Happy New Year!  The year has started off very well with lots of exciting news and happenings.  After a quick trip to the cottage, we went to Victoria for  a meeting with a young man followed by a very “charged” and dynamic discipleship class.  Attendance was great, as was the word shared and the time of ministering one to another, followed by a very enjoyable time of fellowship which included the traditional rosca, a sweet bread served on the Day of the Kings, the 6th of January.

The following day, while Raul ministered in Mante, we remained in Victoria and had a very effective service of great praise and worship and participation from the congregation.  At the end, a young lady, daughter of a lady who recently began to seriously pursue God and has been inviting relatives to church, went forward for prayer for a problem with her liver.  She was prayed for and also led to receive Christ.  Since then, though her color has not yet returned to normal, doctors have not found cancer or hepatitis in her liver.  Ever since, she enters the church smiling and declares that she is healed.  Another sister was prayed for due to a cyst on her spinal column which was causing her pain.  After prayer, the pain immediately left.

A couple from Victoria visited the church in Mante during the holidays while they were in town to celebrate with family.  There, they found Isai of Voz ministering and noted a strong anointing on him as he preached.  They said they felt just as at home with the smaller congregation as they do with their home church in Victoria and enjoyed the strong presence of the Lord.  During the service, the wife had a vision in which she saw the Mante church “covered” and “much bigger.”

On Christmas Eve, the church in Victoria prayed for Darma, a girl in the hospital in very critical condition.  That very day she was dismissed from the hospital, though she continues to face health issues for which your prayers would be much appreciated.

Several from church made a trip in two cars to Monterrey with the purpose of praying for Wendy, a young lady diagnosed with leukemia in an acute stage.  She recently accepted Christ and is very optimistic, despite her husband's taunting for having put her faith in Christ. 

The enemy attempted to obstruct their trip in many ways, with mishaps and health issues, but they persevered and got the victory over each one.  Further, the Lord did mighty things for the group as they traveled and entered the room to minister to Wendy.  At first on the way there, the GPS had them turned around in the huge metropolis.  Finally, the driver of one car stopped and said, “That's enough of this!  Let's pray!”  Within 3 minutes of having prayed, they drove right to it, and the other car, which had been separated from them, also arrived.  Next, they faced the challenge of the hospital staff not allowing so many visitors to enter.  But the patient's doctor was asked for permission, and he allowed the group in.  Samuel, who also happened to be in Monterrey, joined the group and played his guitar, leading them all in song.  They also took communion with her.  The following day, they ran tests on her, with very good results in the cells.  Please keep her and her family in your prayers.  In addition to declaring her healing, please pray for her to find a church where she and her family can continue to grow in faith and receive the support that they need.

In addition to reporting on this trip, Rocio recently shared several testimonies as a result of her GDA (grupo de alcance, outreach group) and the group that ministers monthly at hospitals in Victoria:

      One lady praised God for the great blessing of having obtained a car, something that she used to think impossible.  Another had been in pain in her lower back with difficulty moving for 2 months.  After the GDA took communion and prayed for her, the pain left.  There has also been improvement in another sister who is fighting Lupus.  During the hospital ministry this month, 5 people received Christ, in addition to prayer and much-needed blankets for the unusually cold temperatures.

      The cancer hospital's shelter has fewer occupants since the team has begun ministering there.  In addition, the staff has noticed and commented on their FaceBook page that the bell that the hospital rings every time someone is declared cancer free is being rung very frequently. 

We also greatly rejoiced with our new brother in Christ whom the Lord has prospered, providing him with an oven with which to bake goods for his business.  In addition, he now delivers goods to 3 different business where they sell them.

We also learned that a couple from church prayed for his 90-yr-old grandmother who had been diagnosed with diabetes and was receiving insulin shots until they prayed for her.  This woman of faith was told 2 yrs. ago that she was going to die.  Now she feels ready to go and is making plans and giving instructions.  She insists that someone minister the Gospel at her funeral and is making all her unbelieving relatives aware of her desires.

