We began this month's activities with our weekly discipleship class in Victoria which gave us much reason to rejoice.

For starters, Sister Rosario's new GDA (grupo de alcance, outreach group) for ladies has started off well. Also, the monthly visits by several members of the congregation to minister at local hospitals has produced much fruit and great satisfaction for having the privilege of being used by God in such an anointed way. We praise God that they have taken the initiative on their own to minister to the people. Six people came to Christ and several were prayed over for healing in the most recent visit. As in all their visits, New Testaments and literature on healing were distributed to the people who receive from the group each time they go. They also took food and beverages for the people who spend time there while their loved ones are receiving treatment.


Carlos, who oversees the congregation in Mante, told us that the results in the bi-weekly visits to the hospitals have been equally successful with 20 people accepting Christ recently, which everyone attributes to the early Saturday morning prayer meetings at the church that they began at the beginning of the year. Since they have begun praying together, the congregation in Mante has grown together and are functioning very well as a Body.


The group also testified that the little granddaughter of the watchman of the property where the church holds services was recently run over by a motorcycle and appeared to have a serious cranial injury. When they learned of it, the youth of the church as well as several leaders went to the hospital to pray for her. She was soon released with no problems. Healed! Two other relatives of his were also in the hospital for other reasons, and they were also released.


In addition to those great reports, the room was filled with excitement of the pending multi-weddings planned for Valentine's Day. This ministry has been led by the Lord to address the need of the couples who, before they came to Christ, moved in together and raised a family without making their vows before the Lord and including Him as Head of their household. For many, the heavy financial burden of paying for the mass and all the other related expenses was reason for their omission. For others, it simply has been part of the culture to just live together. To make it easier for couples to be joined together in holy matrimony, the church provides the locale and the reception (complete with decorations, a meal, cake, and a live band—the church's praise and worship team). For Valentine's Day, four couples chose to be married before the Lord and the 250 witnesses of the congregation and their family members. We give the Lord praise for all the enthusiastic participation of the congregation to make the wedding a very special occasion, indeed.


We have found that, in addition to the obvious purpose of joining the couples before God, there are many other benefits for holding these ceremonies, including the seed that is sown in their lost loved ones who attend, as well as in their children. Three more couples are expected to follow suit next month in 2 other congregations. Other couples in the same situation have made plans to marry soon on their own in order to accommodate for all their family members to attend.


Offered at the information table on the day of the weddings was a publication of the testimony of the marriage of Carlos and Vivi which contains great words of wisdom and much glory to God for His work in their lives. We rejoice in seeing how the Lord is using them to touch many, many lives.


During the reception, a sister came up to Jeanette just to tell an interesting story that caused great rejoicing. A youth pastor in Mexico recently was recognized for his work in prisons and was invited to receive an award for community service to be presented by the President of the country. The pastor, Bible in hand went to receive it. The President noticed the Bible and asked if he was a Christian. The pastor said yes and told him that he and the believers are praying for him for protection, wisdom, etc. His response brought the President to tears, his first ever public display of such emotion. The pastor then gave him his Bible. It is thrilling to see how the Lord reaches people who seem to be unreachable.


That same weekend, Harvest Christian Academy in Edinburg held a chicken plate fund raiser which did very well. However, they had quite a bit of chicken left over. Someone got the great idea to send it to the congregation in Rio Bravo with Omar and Miranda. Great idea! Perfect timing for a fellowship for Valentine's Day!


