Winter weather interfered with the first leadership meetings of the month due to the icey roads.  That, and a back injury that made driving too difficult for Jose, caused us to stay on the U.S. side.  Salomon, Laura, Monica, and friends of theirs later came all the way to the house to pray for José and leave him some medication.  That same week, some of the brothers from this side of the border also came over and prayed in agreement for his complete healing.  We are so blessed with such a loving family of God!

During that same weekend, over forty-five churches in the area of Victoria joined together to pray for peace and justice for Mexico.   Representatives from several churches, including Carlos from the congregation in Victoria, led the people in prayer over various issues.  It was a powerful time of unity which was summarized by a local TV station in a DVD that we hope to make available for all to see.  (It will bee posted on this website soon.  You'll really want to see it!) The faith and strength in the Church in Mexico is most notable and brings great assurance of the power of God manifested just across the border and working in the believers.  Another meeting is planned for the National Day of Prayer to be held in September.  Our congregations in Mexico will definitely be involved in the planning and in any other way necessary.

Carlos preached in the service the next day, and there was a mighty move of God as people prayed for one another.  Meanwhile, six children accepted Christ as their Savior in their class.  

While speaking, Carlos, without knowing any specific details, also gave a word of knowledge about deliverance to Cacho regarding a serious situation with a cousin of his on the U.S. side.  Separately, we knew of the situation because those involved called us asking for prayer the same day.  A couple of days later, we went to minister to him and received word that just one day after praying by phone, the problem, which could have been extremely devastating, was totally solved, much to the relief of many.  (Because of the nature of the issue, the details must be omitted until those involved choose to testify publicly.)

Finally the next week we were able to get back on the road and have our leadership class in Victoria.  As we crossed the border, we were told we had a low tire.  After checking it out, Jose found a nail in it, so he used the “fix-a-flat” and drove on to Victoria and then the next day to the cottage near Llera.  Just as we pulled up and got out, we heard a hissing sound and watched the tire go flat.  We’d made it all the way there where our brothers and sisters attending the leadership class were waiting.  After the class, the guys took the tire to be fixed and put it back on-- a real blessing since we were cautious about straining Jose’s back.    

In Victoria we learned that Salomon led the church’s watchman Martin to the Lord.  Cristina also testified of leading a neighbor to the Lord whom they had said would have run her off.  Dante also shared about a man he met in an airport on a recent trip whose ministry is to witness to people in airports and pray out loud for them before boarding the plane.  He gathers the passengers around and leads them in a prayer of salvation!   God is doing amazing things in Mexico!  Praise the Lord!

Also in Victoria, we held another premarital session with Maribel and Toño before showing the movie “Beyond the Next Mountain” which has a strong message of salvation and missions.  About twenty-seven were in attendance.

Salomon and Laura ministered in Mante and came back with the testimony of a brother who was delivered from alcoholism and diabetes.  In addition, the group there has found property that they wish to buy to be able to hold services inside a building instead of the carport at Cheli and Beto’s house.  They ask for prayer because the property is owned by siblings, and one does not wish to sell.  God’s will be done.

During the following trip, we learned that the church in Victoria has been reported on the internet (complete with pictures!) as being a cult with churches as far away as Argentina and with the goal of spreading all over the world.  The local bishop was even quoted as saying that we “deceive the people with dreams of salvation.”  We found the whole thing humorous and rather took it as prophetic, but many of the young believers were quite bothered by it.  We told them that we are in good company since Jesus Himself was accused of being the son of the devil.  

At the leadership meeting, we discussed the cell groups (GDA’s) and testified of the great things that are happening in them.  Three young ladies were led to Christ in Monica’s newly divided group.  The young men are growing and maturing, with more now able to share the Word very confidently.  A young mother attending Karla’s group now attends church services with her husband and small children, and the husband now plans to attend the men’s monthly fellowship.  Carlos says that now that he has a GDA with family and friends, there is much more harmony in the family and many people participate in the sharing of the Word.  The children’s group in Mariposas continues with some faithful ones, and Mario and his daughter Luz have kept the ball rolling while his wife has had to turn her attention to her ailing father.  We are so grateful for the laborers that God has raised up.

