Our activities for this month began with a visit to Rio Bravo where we learned that 3 more people had recently been led to the Lord through personal evangelism.  Dona Maria also held a teacher training with several in attendance to prepare for the beginning of the program which teaches children to evangelize.  Each participant was assigned to bring items to be used in the lessons, and they all enthusiastically participated.

This month there was a great emphasis on taking communion, its significance and its benefits.  We took it with our brothers and sisters everywhere we went, in both small settings and large, and urged the people to practice it even at home.

The Holy Spirit has been doing something “deeper” in us lately in the leadership classes in Victoria.  On one occasion, there was such a glorious atmosphere at the conclusion of the class that no one wanted to leave.  Several just sat for a while, saying they just didn’t want to leave.  We told them to stay as long as they desired.

During our latest leadership class, there was a great move of the Spirit with several praying one for another and giving a word.  It was Joel 3:28, 29 in action.  Several were delivered from issues and healed and three spoke in new tongues.  A word given to Jibram was exactly what his girlfriend had in her heart to tell him, but didn’t because she thought it was from her own thoughts.  He said it was the same word he’d heard over and over in the last three weeks regarding a gift he has for the future in his business.  Vivi felt led to go forward for prayer for her family, though she thought she was already free from a recent serious situation.  But during prayer, she heard a word from the Lord and felt a quick release from something deep within her.

We showed the movie “Courageous” in Victoria and had a great turn out.  Several Grupos de Alcance (outreach groups) plan to show it, and we will also show it in Voz, Rio Bravo, and Mante.   In addition, some people purchased their own for personal use and plan to also give some copies away.

A local pastor who has been ministering to federal police and holds Bible studies with them has also shown the movie which has had a great impact on them.  This pastor prays for the police and even lays hands on their weapons.  God is working mightily in the midst of all the turmoil!

While the police are being ministered to, we have heard that there is a brother in Christ who ministers to a group of Zetas (cartel) away from civilization.  The leader of that group is said to have told his people to leave the Christians alone.

Mexico held its National Day of Prayer on the 18th.  We were thrilled to participate with over a hundred churches and about 5000 people in attendance, including the mayor of Victoria and a representative for the state governor who gave a speech.  It was a powerful, faith-packed time of prayer and praise and worship songs declaring peace, victory, and Jesus as Lord over Mexico.  The whole event was quite moving.

Following the service, we met with a young couple (boyfriend and girlfriend) over coffee to advise and encourage them after a recent situation they faced in the church.  During our conversation she told of the recent miraculous conversion of her father who had caused much concern in the family for years because of the life he led.  His wife and kids are believers, and now he is too.  He now unashamedly shares the truth with his brothers and sisters and friends.      

After service the next day, a young teen asked Jeanette for prayer for a school mate who had been kidnapped.  They came into agreement, and he was released two days later.

For months on our way to Victoria, as we pass a certain gas station that was closed down due to the violence, we have been declaring that it would open again as a sign of Mexico’s recovery.  We are happy to report that as of this last week, the open signs are up, and they are again ready for business.  Hallelujah!  We have years of memories of stopping there with the missions team, but most of all, this is important to us because we desire to see Mexico better than before, with the evil and destruction put behind them.

Not far from the gas station is a military check point.  As we arrived there during our last trip, a young soldier was to check us and our vehicle.  It was the most humorous check point experience we have ever had.  We held up the line of traffic as he light-heartedly conversed with us. When we turned the subject to faith, he told us that he prays to the Father and to the Virgin, and with that the bullets cannot penetrate him.  We shared about faith in Jesus and gave him a New Testament with tracts which he reluctantly took because his hands were “too dirty to hold it.”  He never got to the business of checking us.  He did ask for the name of “the light-skinned lady” (Jeanette), and she asked for his.  In response, he asked how to say his name Andres in English, and we told him as we said our goodbyes, assuring him that we would pray for him.

At our last leadership meeting with the leaders of Voz, Vicente mentioned that he has two open doors to minister in Quiche, a village he stops by on his way to minister at times in Mante.  He has distant relatives who have been receiving Vicente and his wife in their home to hear the Word.  But in the same village, about 25 minutes away from the relatives’ house, another lady has offered her home to begin services.  He’s praying for direction and plans to go weekly where the Lord leads.

Later that day we returned to Victoria for the first of monthly meetings for couples to be called “Matrimonios En Victoria” (Marriages in Victory).  The response was great, with a total of 14 couples in attendance (counting us and the elders), some engaged, some recently married, and some with years of experience.  There were even some unsaved couples in attendance who had heard about the meetings from a member of the church.  We see lots of opportunity to lead people to Christ and strengthen marriages which will lead to a stronger church.  Now we just need the super-natural guidance of the Holy Spirit to tie all of it together.

Our final service in Victoria for this month was very much a continuation of the move of the Holy Spirit that He began during the leadership classes.  It was thrilling to see God work through many members, and we look forward to hearing more testimonies of how the people were touched personally in their lives.

What a month!  We thank you for your prayers and ask that you continue to hold up the congregations in Mante, Rio Bravo, Voz Campesina, and Victoria, specifically for their safety, provision for buildings and the like, mature laborers, and unity among the brethren.  Also, please pray concerning the up-coming convention to be held Abril 28th.

In Christ,

Jose, Jeanette, and the Missions Team

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