Our month of activities began with a visit with our brothers and sisters in Rio Bravo. In addition to sharing a word from the Lord for our congregations for the new year, we also discussed particular directions for Rio Bravo, including weekly activities for the neighbor children and individual outreach for the members. Each member was given a Bible and asked to pray for direction from the Lord regarding to whom it should go, which would be a person led to Christ and into the Body. We expect a great harvest this year!


We also prayed for Sister Chela and continue to lift up her up as she continues to face serious health issues that have not yet been correctly diagnosed. Your prayer of agreement for her is greatly appreciated.


Just days after our visit to Rio Bravo, Willy returned with a team of faithful men from Edinburg which included Herminio, Manuel, Bob, and Erick. It was a trip planned with great expectation because of what God had for the people of Rio Bravo.  It was such a blessing to see what GOD has done and is doing at World Harvest Family Church with teams of people that are giving of themselves to build God’s Kingdom here on Earth. That night they were greatly used of God, beginning the service differently with Willy encouraging the Body to expect great things when they unite at church, and reminding them that God is more than able to meet their need.  The church then began to worship God and then, as the Spirit led, the men laid hands on people that came to the altar to get life and vision “injected” into them.  The time was great as they worshiped GOD and HIS presence was greatly felt and received.  The men rejoiced on this trip as they had some time to fellowship afterwards with the believers of Rio Bravo.  They were privileged to fulfill God’s mandate: “go therefore and teach all nations…teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I commanded you.” (condensed/paraphrased report submitted by Willy)


The following week, we returned to Victoria for the weekly discipleship class and Sunday service. It was a full house, but the newly appointed ushers helped the service to flow easily. In attendance was a co-worker of Raul who had just lost his wife to cancer and whom Raul had recently led to Christ. Interestingly, a word from the Lord went out from a person completely unaware of his situation stating, “There is a person here who is experiencing deep sadness, but the Lord says that He has come to heal the brokenhearted and relieve you of your sadness. Just allow Him to minister to you.”


During the altar call, a couple went forward for help with their marriage and accepted Christ. Before our eyes, we could see restoration take place as we shared the love of God and His grace that covers a multitude of sins.


Also in attendance was the lawyer hired to help us with the registration of our ministry. He stopped by to inform us that the process is now complete and our request for registration has finally been accepted. The last step pending is the formal ceremony and issuance of the document. All that remains for us to do is to wait for the date of that event.


Now that our ministry has legal status, we are able to purchase land or receive property from the government that has been left by churches that have been disbanded. We are praying about that for the Lord's will for us.


On our way home, we observed dotted across the land and for sale along the highway an abundance of “chochas,” a large stalk of white flowers that springs up from the top of a kind of tall cactus plant. They are considered a delicacy, and quite delicious when prepared correctly, but very bitter if not. They seem to have bloomed early this year.


The following week in the discipleship class in Victoria, we were thrilled to hear that there is a Christian radio station now in the city. The Church of the Living God is growing and thriving!


We returned the next week to the cottage and checked on our aging neighbor and found her doing better than ever: alert and well, though bed-ridden. Then we headed to Victoria and learned that the first joint meeting of the youth and young adults had gone very well. David and Paola are alternating with the two groups weekly and now plan to have one time of fellowship each month with both groups together.


During our discipleship class, Pepe testified that, while in Leon for business, he crossed a street to buy water, and a lady asked him, “How do I get free from this anguish and anger in me? I can't sleep, and my body hurts.” It's amazing that she could perceive that Pepe was qualified to give her the solution. He knew the Answer to her question and spent some time explaining it to her.


During the last week of the month, Lucero and Eric led the marriage class which was packed and included new couples. The same day Rocio and Luz Elena ministered in Voz to the ladies and their children, their second visit to the village this month. Interestingly, the word that Luz shared included the same scriptures that Jose used the following day in the Sunday's message.


Several husbands who have yet to commit to the Lord were in attendance for the service, as were several “members' who had been away for some time, so the meeting was one for great motive to rejoice. We were also so very impressed with our brother Juan Antonio who, after having spent all night tending to his brother who was in the hospital, arrived appearing fresh and energized to serve as usher in a very anointed manner. He and his family are so dedicated to serve the Church, and we greatly appreciate that the Lord has placed them with us.


At the conclusion of our final service for the month, time was devoted to bless Vanessa who just turned fifteen-years-old. She received Christ as a young 9-yr-old during Sunday School, and has been faithful in the congregation ever since, so it was, indeed, a great pleasure to give God thanks for her life and speak blessing over her. A nice time of fellowship followed.