That same couple was called to go to a neighbor's house to cast out a demon in a young lady who was acting very strangely.  After casting out the demon, they led her and her parents to Christ.  They also recently prayed for an ill neighbor who was healed consequently.

Another lady from church testified that she was in need of some money, and the Lord led her to go to an ATM to check her account, though she knew there was no money in it.  When she inserted her card, according to the balance, there were 5000 pesos unexpectedly in the account, and the screen only offered her the option of withdrawing it all, which she did, and her need was met.

One of the sisters from Victoria whose husband had opposed her faith and ridiculed her for years now drives her to church and drops her off at the front church.  It's only a matter of time when he will not only bring her, but accompany her and step into the faith, too.

The ladies of Rio Bravo had a very powerful, supernatural meeting this month in which one of them was set free from some particular issues, and others in attendance participated in praying with her in addition to receiving what they needed from the Lord, as well.  The joyful, effective meeting lasted well into the night, with no one noticing the time. 

On the last weekend of the month, Victoria held their monthly marriage class which was led this time by Raul and his wife Karla, the first time for them, yet very effective and creative.  This couple, at the brink of divorce before they came to Christ about 7 years ago, is now an amazing reflection of God's love.  We praise God for the strong marriages of the couples who help us lead the church.

The following day, Jose and Raul went to Mante where Jose ministered to the adults while Raul taught the children.  Meanwhile, Jeanette stayed behind in Victoria to minister a short word of exhortation before the congregation enjoyed their annual Expo, an event that showcases the various ministries and GDA's available, with the purpose of informing the new members of all the church offers and encouraging everyone to get involved.  It is a delightful time of fellowship while the people stroll from one booth to another, nibbling on the goodies offered at each one.  To conclude the meeting, several door prizes are given out.  The tickets with the people's names and phone numbers on them make updating the church registry easier, as well.  All-in-all, it's just a very fun time.

Jeanette also had a conversation with a fairly young believer who asked if it was correct to have a conversation with her deceased mother.  She said she had done so, but felt no peace about it in her spirit.  (This comes up occasionally because of cultural traditions.)  This was a great opportunity to explain what the Word says about such matters, which she received with gratitude and joy.  Every conversation is a teachable moment!

During another conversation, it was learned that, back in the days when all the equipment had to be moved from storage and set up for every service, a brother whose custom it is to rise early made it a point to arrive at 7:00am to put everything in place every morning.  Few, if any, knew that he was making that loving sacrifice for the Church.  He said that he is so very grateful for every opportunity to serve the Lord and His brothers and sisters in Christ, and he certainly does in many ways.

This month, Willy, accompanied by Herminio of the Edinburg church and Carlos and Juan Antonio from the Victoria church, after many years away, returned to Guanajuato to visit the church of Pastors Javier Valenzuela and his wife Loyda.  They ministered in music and word, and enjoyed a nice time of fellowship and reminiscing.  (Pastor Javier baptized Jose 34 years ago, and both families share many precious memories of their times together through the years.)

The word from the Lord for the members of our ministry involved 2 particular things: be prepared for changes, some big, and some small; and remain in the Rest of Jesus as we possess the land.  Just days into the New Year, we know of 3 instances of people who have been offered new jobs of  higher responsibility and pay (one of them will earn DOUBLE what he had been earning!).  Though such high positions initially caused uncertainty, all nervousness left when they contemplated the very applicable word from the Lord.  Instantly, they received the peace and rest of the Lord to accept the positions by faith. 

As you can see, things have already gotten off to a great start this year!  Thanks so much for being a part of it all!  Have a wonderful Day of Love and Friendship (Valentine’s Day) as we celebrate the One Who is Love and has poured it in our hearts.


Yours in Christ,

Jose, Jeanette, and the missions team

For we who have believed do enter that rest,...” Hebrews 4:3a







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