Speaking of wonderful laborers sent by God:  Willy joined Omar in Rio Bravo this weekend to help instruct the kids in music since the ladies attended camp in Columbus.  (It was nice that Omar didn’t have to go alone.) The kids are teens and pre-teens who are making great strides in learning to lead the praise and worship during the services.

Also during our meeting, we learned of specific examples of God’s supernatural protection over our people.  Carlos and Vivi were stopped by evil men on a road on their way to visit her dad.  While the men were dealing with another car they’d also stopped, the two prayed, declared scripture, and sang to the Lord and received wisdom from God to hide their cell phone.  Then Carlos was told to step out of the car and was asked for his cell phone.  When he told them he didn’t have it, they let him go without even taking money from them.  The cell phone would have been used to extort their families in a kidnapping or to communicate with other evil men as a way to avoid those monitoring their calls.  God is a shield of protection for His people!

As another mighty show of God’s hand, Dante had a great opportunity to share Christ with over forty federal agents when he accidentally drove into an operation of theirs.  When he tried to drive away, they pursued him, thinking he was involved.  When they asked him for his identification, all he had to show them was his business card of the church, his Bible, and a small Christian book.  He’d left his wallet behind, which turned out to be providential.  While they contacted their office in Mexico City to check his identification, he began to tell them that we are praying for them and, led by the Spirit, began to share Christ with them and declare over them safety, protection and victory over the enemy.  He spent forty minutes ministering to them before finally being released.  What a beautiful, God-orchestrated scene!  

During the last leadership meeting of the month in Victoria, we heard testimonies that show the people are applying the Word in their everyday lives.  Laura R. was stopped by a transit cop, whom she supposed was planning to demand money.  She prayed and declared the Word, and by the time the policeman got to her car, he said, “Excuse me.  Please go on your way.” Lucero came across a crying young mother with an infant and a toddler.  Her drunkard husband had kicked her out of the house.  Lucero took the time to give her a ride and minister to her.  Eric testified of how he had dropped his guard and began to stress about his business.  After hearing the message in the GDA that he attends and the message from the main service, he realized what he was doing, and began to declare the Word by faith.  The next day at work, the person least expected to pay a long-time debt went in and paid it off.  Later we heard the testimony of Lupita who, when learning that a client’s friend had cancer, she got the address and went with her family to pray for her.  Later, the tumor was found to be benign, and the lady asked Lupita to return to teach her how to live by the kind of faith that she exhibited.

At the meeting at the cottage, the group has grown to a consistent 8 in attendance, including folks from Mante, Voz, and Fidela from San Isidro.  Fidela delivered 7000 pesos (about $630 US) that the government had contributed to improve the building.  We also received the good news that a couple that has been living together has decided to go for it and get married in the church.  They will be the first couple EVER to be married in the church in Voz.  We are believing God that they will break the barrier that has held the couples back there for years.  

That same day, Jose and Jeanette returned to Victoria.  While Jeanette was teaching at the monthly ladies’ fellowship, Jose and Salomon met with the attorney who is handling our case to get the organization registered.  There are small errors in the paperwork which need to be worked out.  During the conversation, he said that Mexico has officially counted 35% of the population as born-again believers.  We’re sure that estimate is low, and when one considers how low the percentage is of practicing Catholics, it would appear that the believers outnumber them!  The attorney is a believer who got saved six years ago after working with pastors and seeing the Light in them.  Pray for his family to also enter in.

The eleventh World Harvest Convention is coming up April the 9th  and will be held in Ciudad Victoria.  Please be in prayer for the planning and provision of every need as well as for the safety of all those who will be traveling near and far.

We’re so grateful for your prayers and support!  Love in Christ,     José, Jeanette, Joshua, and the Missions Team
2 Tim 4.2, “Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine.”

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