Every month it seems like nothing could top the last one, but it always does.  This month was full of so many special moments of joy, faith, and great satisfaction.  It started off with Jose and Joshua successfully running the 10-K together before we headed to Rio Bravo for a wonderful time with the church.  

In Rio Bravo, we heard testimonies including one of a sister healed of arthritis in her hands and of another whose father sold a piece of land miraculously.  It was also a great time of worship and the congregation, including the youth, praying one for another and giving powerful Spirit-filled words of exhortation.  We are sure that healings and deliverances took place that night.  Later that month, Sister Mari gave Jeanette and Dona Maria hand-made, written by hand, notebooks containing the stories of powerful testimonies that she has experienced in the past few years.  In them, she also included applicable scriptures and poignant quotes of people who prayed, prophesied, or just spoke words of encouragement to her in times of need.  The notebooks are a true treasure.

Also, Miranda later passed on a beautiful testimony of a grandmother who had taken her granddaughter to the VBS held at Chela and Oscar's house last summer.  There, Chela led the grandmother to the Lord.  Recently, she attended church with her daughter and granddaughter.  The daughter accepted Christ and asked for prayer because her husband was out of work and their situation was dire.  The next day, the church members gathered food to take to the family.  The husband was there, and he, too, received Christ!  Praise the Lord!  Another family in the Kingdom of God. 

The following week, we enjoyed at very similar experience in Victoria during the discipleship class and the next day in the regular service.  One brother said, “I have seen today that I will give my all, my strength, my money, my efforts, my heart, to the Lord.”  It was a great time of seeing the ministry gifts flowing in every aspect.

When we returned the following week, the watchman of the property told us that ever since we started holding services on the property, the business has prospered.  Sometimes they book more than one event per day.  He also said that he encouraged the owner to just rent out the small meeting room exclusively to us so that we could leave our items in place.  The owner later made us an offer which we are considering.  

The big event for that weekend was a multiple-couples wedding.  The Lord led us to hold a special marriage ceremony for all couples that have not been married by the church.  We later discovered that there were several who were living together, some due to the high cost of a wedding and the many religious requirements in the old way of life, others due to the culture in the villages of simply moving the girlfriend into the home of the parents.  Then, as time goes by, they feel more and more condemnation, but do not know what to do about it.  Four couples jumped at the opportunity.  Among them were a couple in their sixties, and a couple in their twenties.  The other two couples had been together for about twenty years. The church provided everything, including bouquets, decorations, mementos for the couples and the guests, flower girls, a photographer, and the reception consisting of a delicious meal and a wedding cake.  The entire ceremony was anointed and just lovely.  For some, this was their very first Christian wedding they had ever witnessed.  We look forward to doing the same in Mante at the end of May where six couples have already expressed their desire to participate there.

The elderly gentlemen who was among the couples commented before the ceremony, “This day is historical!  God changed my life!”  He once told his wife he would never attend any church with her, so for her to not bother asking.  For years, she attended off and on other churches on her own.  About two years ago, her son invited his parents to attend our service, and they did, and stayed.

Following the service, we were asked to visit a brother's ailing 95-yr-old grandmother named Dora who was said to be near death.  She had asked to see us.  When we arrived, we found the family already grieving almost as if she'd already died.  We asked her if she was ready to go home, or if she preferred to stay a little longer, and she adamantly stated that she would like to live and see her twin great-grandchildren born (due in 4 months) and grow. She said she wants to see them run.  We prayed for her and for an infection in her body, and she immediately became stronger.  Then we prayed for the family members, and they were also instantly encouraged.  Please keep Sister Dora and those twin babies in your prayers.  

Also, please pray for Eunice Alejandra, a 2-yr-old patient of a doctor who attends in Victoria. She has Down's Syndrome and leukemia.  

The last weekend of the month was marvelous.  Willy accompanied us.  Carlos and Vivi received us in Victoria with a great meal of mole, fideo, and rice and a yummy dessert that Cynde had sent.  Willy stayed with them so that he could minister that evening in the discipleship class while we continued on to Voz.  There, we enjoyed ministering to the people and then blessing Isai's and Karen's new baby girl in a baby presentation service, followed by a nice meal.  A family we hadn't seen in years was in attendance, adding to our joy.  Meanwhile, the discipleship class led by Willy went very well.  They had a powerful time of praise and worship.  Afterward, they shared a great time of fellowship at a local restaurant.

The next day, Willy ministered in music and the Word in Victoria.  There was a mighty move of the Spirit, and many received prayer during the service for particular needs.  Willy also felt led to pray for all the children and expectant mothers.

While he was there, we were in Mante. Before the service, it was great to meet with the children's teachers and answer their questions, give them direction, and instill the vision of the ministry. During the service, it was so cute to see the children race to the front with their offerings.  One went twice! (The congregation takes their offerings to the front and deposits it in a basket while they all sing.)  We were also thrilled to hear testimonies.  The baby who was born very prematurely a little over a year ago had been recently diagnosed with a heart condition.  But after the congregation prayed, the child was checked again and found to be perfectly fine.

Also, a lady battling cancer named Lupita who we'd prayed for in December called just before the service to testify that recent test results come out fine.  Continued prayer for this young believer in Christ to finalize this whole situation to a positive conclusion would be greatly appreciated.

Another lady greeted us jubilantly and praising God for her healing.  When we last saw her, she was quite decrepit, barely able to walk, her hands curled against her chest, and her voice so weak we could hardly understand her.  Several months ago, she told Jose that in the meeting she'd been delivered from demonic oppression and declared her healing.  Now when we saw her, we hardly recognized her.  She testifies to everyone who stops by her stand.  In fact, a lady she'd been begging to accompany her to church since November finally agreed just three weeks ago, and she also agreed to receive Christ.  She's been attending ever since.  She says her life has dramatically changed since she said yes to Jesus. 

During the service, we were also asked to pray for Gabriela Antonia Torres Chavez who recently had her daughter removed from her custody due to child endangerment.  She had attended the church, but never made a true commitment to Christ.  The child is now with relatives who are members of the church.

There has been lots to tell about this month, but there is more to come, including our fourteenth annual convention to be held in Victoria on April 27th.  We would greatly appreciate your prayers for that event and all the other things God has in store for us in the near future.  

 In Christ,                        Jose, Jeanette, and the missions team

1 Cor. 16:13-14 (NKJV)Watch, stand fast in the faith, be brave, be strong. Let all that you do be done with love.

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