Our month of activities began States-side this month and were “kicked off” with Jose and Joshua running the annual 10-K run in Edinburg which went very well. After a little rest, Jose and Jeanette headed across the border to visit the congregation in Rio Bravo. They are such a loving, giving people. Many of them pitched in for Sister Chela's operation to remove her gall-bladder and repair a hernia. Praise God, all her medical expenses have been paid for! However, though the operation was a success and her recovery quick, soon after, Chela had to deal with shingles, so we ask that you agree with us in prayer for complete healing and health so that she and her family can get back to what they really love to do: serve in the church and minister both in their home to the neighbors and in Urecho in the newly founded church.


The following weekend, we had the privilege of attending the civil marriage ceremony of a couple from our congregation in Victory. In Mexico, the government only honors civil unions, so couples usually have two ceremonies, the one by the judge and the other officiated by the pastor. Though we and several from the church did not minister publicly, it was a nice opportunity to sow some seed in the yet-to-be-saved family members as we were able to casually meet them and have conversations with them. During the entire time, it was so clear that the Light occupied the time and space by the presence of so many believers, and the darkness did not have free reign in the place, despite the efforts of some.


Later that day during discipleship class, we heard the testimony of a young child who had had shortness of breath and issues with his heart. The diagnosis was bad. His parents played for him the CD of our praise and worship team “Jesus Mi Fortaleza” (Jesus My Strength), and at his next medical exam he said, “My heart is fine because God lives there.” He also declared the words of a song saying, “The walls will fall down,” telling his parents that he had been feeling “walls” inside him that kept him from breathing well and caused him to snore in his sleep. And as he professed with his mouth, so it was. Whatever had been the problem is no longer there! He is completely healed.


Also, a sister in the discipleship class testified that after prayer last week declaring her free from oppression, she was healed of a bad and frequent headache.


The next day during service, we were so very glad to see in attendance for the third week in a row a husband who was recently literally rescued from death by God. We have been praying for him for years, and it appears that the Lord now has his attention. We know that his complete step into salvation is near.


The following Friday, we caught a plane out of Reynosa to Cancun to officiate the wedding of Jasson and Rocio. We feel so blessed for having the opportunity that the Lord has provided us. It had been a long-time desire of Jose for us to go to Cancun, and this trip was completely provided for! We are so grateful for all the amazing places the Lord has taken us as we serve Him in our calling.


The wedding was like a dream, very smooth and anointed. Though it had rained the day before, the weather was perfect for the ceremony, and it was a wonderful opportunity to sow seeds of the Gospel not only in the friends and family, but also in the many on-lookers on the beach. A tourist from New York recorded the entire wedding and congratulated the couple afterward. It was a very pleasant time, and we were so pleased to meet a pastor connected to the ministry of the groom's father who has a church in the jungle nearby. We were honored by his invitation to some day visit his church of about 120 members.


The next day we were blessed by several from our church in Victoria who pitched in to purchase us tickets to visit a park in a jungle called Xcaret about a 1 ½ hours' drive from Cancun. It was one of those experiences of a life-time which included swimming in an underground river (for an hour straight!), snorkeling to observe exotic fish, seeing jungle wildlife along the way, watching various shows, savoring really good food, but above all, especially enjoying the fellowship of several from the church who stayed around for an extra day. Though the excursion lasted until late in the night when we finally dropped into bed, we were so very grateful for the experience.


With several leaders in Cancun for the wedding, we were very blessed that Pepe and his wife Sofi, along with Raul and his wife Karla, remained in Victoria to be in charge of the service. Isai and Karen from the village of Voz went to lead the praise and worship. It is so wonderful to see how one congregation lovingly supports another. People later reported that the same anointing during the service was present even in our absence, and the congregation had a delightful time in the Lord together.


Also while all this was going on, Willy and Cynde returned to Rio Bravo for the second part of the marriage seminar that they gave for the church. It was very effective and the response from the 8-10 couples was great. One of the men in attendance had never been to church ever before. Another, not known for speaking in front of people, testified and said, “This has stirred something up in me.” A couple from Edinburg's congregation also attended, and the wife took a couple of minutes to testify of the steps she took so that her husband would join her in the faith. The very steps that she mentioned were the same ones that Cynde had in her notes to share with the ladies when they separated into their respective groups for the wives and for the men.


