Our month of activities began with the Sunday service in Victoria. As the praise and worship group prepared before the service, Jeanette had a precious chat at the door with two young daughters of some of the members of the team. They asked where is Jesus and why can't we see Him. That led to the importance of believing without seeing and knowing Jesus lives in our heart and at the right hand of the Father. They seemed satisfied with the answer.


Later, Mario walked in and excitedly told Jeanette that when he arrived home the night before, a couple they did not know went to his house and asked if they were “hermanos” (“brothers,” a term referring to Christians, male and female). When they responded yes, then the couple asked if they would teach them the Word. Both had attended church as children, but they strayed away as adults. Now they realize their need to live in Christ. It is interesting that in this case, it was like the fish flopping into the boat instead of the fishermen casting the net!


During the week, the Edinburg Spanish ladies' group was privileged to have Dona Maria, elder from Rio Bravo, speak at the meeting. She has become a regular member, and her son goes to get her in Rio Bravo so that she can attend. What a blessing it is for her to be a part of the group! While she is edified, so are the others in attendance, as well.


The following weekend, after Jose and Joshua successfully ran the annual 10K in Edinburg, Jose and Jeanette drove to Rio Bravo to minister. Meanwhile, Carlos and Victoria's praise and worship team ministered in Voz (and really enjoyed it) before making it back to Victoria in time to attend the discipleship class led by Eric that day.


Despite some concerning occurrences in Rio Bravo and the mayor advising everyone to stay in their homes, after praying about it, it was decided to hold the regular service as usual. It was so good to hear them declare, “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, of love, and of a sound mind (II Tim. 1:7). Everyone was present and joyful to be there. In addition to a very effective service, we enjoyed great fellowship over a very generous meal in belated celebration of Jose's birthday. However, there were some things brought to our attention in prayer requests. One family, relatives of a member of the church, has two brothers who are in opposing gangs. Also, two nieces have “disappeared.” Though someone in the home is requesting some individual Bible study, it cannot take place there because of the situation. Jeanette suggested a neutral place such as the church classroom. Please pray for that family that the Gospel would set them free from such oppression and darkness.


The following day, Jose and Jeanette were blessed to attend the home church in Edinburg and give a summary of all the wonderful things the Lord is doing in His Church in Mexico. Pepe preached in Victoria in our place and reported that there was very good attendance with six visitors among them.


Dona Maria led a special Valentine's ladies' meeting the next Saturday in Rio Bravo. It was a HUGE success in every sense of the word. Under a great anointing, the atmosphere was charged with much joy, and the ladies had great fellowship that included a delicious meal, ice-breakers with LOTS of prizes, testimonies, and a powerful message delivered by Dona Maria. Everyone pitched in in one way or another, and everyone received much.


That same day, Jose and Jeanette first headed to the cottage and were so pleased to hear a good report about the neighbor Don Lupano's health before going to Victoria to teach the discipleship class in Victoria where there were more good reports. Among them was that of Lucero who said she got tired of being sick, pulled out her Bible, asked the elders for prayer, and was healed of a cold that just wouldn't let up after several weeks.


David and Paola ministered the next day in Mante and gave a great report from their visit. On the way, they were able to share Christ with a soldier at a check point who had many questions. They also told of the generosity of the congregation who had pooled their money to send Chencho, a member, to an eye specialist. The local doctor he'd seen was unable to find the cause of the problem he'd been experiencing. David and Paola also invited the praise and worship team to accompany them and the teen group in Victoria to a concert the next week. That concert was more than just hearing good music. There was anointed word, and many people were ministered to and filled with the Spirit. Our people received a great deal that day.


Willy joined us on the next trip. As usual, it was a great blessing to have him. After grabbing a quick lunch in Victoria at Carlos' house, Willy, Carlos, David, and Rodrigo headed for Voz to minister. Carlos, Willy, and Rodrigo joined their praise team consisting of Isai, Karen, and Julio to minister in song. After only 4 months of playing the drums, Julio is operating in the gift that the Lord has blessed him. At a November Praise Conference that was held in our Victoria church, leaders laid hands on Julio and others for the gifting of music, and it is very evident that Julio received and is acting on that gift. (Willy said he'd never seen anyone play at such a level after only 4 months.)


The church building in Voz quickly filled with people of all ages. To their great surprise, the church’s neighbor, Victor finally showed up to his first service at the church. It only took him 16 years to go! Glory to God--it’s never too late! Willy ministered the Word on operating in the gift that God has given you, and the rest of the guys prayed for the babies and the kids during the service. They were so blessed to see so many joy-filled kids on that day. Cynthia, their teacher, is doing a fantastic job as the children’s teacher. During the service, an elderly lady visiting from another church asked that they pray for her because she has a desire to reach and preach to other villages nearby. Her gift of evangelism was confirmed on that day. Even though she is illiterate, she shares the love of Christ from the messages she has heard. After service a great time of fellowship took place by sharing food and talking to one another.


The men later joined Jose and Jeanette at the discipleship class, arriving late, but still in time to get in on a great move of God. After a word of encouragement to pray for one another and a slow start, all of the sudden, everyone was up and moving around the room praying and prophesying over one another. Also notable at the meeting, three different people told of having had dreams specifically related to the ministry.


The next day, Jose and Jeanette drove to Mante to minister. In the children's class, Jeanette was SO HAPPY to see a 7-yr-old girl seated, showing other kids where to find a scripture in their Bibles. When Jeanette asked which scripture they'd found, without hesitation, the girl quoted Psalm 65:11, a verse Jeanette had taught them the month before. This was very encouraging because last month Jeanette wondered if anything had been accomplished because of the nature of some of the kids and the fact the group is of all ages. Later, Jeanette was called to join Jose in praying for the people. The believers in Mante are always receptive to being ministered to in prayer.


While Jose and Jeanette ministered in Mante, Willy shared in Victoria. Before the service, he, Carlos and Paola went into the city to pick up Isai and Karen who traveled on bus from the village of Voz to join up and minister in Victoria’s Sunday service. They have to wake up at 5 am to catch the bus from Voz Campesina to get to Victoria by 8:30 am. What a blessing to see their desire to be part of the Body in Victoria. The service began promptly with Willy's accordion music, accompanied by the praise and worship team, that joyfully filled the entire building that morning. People gladly lifted their arms in praise and sang to HIM as loudly as they could. During the worship songs, the people’s voices overpowered the praise teams’ volume, and what a joy that was to listen to the adoration of their Father. Before the Word began, Willy led the church in praying for the children and their teachers. After service, Viviana mentioned that the kids had done great in their class. Dozens of people were prayed for that morning confirming their specific gifts from God, and we trust that they will function in them to bring the Father Glory.


The last week of the month, after a quick stop at the cottage and a chat with the neighbors, Jose and Jeanette headed to Victoria to teach the monthly marriage class on the topic of “Conflict Resolution.” The participation of the group was outstanding. Carlos and Vivi were in Mante for the weekend, spending time with the church both days, while Lupita and Rodolfo ministered in Voz.


With all the comings and goings, several issues have come up for which we would greatly appreciate the prayers of the Body: peace in several family issues; a wife who wants to divorce his husband who has recently submitted to our ministry; another couple that needs healing in their marriage; healing of a believer who was recently diagnosed with an “incurable” disease; healing of Chencho's eye (Mante); up-coming fifteenth annual convention (April 26).


We are so grateful for everything God is doing before our eyes, and will be sure to continue reporting on it all so that others can rejoice and glorify the Lord with us.


With love in Christ,

Jose, Jeanette, and the Missions Team


You crown the year with Your goodness, and Your paths drip with abundance.” Ps. 65:11

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