dedicated them to the Lord for His glory and purpose.  (You can obtain a copy with an offering of any size.)


Immediately following the festivities in Victoria, we hopped in the vehicle and headed straight for Rio Bravo for more. The time of praise and worship was very good, followed by wonderful participation by the youth group who presented the drama that David wrote for last year's program in Victoria. The children then recited scriptures on the birth of Jesus by memory, and then the children's group from Chela's and Oscar's GDA (grupo de alcance, outreach group) performed to a song in a most moving way, celebrating the King. (Incidently, Chela says that the children from her group know all the words to the CD that Willy recorded with Los Leones, even the ones he sings in English!) Then, a young teen whom Sammy is teaching the guitar performed with Sammy and another lady. It is great to see how our leaders are training and passing on their knowledge in every congregation. Isai and Karen, our leaders in Voz, have also begun teaching children to play the instruments in addition to the weekly SuperBook services that they hold and the regular services.


It was also admirable to see the lady who had accompanied Sammy and the teen not only in attendance, but participating in song, given that her sister had just passed away a week earlier. She was later ministered to with scripture and prayer, and complimented for choosing to fellowship with the church despite the raw feelings that she still faced. She and her family left strengthened even more as we celebrated together the coming of the Comforter and Prince of Peace.


The festivities culminated with an abundance of great food. Then, after some games and goodies, Jeanette was asked to talk with a grandmother and her 12-yr-old grandson who was facing some difficulties. Since he wasn't willing to talk about them, Jeanette was led to ask him if he knew who Jesus Christ is. He said no. So the conversation was directed in that manner to introduce him to the Savior Who would be there for him in any situation that he faced. When asked if he would like to receive Jesus as his Savior, he said yes and prayed with the ladies present. It was a wonderful way to end the evening before returning home.


Aside from honoring Jesus and worshiping Him, the best thing about each of the Christmas celebrations was that the Gospel was presented in various ways, directed especially to the visitors who accompanied us. To be sure, there was much seed sown, and we are expecting a great harvest from it. Of course, another very nice blessing from all the celebrating was the precious time of fellowship with the brothers and sisters in Christ.


It was truly a wonderful way to end the year and a great way to look ahead to the New Year that promises to be full of really amazing “surprises.”


Yours in Christ and so very grateful for all your support,


Jose, Jeanette, and the missions team


P.S. We would really appreciate your prayers for Oscar, Chela, and their family who plan another trip to Urecho before the New Year to minister to the infant church.


P.S.S. We would also greatly appreciate your prayers specifically for the following places where World Harvest (Cosecha Mundial) has congregations and groups:


-Rio Bravo -Voz Campesina -Ciudad Victoria

-Ciudad Mante -Mariposas y Maguiras (GDA for children)

-Urecho, Queretaro -Reynosa (GDA for children/prayer with the parents)


1 Pet. 1:8 whom having not seen you love. Though now you do not see Him, yet believing, you rejoice with joy inexpressible and full of glory.


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