To start the month off with a bang, José ran a 10K race and Jeanette ran/walked (mostly walked) the 2 mile in Edinburg in the morning and, after resting a while, headed for Victoria.  While there, they had dinner with Salomon and Laura and learned that Martin, the missionary to Europe, preached at the funeral of the one who had died at the end of last month and led the whole family to pray the prayer of faith in Jesus.  Later, Rosi led a man to Christ who had suffered a stroke and is now much improved.

The first service of the month was very different.  The intercessory group from Victoria to which one of our members belongs, asked to attend our service and be prayed for as a show of spiritual support for their efforts to intercede for the city.  The church prayed for them, and they prayed for the church.  There was also prayer for the many needs of the congregation.

In Rio Bravo we rejoiced with several people who testified of God’s hand on their lives.  A mother told of the return of her daughter to church after several years of being away.  Mari the youth leader said that God had led her to get up at 4:00AM to pray for the youth group and now has experienced increased numbers after a long dry spell.  She also tearfully gave God praise for her new house that has two bathrooms, when they didn’t even have ONE at the other house.  They had to use the in-laws’ bathroom.  Also, the ladies’ group is now meeting monthly and is doing well.

The following weekend, we showed the movie “Fly Wheel” in Victoria.  There was a good turn out, and seed was planted that quickly produced in the lives of some in attendance.  Since the movie, they have been faithful to attend church.  Also, Alfonzo, the church’s watchman,  was there and has attended every service we’ve had in Victoria -- including the leadership meetings!  A couple of weeks after the movie, Salomon led him to the Lord.  He now takes his Bible to service, sits very close to the front, gives offerings, and has basically integrated himself into the Body of Christ.  Talk about a transformation!

After one service, we were invited to lunch with the family of some members of the Victoria church.  The parents were clearly not born again, but Salomon wasted no time in sharing Christ, with the rest of us adding to the conversation.  At first, there seemed to be some resistance, but the older gentlemen mentioned that he enjoys very much watching Christian television and listening to praise and worship music that he downloads from the internet, and has even seen a portion of the movie “Fire Proof,” a movie with a strong message of salvation.  Seed has been sown.  After the next week’s service, a copy of the movie was provided the family which they promptly saw together with the members that attend church.  We expect that family to come into the fullness of Christ.

Vicente and some others from Voz ministered in Mante for us and prayed for a sick child who was healed.  When Jose and Jeanette went the following week, they also learned that Beto’s legal case was finally resolved in his favor after a year-long battle.  He now stands to be compensated for a year’s loss of pay and reinstated to his job.  He plans to request a transfer in order to be closer to home and to be able to attend services. He and his wife Araceli have agreed to be the leaders of the group and be the ones to hold the services if ever someone could not go.  Keep them in prayer for everything in their lives to line up and prepare them for this responsibility. 

Also in Mante, we rejoiced in learning that the doctors have changed the diagnosis of a little boy’s eye problems now that they have found improvement in his vision.  The child himself says that God has healed him.  The previous diagnosis was one of doom and “no hope for improvement.”  God has also intervened in the situation of another son in his removal from a school and acceptance to another, which he himself claims is a complete miracle.

During the last service of the month there were several testimonies:  Alex gave God thanks for the girl he and his wife are expecting (and had been desiring) after being told that it was a boy.  He also said that while the economy is supposed to be at its worst, his business has done better than ever.  (Several others said the same thing!)  He also started a new business of a purified water dispenser in exactly the location that the Lord had led him to with a lower rent.

Isaí testified of the healing of his grandfather who had had a stoke and a heart attack.  The doctors gave no hope of recovery.  While the rest of the family was in anguish over the news, Isai was at peace because his grandfather had just accepted Christ,  and he continued to pray for him.  Within days, his grandfather improved and was released from the hospital.  Because of this manifestation of God’s power, a cousin accepted Christ, and the family is closer to God.

There were also testimonies of restoration of a marriage, new jobs, success at medical school, and the healing from asthma of a small child.

After the testimonies, there was a time of ministering to the needs of individuals.  A  young mother with leukemia named Yaneth was present, though very ill.  We prayed for her health, and she was also led to the Lord.  She had been attending another church for some time, but had never given her life to Christ.  While some were praying with her, others were praying for her two children (Davy and Ashley) and leading them to the Lord.  Salomon led another lady to Christ during the same service.  A young believer named Laura also asked for prayer because she faces persecution at home.  Her mother has even threatened to hide her Bible.

Preparations for this year’s convention in Victoria are going strong with Dante and Eric heading up the plans and the committee which has TWELVE sub-committees.  During the convention the new church building in Victoria will be dedicated, but most of all, it is expected that many will come to Christ and become members of His Body.  Please keep this important event coming up on April the 10th and all the ones involved in the behind-the-scenes work  in prayer.

We greatly appreciate all your support!

Yours in Christ,           José, Jeanette, Joshua, and the Missions Team


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