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In our first trip in for the New Year, we learned that Mexico was dealing with a situation with their gasoline supply due to numerous cases of fraud and theft at all levels of the system which extended from the highest executives of the company to the villagers stealing from punctured pipelines. To stop the extreme losses, the government closed the pipelines temporarily, which led to shortages that we discovered when we went to refuel—to which we immediately declared that “our God supplies our every need according to His riches in glory (Phil. 4:19),” regardless of the world's situations.


We praise God that we were able to find the lower quality gas and there were no adverse effects to our van for the inferior fuel. Since then, things have improved in our area, though people are still struggling in other areas. We pray for quick resolution to this problem.


The following weekend, for the first time in our memory, the cell phone was left behind at the house in Edinburg. After a brief moment of concern, we were reminded that we always walk by faith and put our trust in God, not in the phone! And besides, for many years we traveled without a care when cell phones didn't even exist. As if the enemy were testing us, our van didn't immediately turn on when we went to refuel at the gas station. Thoughts like, “Oh no, how could we call our friends for help?” crossed our mind but were quickly put down. We prayed, and the attendant pushed the van to a place to check under the hood where a lose cable was identified. Seconds later we were on our way praising God with no further mechanical incidents. We stopped by the cottage to pay bills and check on the neighbors before leaving with some very sweet and juicy oranges from a tree on our property that we'd never noticed fruit on before. A pleasant surprise that the neighbors pointed out to us!


From there we headed to discipleship class in Victoria. Luz testified that she'd been experiencing constant lower back pain that she'd just got used to instead of praying about it. But since she started taking communion at home for the last 2 weeks, she realized one day that the pain is no longer there!

Many others in the group also commented on how taking communion at home has enriched their lives.


Following the class, we got together with the leaders to discuss ministry issues. We all rejoiced in hearing that 2 from Mante have expressed a desire to preach, something they had not felt equipped to do for years. Our purpose is to always seek and train leaders from within each congregation to reduce their dependency on others, so this is very good news.


In the church service the next day, there was lots of good news. A sister who has recently lost everything but gained Christ approached Jeanette and asked how to read the Bible. The peace of God was all over her. Also, a sister who has been facing health issues attended after several Sundays of not being able to get out of bed. And the mother of a wayward son who was on drugs testified that he asked his parents for forgiveness at Christmas. He now has a job and a girlfriend, and has attended a church in Monterrey where he lives. His mother thanked us profusely for our prayers. He was the reason that they began attending church and came to Christ.


Also that day, a lady approached Jeanette to inform her that she and some friends are forming a group through social media through which they plan to communicate edifying messages from the Word.

Some of them are dealing with marital problems and the like and are looking for ways to encourage one another. Jeanette suggested that one day that group become a GDA (grupo de alcance, home fellowship), which seems to be a good possibility.


Another lady has a husband who has yet to receive Jesus Christ a Savior, but he is open to hearing the Word. He's been ill lately and watches a lot of TV in bed. But when this sister says it's time to read the daily devotional (GEMS), he clicks off the TV and reverently pays attention. Eventually, we are sure that he will come into the truth as many of the devotionals revolve around the relationship with Christ.


Juan and Lucy, a couple that has the gift of deacons and serve graciously in Victoria, visited a convalescing brother and his wife and took communion with them. That warmed our hearts tremendously to learn of their loving act. The same couple were indispensable in helping us get service for our new phone in Mexico, a process which would have been very difficult for us to accomplish on our own due to the requirements there.


The next weekend, Oscar and Manuel of Edinburg visited the congregation in Rio Bravo and led a young man to the Lord. He is the boyfriend of one of our members, so we are very relieved that he came to Christ.


Meanwhile, we were in Victoria. During the discipleship class, Eugenio testified of the healing of a girl who had been run over by a car for whom they had prayed a year ago in the monthly visits to the children's hospital. The mother called him to express her gratitude. The girl had been in a coma, and doctors cannot explain how she was able to walk out of the hospital on her own. She's now an active little girl. They live in another town, so no one knew what had become of the girl until the mother called. She expressed the desire to visit our church and also find near her house.


Rocio, the leader of the group that goes to minister in the hospital also testified that a girl who was found to have a tumor in her lung is now to have been found free of the tumor in the lung. It is now identified as a cyst that is no longer in the lung, and doctors cannot explain why. The group has prayed and expects it to leave her body completely. During the group's recent visit, a lady accepted Christ as Savior. The group is also leading the people there in taking communion, and they report a heightened sense of God's presence and greater faith on the part of the participants.


As another testimony, Vivi shared that an eye infection had been going around the office, and she contracted it. But, while others took 2 weeks to recovery, she was healed quickly and completely.


In a recent conversation with Sister Araceli of Mante, she also testified that she has had miraculous, unexplained deposits into her bank account. This is not the first time that has happened to members of our church. She also mentioned that a lady who had asked for prayer for a job has obtained one, as have 2 brothers in Victoria who were in need of a job.


The last weekend of the month, we met up at Willy's house to join him, Herminio, and Ron, Michelles, and their daughter Katie, missionaries to Bulgaria, for a trip to the village of Voz Campesina and Victoria. About 20 years ago, we had worked with them in our missionary activities, and it was a real joy to look back and reminisce at those special times together.


We first stopped by Carlos and Vivi's house where they hosted us for lunch before we were dropped off at the apartment to make ready for the monthly marriage class, and the rest were joined by Carlos and Juan Antonio to minister in Voz. Carlos, Juan Antonio and Willy joined Isai and Karen in leading the congregation in praise and worship. Willy called all the people in the church to come to the altar, and they joyfully praised Him and experienced a move of His Spirit. Several people received a word from the Lord, and others had hands laid on them. The people of Voz had a joyous time praising and experienced a great presence of the Lord. Herminio then shared an exhorting Word with the people before the group fellowshiped with the congregation over a meal. God's grace and love were certainly present! It was a blessing how God brought representation from Bulgaria, USA and Mexico together to operate in the gifts to serve in this church in Voz Campesina.


Pepe and Sofi led the marriage class, while we “chimed in” on occasion. We were absolutely astonished at the anointing and powerful teaching that flowed out of Pepe's mouth. Of course, we have known of his ability to teach, but it seemed to be at an even higher level that night. He and his wife are most definitely capable of being sent to plant a church some day, as the Lord leads.


We all got together to enjoy a very happy time in the Lord in the service in Victoria the next day. To our very pleasant surprise, the parents of the earlier mentioned “wayward son” had invited the mother's sister and her husband to church. Wow! This couple has only been with us for a few weeks, and they are now being used to reach others! Also, several from the congregation have commented to Jose that they are now taking communion at home on their own and are reaping the benefits. It is our prayer that as they do so, they will receive even deeper revelation of the Lord.


Our 19th Annual Convention is right around the corner! We are eagerly looking forward to getting all the congregations together where “iron sharpens iron” and rejoicing in the Lord as one on March 2 and 3. It's always a great time. Please be in prayer with us for

1) good weather

2) safe travels for all

3) finances provided for everyone who desires to attend

4) direction from the Holy Spirit on every aspect of the planning and ministering

5) a powerful, spirit-filled time together

6) everyone taken higher, from glory to glory


It's been a great beginning to what promises to be a great year! Thanks so much for being a part of it all!


Yours in Christ,


Jose, Jeanette, and the Missions Team


as His divine power has given to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him who called us by glory and virtue (II Pet. 1:3)”


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