Our first trip in this month was to visit Rio Bravo. It was a great illustration of God's economy. When a couple in Victoria learned that we would be visiting them, they felt led to send an offering to Don Tino, which we gladly delivered. Unbeknownst to Don Tino that an offering was on its way, he purposed in his heart to give Jose an offering. So as we pulled out the envelope for him, he pulled another out for Jose. Another sister also had an offering set aside for Jose. How beautiful to see the generosity of brothers and sisters far and near.

In addition to that element of “God's economy,” we see other elements displayed regularly. For example, the congregation of Victoria tithes to the church on the U.S. Side. From the pesos, an offering is sent to Sister Fidela, widow of Pastor Tony. She, in turn, tithes to the church in Victoria. Some of the pesos from Victoria's tithe are exchanged to dollars to pay for Pastor Max's radio program. Funds are constantly circulating throughout the Body and helping it grow and reach others for Christ. God's way is infinitely better than the world's system!

During our visit to Rio Bravo, we learned that they recently led 4 people to Christ and that Lupita laid hands on her mother-in-law who had suffered a stroke, and she was instantly healed. Lupita had never experienced anything like that before. When her mother-in-law signaled to her to do it, Lupita told her she would go for Dona Maria. But the mother-in-law insisted that Lupita do it just as she had seen her do in a dream, and she was healed. The congregation in Rio Bravo also took advantage of our visit to celebrate Jose's birthday belatedly with a wonderful meal and a HUGE cake. It's always great to visit them.

Later that month, Dona Maria cast demons out of a lady who was a worshiper of La Santisima Muerte (the Most Holy Death, or the Grim Reaper) right after a service that she had attended for the first time. As she was leaving, the demons manifested themselves, and Dona Maria handled it.

Just as with the Church of the New Testament, fellowship, hospitality, and people traveling to share God's Word take place regularly between the local churches. Vicente from Voz, and several from Victoria, take turns ministering in Mante, and Isai and Karen from Voz frequently visit Victoria to help out on the praise and worship team. And Willy and the guys from Los Leones visit Rio Bravo. Willy and Bobby also joined us this month in Victoria as they occasionally do.


Also in accordance to the New Testament, there have been quite a few dreams with strong messages. Rocio Garza told of her family dreaming about their deceased dad telling them to read the book of Jeremiah. At the time, no one understood because they were not yet believers. Recently Rocio felt led to read it again, and the Lord revealed marvelous things to her which she shared with her family recently at a get-together, trusting that all will come to the saving knowledge of Christ and leave false idols.


Another thing the Lord did with the New Testament believers was touch hearts to sell lands and give the proceeds to the Church, or give the land to the Church. We have experienced that at least three times. Now we are believing God for more land in Victoria. Salomon and Laura feel that we should get land while the price is accessible in anticipation of more growth and ever increasing land values. We told them we will put our faith out there and wait on the Lord to perform it supernaturally as He has done in the past. Our heart's desire is to obtain land to the side or behind the building and property without going into debt (of course!). We'd appreciate your faith joining ours in the matter.


During a leadership meeting in Victoria, Karina told us that her uncle who had been kidnapped was released. His wife, a Christian, took him to her church to give thanks to the Lord. There, he accepted Christ. In the meeting we also heard testimonies from several other Grupo De Alcance (Outreach Groups) leaders. Jason let us know that Alejandro shared the Word for the first time and arrived very prepared with lots of notes and scriptures and did well. We look forward to him being actively used for the Kingdom. There are two teens in Eric's group who showed how important the GDA is to them when they arrived late because they had to walk quite a distance to get there. In Lucero's group there is a lady who lives very far and has to take a “pesera” (small bus) to get there. There must be something special going on in the GDA's for so many to make such sacrifices to attend.

A man who went to Salomon and Laura's GDA for the first time had an unusual prayer request. He had a government job salary for which he had no responsibilities. He knew that wasn't right and wanted a job. Two weeks later, he was called by someone high in position to go work with him. Now he is very busy.

