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Before delving into the ministry activities for this month, Jose, accompanied by Joshua, participated in the annual 10 kilometer run held in Edinburg. Our stay in town that Saturday for the run made it convenient for us to cross the border to visit the church in Rio Bravo the next day.


We found the church doing quite well and learned that one of the teenage young men had preached the week before and enjoyed it. From a very young age, it was believed that he would one day be a preacher, so we look forward to seeing this calling developed in him. He has been with the church since he was about 3 years old.


During our visit, while Jose preached to the adults, Jeanette taught the children. A little 6-yr-old boy named Ismael came to class insisting that he needed to pray with someone to receive Christ. He said, “No one has prayed with me!” Two others decided to join in the prayer of salvation.


While Jose and Jeanette ministered in Rio Bravo, the congregation in Victoria held their annual expo which promotes the various ministries and activities offered there as a way to inform the new members (as well as some “not-so-new” ones) of all the ways to become involved or receive from other members. It is lots of fun and always leads people to sign up for one thing or another. In addition, the expo is a great time of fellowship as there are coffee and treats available at each booth set up around the room. Participants even have a chance to win door prizes! Since all the leaders of Victoria stayed behind to participate in the expo, Isai of the village of Voz Campesina traveled to Mante to minister.


During the week, we heard from Luz Elena, a sister in Victoria who records the audio version of Gems, Jeanette's devotional, to make available for people to listen to in Spanish through WhatsApp, and now, as of this writing, YouTube. Her sister Rocio has faithfully been translating the devotionals into Spanish and posting them on the church's FaceBook page. In addition, for those who prefer to read the paper copy, the team that maintains the literature table with free materials for edification produces copies to have available weekly.


Luz Elena reported that Gems has been far-reaching, and that a lady in Argentina who had been taught graceless, legalistic teachings now receives Gems and rejoices in the revelation that has freed her from fear and condemnation. We rejoice with her in the fulfillment of Jesus' words, “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free (John 8:32).” We also praise the Lord for everyone who has a hand in the expansion of this part of the ministry, as well as all the others who participate in all the other areas of ministry that exalt the name of Jesus, edify the Church, and evangelize the lost.


The next weekend, Luz shared a testimony of having the opportunity to lead an 80-yr-old woman to Christ at the hospital. What joy! And a lady who has been with us for some 5 months commented on how Christ has changed her. She said she used to be quite angry and bitter, but now she is free, and she is seeing the effects on her family. When we first met her, she certainly seemed quite hardened, though her husband jumped in whole-heartedly. Now they walk together in faith and have even invited people to church to experience the same new life in Christ that they have.


The lady who recently experienced the most traumatic loss of her 2 sons as well as her properties continues to astound us. Because she had been the victim of cartel activities, people were afraid to go near her, and she had retreated to her bed in a dark room, left to suffer from fibramyalgia (spelling!), depression, and so much more oppression. But a sister in church, unintimidated, went to pray for her and lead her to Christ. Now she is healed, set free, and sharing Christ with others! She has been faithful to attend every service and has also begun attending the weekly discipleship classes. Please join us in prayer for justice to be done in her situation and that she will be able to recover the properties still occupied by the criminals.

The sister who led her to the Lord also brought another lady to church who was oppressed with fear due to an incident that had recently happened to her neighbors. Several ladies from church ministered to her. That same day, Jose also prayed with a distraught visitor whose wife had left him brought by a co-worker.


The Lord has had the people of our ministry place much emphasis on taking holy communion frequently, both during our services and privately at home. This has produced great revelation in the hearts of many and has led to wonderful results in the lives of many. We received word from a couple during the week that they have begun taking it together and have noticed their faith has grown. In addition, they have received many blessings including some benefits from work and a signature that they had long been waiting for. Others have reported healings, deliverance from fear, favor in situations, and the like. Taking communion has allowed them to appreciate their close relationship with the Father through Jesus Christ.


For the recent expo, Luz Elena had prepared for the booth promoting the intercessory prayer group little packets containing, in addition to printed cards with the information on the group, “communion kits” made up of little cups and a packet of powder to make grape “juice,” along with instructions and scriptures for taking communion. She also took packets recently to the ladies' group in Voz that she and Rocio lead.