One of the words from the Lord for the new year for us involves “Change” that many would experience, and it has already begun. Since the new year, several have received new jobs, raises, and promotions. One such example is from a brother in Victoria whose wife emailed us this month to share the good report. She writes so eloquently and quoting scripture, “'For the mountains shall depart and the hills be removed, but My kindness shall not depart from you, nor shall My covenant of peace be removed,' says the Lord, who has mercy on you (Is. 54:10).' When we have a revelation of that unending and unchanging love that the Lord has for us, that love with which He sees us, cares for us, and provides for us (in all areas), then we participate in His joy of blessing us and receiving from Him as who we are, His children, His heirs and joint-heirs with Jesus, and we are as He is, seated in heavenly places enjoying His love, feeling His embrace, trusting and resting in Him... Our Lord has placed my husband as DIRECTOR of his department! We are amazed at how the Lord gives to us, and how His Word tells us, 'He gives more than enough.' Oh, such great love of the Father!!

Of course, (she continues) this is testimony of the fulfillment of the word that was given for the church for 2018; those changes that the Lord has for His children. '...Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him (I Cor. 2.9).'”

She ends her email asking for prayer for her husband and quoting Phil. 1:21, “For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” Such a sincere, Spirit-filled letter! Another similar and amazing testimony appears to be on its way. Details to follow!


Last month it was reported that Willy had taken some guys from Edinburg and Victoria to Guanajuato to visit Javier Valenzuela and renew old ties that were formed several years ago. Though it was an “unofficial missions trip,” it involved so many in the ministry and much was accomplished in the name of Jesus, so it seems fitting to include a condensed version of Willy's report of that trip:


Guanajuato Trip, January 12th-14th, 2018

On Friday morning, Willy and Herminio drove to Victoria to begin the trip to Guanajuato, Mexico.  They joined Carlos and Juan Antonio and then drove to GTO, Mexico. The day was beautiful as they drove through the glorious mountains of Tamaulipas, and the fellowship of the men was great as they were blessed to travel together on a special mission from God. They arrived in Guanajuato early in the evening and had a great time with Javier and Loyda.  Willy had not been to GTO in about 10 years and Herminio had not been there in about 20 years, so relationships were rekindled immediately.  This was the first time that Carlos and Juan Antonio had the pleasure of meeting Pastors Javier and Loyda.


Javier took the men to the house of Nayelly, a young lady who is battling cancer.  The men sang praises to God as some others laid hands on her.  A great manifestation of God’s power was felt.  They also prayed for her sister who had donated marrow to help her survive, as did her mom. When they laid hands on her son, he said he felt like he was floating.  The men then returned to the house to regroup and enjoy some of Loyda’s delicious pozole con pollo.  The men then left to church a bit early so that the praise team could practice and get ready for the service. 

The service started with great praise which included a dance team and some men who waved banners. Willy then taught on Sonship and how important it is for believers to know and recognize that they are sons of GOD and not just creations.  At the end of the service the men laid hands on many, and several confessed Jesus and others had a great and glorious experience with HIS presence. The evening ended with the men being taken to a famous enchilada spot, Dona Lupe’s Enchiladas Mineras in the downtown area, they were delicious!



The men woke up early to get ready for service and their return back to the northern part of Mexico.  The church was ready to praise and receive as Willy and Carlos ministered the Word.  Carlos praised God through song as Willy, assisted by Herminio and Juan Antonio, called out people to lay hands on- a glorious manifestation of HIS presence took place. People were made free of sickness, oppression and addictions.  A doctor that had been battling addictions went up for prayer under the influence and after service he had been gloriously transformed-Glory to God!!  Service ended with a luncheon that served Guanajuato style foods and great fellowship with believers.  Restoration and refreshing took place on this trip-Glory to God!  The men then returned to Cd. Victoria to be welcomed by some of the church members as they fellowshipped together and rejoice for what the Lord had done.


While so many wonderful things were taking place this month, as they do every month, our focus for much of February has been on preparations for the convention to be held the first weekend in March, and, at the time of this writing, there is MUCH to report on the event which will soon be relayed to you, so “stayed tuned.” Thanks so much for your part in it all!


Yours in Christ,

Jose, Jeanette, and the missions team


“For we who have believed do enter that rest,...” Hebrews 4:3a

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