December was a fast, full month that began for us with a special evening of worship in Victoria. The church interior was beautifully decorated for Christmas, inviting us to further adorn the place with our worship to “kick off” the season of celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus. It was 2 hours of very sweet praise and worship which culminated into a time of ministering to one another before everyone gradually left.

The following day, Carlos and Vivi ministered in Mante where they dedicated 3 babies while we stayed to minister in Victoria where one of the ladies told Jeanette a testimony that confirms how the Lord uses many ways to reach unsaved spouses. She said that her husband was checking the volume of the sound system of a car to sell, and the first thing he heard at full volume was a preacher speaking to those who have been resisting the Gospel. We constantly pray that the Lord send them messengers through personal contacts, radio, television, the written word, or anyway He choses, and this is just one perfect example.

At the end of the service in Victoria, Jose asked if anyone would like to receive Jesus as Savior. A man in the back instantly raised his hand. When Jose asked him to come forward, the man's wife also joined him to give her life to the Lord. As we prayed for the couple, the lady was instantly slain in the Spirit and spent quite a while gloriously receiving a special touch from the Lord.

As another testimony, the man who was believing God for the provision of an oven so that he could earn a living for his family received one. He had been trained as a baker while staying with his wife in a shelter as their premie baby received medical treatment. In addition to the testimony of his daughter's survival and healing, this man has a tremendous testimony of being plucked out of a life of darkness and set in this true life of Christ.

The next week, after stopping by the cottage and checking on the neighbors, we headed for Voz for the first Christmas party of the congregations. It was a nice time of Word, communion, meal, and a game with prizes, as well as the traditional pinata and candy bags. We were blessed that Rocio and Luz who drive from Victoria monthly to lead the ladies' meeting were in attendance.

From there we headed to Victoria for a fellowship/meeting with the leaders. It was a great time of conversation in which we discussed many things having to do with the ministry and how the Lord has fulfilled Psalm 107:34-38 abundantly this year, as was declared that He would at the beginning of the year. God is so faithful!

The following day on a very cool morning, Raul drove us to Mante for another Christmas celebration. The whole way there, he shared wonderful testimonies of his life. Among them, he said that about 3 years ago he faced daily mountains of paperwork at his job, so much that he had to sacrifice vacation time to catch up. But one day in discipleship Jose gave a word of knowledge and said, “If you have a pile pf paperwork on your desk, lay hands on it and pray. The very next work day (2 days later), he did just that, and the Lord helped him dispose of it all. Since then, he has never had to deal with such a work load again. He has testified to his co-workers about it, and they are astonished.

Another of Raul's testimonies: his 6-yr-old son was doing homework one day. He was to draw in one box a need and in another a desire. In the desire box, he drew himself, and then a line under him with lots of smiling faces under the line. And below it all, he wrote, “I desire to share Jesus with lots of people.” The line he had drawn, he explained, was a pulpit.

Raul's brother, who had only recently accepted Christ before going to the U.S. to work with another brother, took only a few possessions among which was his Bible. He has since returned to Mexico, but in the short time that he was there, he shared Christ and gave his brother his Bible before returning to his family in Mexico where he promptly got a job. It seems that the Lord's purpose for him going to the U.S. was to sow the seed of the Gospel in his brother.

The celebration in Mante was glorious! Two ladies accepted Christ at the end of Jose's message, then another was speaking to a friend visiting from Victoria's congregation and told her she desperately need relief for a broken heart due to the death of her husband 11 years earlier. The friend told her that Jesus is the answer, then ran to get Jeanette who chatted a little more with her before leading her to the Lord.

Another of the ladies who had accepted Christ later said that she had been looking for God and couldn't find Him—even in the church across the street from her house. She said, “I finally found Him. He is here.”

The other lady, the first to raise her hand to signify she wanted to pray to accept Christ as Savior, went forward with the use of a walker with much difficulty. After praying for her, she left the walker and walked up and down the isle! When Jeanette congratulated her for being born again, she answered, “Yes! And I want to be baptized!”

During the meal, Araceli shared the testimony of 2 recent salvations. She said she'd felt led to visit, accompanied by another sister, 2 friends and share the Gospel with them. Right away, the friends readily accepted the offer to receive Christ.

Every year the Victoria Sunday school class of 9 to12-yr-olds collect an offering and determine where to send it in December. This year, they agreed to give it to a very needy family that Dr. Rocio had met and visited when she went to assess their health and economic needs. Rocio purchased groceries with the offering and, accompanied by 2 others from church, also took the family clothes and blankets. Before providing for their physical needs, they shared Christ with the family, and all seven (3 generations) prayed to receive Him as Lord and Savior! Then their joy was added to when they were presented with the unexpected food, clothing, and blankets. We praise God for the willing vessels who gave of their time to deliver Life to this family.