We were headed to the cottage the following week but were detained about an hour and a half in by a blockade on the highway placed by farmers demanding some government funding that they claim is due them. We prayed about what to do as this is the main road to take. Then the guy who always washes our front window where we usually take a quick break told us of a back road that we could take to avoid the blockade. It took us about 40 minutes on the farmers' rugged road to get beyond the blockade and back on the highway just a couple of miles ahead, but we were so grateful for the assistance of the man and also for the “inexplicable” earlier start that we had that morning. After a little time at the cottage and a chat with the neighbors, we headed to Victoria for a quick rest and the weekly discipleship class.


There, we heard the testimony of a couple whose son was preparing to take an exam to enter first grade. He had struggled with reading, and his mom was a little nervous. Before going, the CHILD asked to take communion, and again after the exam, too! (He helps prepare the elements when they take it.) Later they learned that he did fine in the exam, and give God all the glory.


In Sunday school the next day, a girl about 9-yrs-old asked for prayer for her neighborhood where she and her family had recently moved. She said she heard gun fire in the night around her new house and immediately began praying and declaring scriptures. It is truly sad that the children are living among such unrest and are subject to such things, but heartening that this girls' faith is grounded in the Lord.


A lady at church testified of having prayed for her ailing son and seeing him healed. Though he has experienced God's healing power, he has rebelled and has confessed to having a homosexual life-style, which is understandably concerning to this single mother. However, there is great consolation in knowing that his mother is praying for him and declaring a notebook-full of scriptures over him. God's Word does not return void; we expect this man to come into a true relationship with his Savior.


Another sister testified that she had been diagnosed with cancer, but several believers prayed for her, and subsequent tests revealed that there is no cancer!


During the service, we also received a written testimony expressing gratitude for the healing of a lady who had gone to Monterrey for tests, and her heart was found to be fine and in no need of the invasive procedure that had been expected. Praise God!


Another testimony that came up in a conversation: A lady had told Jose of having felt enormous pressure and oppression in the atmosphere in her job months earlier, to which he perceived the intention of the enemy to remove her. So she stuck it out by faith. Months later to her surprise she was named employee of the year of the entire company which has several locations in the country.


While we were in Victoria, a couple of guys from Victoria traveled to Mante to minister, and Willy, accompanied by his wife Cynde and Dan and Kathleen ministered in Rio Bravo. They really enjoyed the fellowship together during the whole experience. Cynde and Kathleen ministered to the kids while Willy led the adult service and spoke on the Body using their gifts to serve one another. The meeting was a bit different in that they sat in a “rap session” style and all of them identified each other's gifts. It was a great meeting of the Body as they encouraged each other by saying positive things about each other's gifts that they have observed in one another. Cynde and Kathleen enjoyed their time with the very excited kids of Rio Bravo. All in all, it was a great time in the Lord!


The last weekend of the month the church in Victoria holds a marriage class. Before this month's lesson dynamically taught by Raul and Karla, Raul testified of when he had to go to Mexico City for work and knew by the Holy Spirit that he would minister to someone. At a store that he went to for communion elements, he was approached by someone in need. He shared Christ with him, but the person rejected the message. However, another person overheard and entered the conversation, stating that he was a Christian but does not attend church and has questions. Raul ministered to him and got his Facebook info in order to keep up communication with him. We are so glad that no matter where our members go, their “feet are shod with the Gospel” and are always ready to share what they have received.


During the class, Pepe testified of how the Lord recently led him to the revelation that he could pray in authority and “speak to the mountain” regarding the struggles his business had been experiencing lately. Minutes following his prayer, the phone began to ring with more requests from customers. And on a recent business trip he was able to sell his merchandise in less than half the usual time.


At the conclusion of the class, while we sang and prayed, it was so beautiful to see a couple coming into agreement together over a private issue, fervently praying hand-in-hand. What a precious example to others!


As another testimony, when a sister shared with some lost friends how she was healed of fibermyalgia. One of the ladies asked for healing scriptures to read. Then another did, too. This sister had been contemplating not getting together with them anymore because of their resistance to the Gospel until this recent event.


We're so glad for the Lord's hand on all the activities of the month and how so many were involved! As of this writing, there is much more to report since the annual convention has now come and gone with great success, followed by a very pleasant and fruitful trip to Guanajuato with Willy and his family to visit Jose's family and share the Word, in addition to enjoying a few days of a wonderful vacation there. Many more details are soon to follow!


Thank you so much for staying abreast of the marvelous ways the Gospel is growing and the Church is maturing in the ministry in Mexico.


Yours in Christ,

Jose, Jeanette, and the missions team


“As His divine power has given to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him who called us by glory and virtue (II Pet. 1:3)”









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