Good news began to roll in from the very beginning of the month.  At our leadership meeting at the cottage, we found out that Vicente was traded 2 hectars (about 5 ACRES) for his old pick-up.  the land is cultivated and a great source of income for him. He is prospering! Later this month, he was invited by a co-worker to teach the Word at a co-workers house in a village near San Luis (about a 3 hour drive) to his family. He says he's heard other teachings, but likes what he hears and wants the church's praise team to also go. The funny thing is he asked how much Vicente would charge to go and have a service with the man's family. Of course Vicente told him we don't do things that way. We urged Vicente and the church to pray and take this opportunity.

At service in Victoria, the new convert Marco Polo brought his mother and aunt in addition to his sister. At another service, an uncle and his 89-yr-old grandmother also, joined him. They are so happy with the church that they asked us to hold a special "mass" in celebration of his grandmother's 90th birthday in June. We've never had anything like it, but told them it would be our pleaseure to give thanks to God for her life of ninety years and for their openness to flow with us at church.

Plans were discussed in Rio Bravo to purchase the house where we meet now using money raised from the sale of the land we were given. That land has truned out to not be convenient for us to build on due to lots of water under the foundation level. Even with the money gained from the sale, we will still owe for a while, but it will be a "rent to own" deal. We're already renting anyway.

On the second week of the month, Jose ran the 10K in Edinburg (did very well), showered, and then drove to Victoria with Jeanette for service. It was well worth it. At least 6 people were healed during prayer in the service. Also, Rosi testified that her little boy whom we've known for about 4 years is now very healthy, but back when he was not even 2, he was very sickly and underdeveloped. Another miracle was recorded for a woman who was prayed for  to have a baby and is now pregnant. In Mante, an uncle of Laura's has regained sight, and another has become much more faithful to the church and has asked to be baptized.

In Rio Bravo we are preparing for a ladies' conference. Dona Maria and some other sisters went to check out a meeting room and found the owner there. She said, "I was waiting for you. There is peace in you and I really need it." She told of her problems and diabetes and that her father is bipolar. They prayed with her and lead her to Christ. They also invited her to attend the conference.

For Valentine's Day we showed the movie "Fire Proof" in Spanish to the church in Victoria. Several lost spouses were there, and there was not a dry eye in the place by the time the movie was over. The response was excellent. The movie was also shown to the cell groups and will also be passed to the churches in Voz and Rio Bravo.

The following week, Carlos' family faced quite a crisis. Ramon received a call saying they had kidnapped his son and for him to deposit a certain amount in a certain account. Ramon and Carlos's  wife tried contacting Carlos' cell phone, but there was no more time left on his card, so they could not confirm his whereabouts. Just before the amount was to be deposited, Viviana got the idea to deposit more money into the phone account of her husband and try again to locate him. Turns out he was at work and totally unaware of the scam. Naturally, no money was lost, and the authorities were contacted. Apparently these types of extortions are happening regularly.

To end the month, while Jeanette joined the ladies of WHTC at camp Jose went ot Victoria with Willy. An architect that had been lead to the Lord years ago returned to service to "return to the place of his birth" after a long absence. He now lives elsewhere and attends church with a childhood friend who he found out is also Christian. Then Joe, Willy, and Salomon spent the evening talking with him and seeing what God has done for his life. His visit was a very pleasant surprise.

Love in Christ,

Jose, Jeanette, Joshua & The Team

"Herein is our love made perfect, that we may have boldenss in the day of judgment: because as He is, so are we in this world." 1 John 4:17

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