The next weekend was the Christmas celebration for the discipleship class in Victoria. During the conversation, a couple whose son is a trucker testified that the partner on the road with their son has seen “a big man in white” in the passenger side when he is in the back resting. The partner knows his son is a Christian. When asked about the “big man,” their son explains matter-of-factly that it is his angel. (He has experienced several supernatural interventions.)

We also rejoiced with a couple who had been trying for 7 years to sell their home and finally were able to—and under very favorable circumstances. The details of the direction of the Lord and how it came to be were nothing short of miraculous. We also learned that, after being unemployed for quite a while, a job will become available in January for the husband. They had been tempted to move, but felt led by the Lord to stay by faith. And when they made that decision and prayed together, after 7 days they had this great turn of events.

The next day, the congregation of Victoria came together to celebrate Christmas. The entire service was quite a blessing. It began with a short video clip illustrating Isaiah 9:6, followed by a moving time of praise and worship, communion, a moving recitation of a young lady, a “human video,” and the performance of “Cosecha Kids,” children and teens who participate in their own praise and worship team. Of course, a delicious meal topped it all off. As in all the congregations, there was an abundance of food!

A few days later, Carlos officiated in a couple's renewing of their vows. It was his first of what are sure to be many ceremonies. Some members from the praise and worship team attended and ministered in song, and the ceremony went very well, and was well-received by the people in attendance.

Also during the week, we were so glad to hear that a sister who was in danger of losing her job unjustly had won the victory after standing in faith and on the Word. She also shared some words of gratitude expressed by a person who has been receiving Jeanette's devotional Gems translated into Spanish and recorded by this sister. We had not been aware of this extra effort that she has been doing. She sends her audio recordings to particular people from church, family, and friends whom the Lord puts on her heart, which has produced great results in their lives. Like so many that the Lord has joined with us, she never ceases to surprise us with the innovative ways that the Lord uses her as a willing instrument for His Kingdom.

Another sister reported that her sister and brother-in-law, who have yet to give their lives to Christ and do not attend our services, requested that she share with their employees at their Christmas party the true meaning of Christmas. Since most of their employees are men, she felt led to ask another brother from church to go and share with them, which he did without hesitation. He was very well-received, and the employees even asked him to pray for them and their jobs.

For our final Christmas celebration with the congregations, we visited Rio Bravo on Christmas Eve morning while Pepe led the service in Victoria, and Isaiah from Voz ministered in music and in the Word in Mante. Juan made a special trip to Zaragoza to pick him and his family up. (They returned again the last Sunday of the month to minister again.) As we entered the building in Rio Bravo, we were met with the very pleasant surprise of curtains finally up and the columns painted. A lady from church sewed them, and her husband, man who had only attended occasionally but now regularly, hung them on beautiful hand-made, wooden encasings at no charge.

During our visit, we once again prayed for Sister Chela and took her an offering to help with medical expenses. She recently visited a doctor in Reynosa who says he cannot find any trace of stomach cancer, contrary to the diagnosis in Monterrey. However, she still is occassionally dealing with symptoms in her body. (Though we are certain that she is healed!) Also, before enjoying a delicious meal with the brothers and sisters in Christ, we formally presented before the congregation Tono and Mari as leaders to assist Dona Maria.

The service in Victoria went very well. Attendance was much better than expected (despite the holidays and the cool weather). And, after a short message delivered by Pepe, they had a very impressive activity in the dark with lit candles. To conclude the year, Carlos led the final service on New Year's Eve.

I wish I could freeze time and collect the sensation of the love and anointing experienced in each congregation in the fellowship of the brothers and sisters and our celebration of Jesus. A photo or video is completely inadequate to preserve or convey the memories of it. Suffice it to say, it was glorious, and we know that the next time we come together in the name of Jesus and in His anointing, it will be even more so. Great things await us in 2018!

Have a very blessed, happy New Year!

With love in Christ,

Jose, Jeanette, and the Missions Team

He turns a wilderness into pools of water, and dry land into watersprings. There He makes the hungry dwell, that they may establish a city for a dwelling place, and sow fields and plant vineyards, that they may yield a fruitful harvest. He also blesses them, and they multiply greatly; and He does not let their cattle decrease. Psalm 107:35-38


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