Another couple headed for divorce started attending their GDA. When they heard the Word, the wife said, “I have never heard this before!” She's been faithful ever since and the divorce proceedings have been canceled.

The men's meeting and the ladies' monthly meeting in Victoria which took place simultaneously went very well. The men had a powerful move of the Spirit together, and the women were a little less boisterous, but had a great time of fellowship and Word. Afterward we prayed for a lady who had recently received Christ when she began going to church due to a coworker's invitation. Her husband had left her and the kids, both parents were ill, and she was facing overwhelming financial problems. After praying for her, she was delivered from the oppression and anguish in her heart. The change in her appearance was immediate. Turns out, she is a neighbor of a wonderful sister in Christ who will be a great source of encouragement in her new walk with the Lord.


After the meetings, we were invited to a Japanese restaurant to fellowship with a couple from church. We never thought we would eat Japanese food in Mexico! It was a unique experience. Susi told us of a “first” for her. With tears of emotion she said she heard the Lord tell her to give money to a very pregnant lady who was selling newspapers on the street. She went home and told her family, and her husband added to the amount. The two went to find her and give it to her. Susi plans to return to her corner again to take her a New Testament and tracts since she believes God has assigned the lady to her.

In a service in Victoria, Lupita excitedly testified that she recently was invited by a group of 15 Catholic ladies to go pray for a person with cancer. She went, and the person was healed. Now the ladies have asked her to join the group and teach them the Word and how to pray for the sick.

In Voz, we were asked to hold a baby presentation for Andres and Melissa's 11-day-old baby girl (Vicente's newest grandbaby). After the service we were treated to a nice, small meal of tostadas and great fellowship. Later that evening, Jose and Jeanette sat under the stars and chatted with the neighbors. Dona Lupe had many questions about worry and prayer. The next morning, as we were saying goodbye, she ran and got a notebook and asked Jeanette to write down how to pray so that she wouldn't forget. Jeanette explained that there is no formula for talking to the Father, but did write in general to pray to the Father in the name of Jesus and give thanks. Dona Lupe thanked her profusely.

The last weekend of the month, Jeanette had the opportunity to attend a ladies' conference at T.B.I. where Joshua, Isaiah, Diego, Ivan, and Allison, all from WHTC, are studying. Jeanette was able to go because Willy and Bobby accompanied Jose to Mexico. The entire conference was a thrill from beginning to end, and Jeanette enjoyed spending time with Josh, just as other mothers of students from WHTC did.

Jose, Willy and Bobby left to Victoria for the National Day of Prayer service involving some 40 churches from the area to be held at the Polyforum (civic center) in Cd. Victoria. There were some 4,500 people in attendance, with Cosecha Mundial being represented by about 50 of its members. Praise and Worship filled the Polyforum and the Body of Christ responded. Prayer went forth along with prophecies. Different representatives from different Mexican cities raised flags as they proclaimed and declared Jesus as Lord of their city, state and country. The mayor and wife were in attendance, and he quoted Mark 6:33, much to the delight of the church. The Body ministered to one another as time for healing and salvation was given at the meeting. A very peaceful and powerful atmosphere was sensed at the meeting. The whole afternoon was a glorious time in HIS presence and a great time of fellowship. We declare that Jesus is Lord of Mexico!

After the Prayer Meeting, the Praise Team then practiced along with Willy and Bobby in preparation for Sunday's service since some of the team members were in the mission church in Mante. The Sunday service started with great praise to our Father and the Word was preached with anointing and authority. The congregation had a great time of fellowship during a coffee break mid-way during the service to welcome another new baby to the church. The Word then continued, as well as worship time. Then the Body also ministered to one another in a time of healing and refreshing.

On returning, Jose was able to minister to one of the soldiers at the military checkpoint. Jose also gave him a bundle of tracts and a New Testament bible. The trip was a great blessing to the team even though it was a shorter one than usual.

There are several events coming up in Victoria including a ladies' conference, and a retreat in March, and our annual convention bringing all the churches together April 27, 2013, for which we would be very grateful for your prayers.

In Him, Jose, Jeanette, and the Missions Team Eph. 3:14-20

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