The next week, Erik and Nick accompanied Omar and Miranda to Rio Bravo and offered their support. Erik was quite a blessing helping with the children, while Nick stayed with the adults during the service. Meanwhile, Willy and Jose drove first to Victoria to then split up. Jose stayed behind to minister in the discipleship class in Victoria and preach the next day. The following is Willy's report of that weekend:


Early Saturday morning Jose and Willy traveled to Victoria to begin what would be an all-out World Harvest Mexico Ministry Team effort in which all our Mexico churches were directly ministered to by members of World Harvest Family Church of Edinburg with Jose and Willy in the interior of Mexico and Omar, Miranda, Erik and Oscar at the border. Jose and Willy arrived in Victoria and, soon after, Willy and Carlos drove southeast to Voz to have the weekly service. As usual, the Praise Team was already there with some kids lingering outside the building waiting for service to begin. They discussed the plan for the service and quickly began as Willy and Isai co-led the team into a great and peaceful worship service while Carlos went through the people praying and laying hands on them. The service, dedicated especially to the Lord, focused on praise and worship, was a glorious time! Afterward, the people from Voz blessed everyone with some quesadillas and Voz’s famous salsa. Carlos and Willy didn’t stay as long as they wanted to because they had to continue to Mante to meet up with the Mante Praise Team for a Praise Team ministry and fellowship time.

Cd. Mante (Saturday)

Carlos and Willy arrived to the Mante church only to find that the ladies were leaving their weekly meeting and the joy of the Lord was evident upon all of them. It was a blessing to see such unity! The ministry and fellowship began and both Willy and Carlos ministered to the Praise Team. Afterward, the team and the guys planned and prepared for Sunday’s service and then enjoyed some Mante food and fellowship. Later that evening, Carlos and Willy spent the night with Carlos’ relatives as they blessed them with their home to lodge that evening.


The Sunday service was a glorious one as well, as more praise and worship rose from people’s hearts. Carlos led this time as Willy laid hands on several people and prophesied over some. One was prophesied that he had the gift of healing and he received that Word with emotion and gladness. Later that gentleman that was prayed for told Willy that he was at work before service and that he wasn’t going to be able to attend service that morning, but while working he had a vision of a dove ascending before him and God worked it so that he could go to church almost immediately, and then at church he received what the Spirit of God had for him. It was a great trip!


During the service in Victoria, Jose observed a man who seemed to be oppressed about something and called him forward. During the altar call, he learned that he'd been diagnosed him with a neurological disease. Jose prayed for him and led him to the Lord.


The last week of the month was quite a busy one. While Jose led the marriage class with some 10 couples present, Jeanette took part in the recording of a teacher training DVD to be used with the teachers of the ministry. After recording her part, she joined Jose and the group as they prayed for two couples that admitted they were struggling. Later, another brother testified of how angels protected his 3-yr-old daughter when she tried to climb up a set of dresser drawers, and it tipped over on her, causing the drawers to slide open and knocking off a large T.V. and mirror. Somehow, she was not crushed—not even scratched! Praise the Lord!


During the Sunday service, a sister rejoiced with Jeanette over the salvation of her daughter-in-law who was led to the Lord by her husband, this sister's son, when she asked him how to be saved. The sister rejoiced even more because some family members, including a granddaughter attended service that day. The little granddaughter had attended before and talked all week about her “little school.” This was the motivating factor of the parents to bring her again. God is moving in this sister's family after years of perseverance. In fact, members of several families have begun to take steps in the right direction. This is the year of “joy unspeakable and full of glory” as whole families come into the Kingdom of God!


An elderly member was joined by a friend in the service. The two sat in the front row, and from the beginning, his friend seemed right at home. During the introduction song, the guest motioned to Jeanette to come over. When she did, he asked her to write down the words to the song for him which really moved him—a song written by members of the praise and worship team to be included in a CD of original songs that they plan to record very soon. It was so sweet to see this guest respond to the anointing. After each song, unfamiliar with expressions such as “hallelujah” or “praise the Lord,” he fervently applauded and shouted, “Bravo! Bravo!” Such sincerity of expression!


Later, a sister told Jeanette that she had had a tumor in her breast and was sent for further studies. After prayer, she went, and the doctor asked why she was sent because he could find nothing. Praise the Lord!


There is so much to give thanks for, and it is all due to the resurrection power that dwells in us through Jesus. Have a very


Happy Resurrection Day! Jose, Jeanette, and the missions team

1 Pet. 1:8 whom having not seen you love. Though now you do not see Him, yet believing, you rejoice with joy inexpressible and full of glory.

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