While there, Willy led a homeless man named Raul Ramires to Christ who had stopped by the church to ask for money. He wore rags and one boot and one shoe. Willy said that when the two prayed together, there was an instant transformation noted in the man's countenance.


During the seminar, it was noted that most of the men in attendance for the seminar do not attend church, and the leaders began to make plans to rectify the situation. A get-together is planned the following month to maintain continuity with the men in Rio Bravo to draw them into the congregation. Willy leads the “Total Man” meetings in Edinburg, and really has an anointing to reach men for Christ, so we are expecting great results as seed is sown and an impact is made in the lives of these men, which will, in turn, also have an impact on the families and on the entire congregation.


Dona Maria also had quite a fruitful and exciting month in Rio Bravo. The daughter-in-law of one of the ladies from church sought her out crying, “Help me! I want to change! And I want to have a good marriage!” Dona Maria led both her and her husband to the Lord. The father of the young lady, a trucker, was kidnapped soon after, but was found 2 days later alive and well, though the truck and his load were not recovered.


Then one day, though feeling aches in her body, but determined not to allow them to slow her down, Dona Maria decided to go out walking and came across a childhood friend grieving the death of a grandchild. She stopped to minister to her and led her and a grandson of hers to Christ. She also later led a young man who had been attending church to Christ.


The following week we were finally able to get back to the cottage and check on the neighbors before heading to Victoria for the monthly marriage class to discuss the topic of protecting the marriage from the fiery darts of the enemy and recognizing that the devil targets marriages. That afternoon the City-wide prayer meeting of the local churches also took place in the city's civic center, so several from church first attended the service and then went straight to the marriage class. Their dedication is much noted and appreciated.


During the class, Raul testified of his brother who has recently become quite accessible to the Word and has attended the men's meetings and has brought his family to church. When asked how many family members remain to be reached for Christ, Raul undaunted responded, “All of them.” Showed not one ounce of discouragement, he declared in faith that he and his whole house shall be saved.


We also heard testimony during the meeting of the group that ministers at the hospitals and is really having an impact on lives. Recently, they arrived to find a mother on the ground in utter despair as her infant child was in ICU and given no hope. The group led the husband to the Lord and laid hands on the mother, ministering to them both. Just days later, the child was released from the hospital. While Rocio gave them a ride to the bus station to return home, they told her they would like to attend the church in Victoria to testify and give God thanks for saving their baby's life.


Also during the class, Vivi testified that in an inexplicable way, her cell phone bill has been paid for, and the electric bill was only 46 pesos (a little over $2!). We praise God for all the ways He has been prospering this family. They have been so generous in their giving, and we know this is just a part of their harvest as the Word promises.


During the next morning's service, we learned of Carolina, the daughter-in-law of one of the members, who is 32 weeks pregnant and has been recently diagnosed with lupus. We would appreciate your prayers as we rebuke death and declare life in abundance in both mother and child.


In addition to the “normal” goings on at church, we also finalized plans for Roberto and Vicky of Victoria to be accompanied by Isai and Karen of Voz to minister for a few days in Urecho the first week in March. Roberto and Vicky went with Oscar and Chela of Rio Bravo a few months ago and were very well received. Now that they know the way, they will take Isai and Karen who will be especially beneficial both in teaching some of the members to play instruments and lead the budding congregation in praise and worship, in addition to ministering to the children. Since they are from a village, the conditions they encounter in Urecho will not be in any way unusual to them, though the terrain and climate are quite different.


Please keep this young congregation in your prayers, along with the believers of Rio Bravo both the main congregation and the children's group in Chela and Oscar's neighborhood), Voz, Mante, Victoria, Mariposas (a children's group), and Reynosa (a children's group).


With love in Christ,

Jose and Jeanette, and the Missions team


He turns a wilderness into pools of water, and dry land into watersprings. There He makes the hungry dwell, that they may establish a city for a dwelling place, and sow fields and plant vineyards, that they may yield a fruitful harvest. He also blesses them, and they multiply greatly; and He does not let their cattle decrease. Psalm 107:35-38

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