JOY!  JOY!  JOY!  That's the only way to describe our experiences for the entire month.  Throughout the month, José and Jeanette celebrated their 25th anniversary with all their loved ones in the three congregations in Mexico, the congregation in Edinburg, and finally, in Kansas.  Each place had its own style and "flavor,"  making each celebration unique and memorable.  Above all, in every place, José and Jeanette gave their testimony of how God miraculously joined them together, glorifying and thanking Jesus Christ for what He has done in their marriage. 

Woven into the activities of the month were other high points and opportunities to minister.  During the celebration service in Victoria, Susi's daughter Carol was noteably not feeling well.  Jeanette went up to her and found that she had a raging fever and immediately laid hands on her and prayed along with others that were around.  The next day, Carol was with her family visiting friends at a ranch as if nothing had ever been wrong.  

While at Rio Bravo the next day, Doña María testified that she and Chela had gone to pray for an alcoholic upon invitation.  When they arrived, to their amazement, there were twelve people assembled to hear the Word.  As they heard the Word, all of them began to weep and repent together in a circle, arm in arm.  The two ladies led all of them to the Lord.  The group now meets regularly every Thursday.

Doña María also testified of having prayed for a 15-yr-old girl who was paralized and expected to die (cause unknown).  Days later, she returned to pray for her and found her RUNNING and playing with the small children in the house.

At another visit to Rio Bravo, we were thrilled to see Mari healed.  For four months, she and the doctors were puzzled by a prickly sensation in her throat.  A week earlier, she had gotten to a breaking point of frustration and desperation.  The church held her up in prayer, and a week later, all the symptoms were gone.  A little boy was healed of a stomach illness, as well. 

Doñ Maria and Don Tino have not lost their joy despite the fact that their car was recently stolen.  It was later located, minus the batterly and tires.  Sady, the officials stalled in returning it to them in hopes of receiving a bribe.  Don Tino told them that he was the victim of a crime and would not allow himself to be further robbed.  Eventually, the car was released to him.

In Voz Campesina, God has been blessing abundantly.  The village recently decided that the church no longer needed to pay for the water since it is a church.  The church also received the building materials to serve for constructing a fence promised by the government.  Also, someone gave Vicente a stack of very high quality hats, and someone else gave him suits.  Then, the Kleins, missionaries who had been attending World Harvest, felt led to sow a Geo Tracker into the ministry (which had already been passed from missionary to missionary three times) when they had to move back to San Antonio.  The beauty of this vehicle is that it already has Mexican tags!  The process to buy a car in the U.S. and get Mexican tags is complicated and expensive, so this vehicle is a God-send.  Immediately, we knew that it was for Vicente.  He has been faithfully driving around an old suburban to minister in Mante and attend leadership meetings at the cottage in La Purisima.  In fact, Vicente and the praise and worship team recently substituted for Carlos when he couldn't minister in Mante.   We also rejoice that the praise and worship team has stepped up to a new level, and God is taking them places.

While they were ministering there, Jose and Jeanette were with several people at the river (at Los Troncones) to baptize seven people from Victoria, one whom Jose led to the Lord right there in the water before baptizing her.  She is a fifteen-yr-old who just had a baby (Baby Emanuel who was healed in the hospital days after birth).  We praise God that the threat of rain moved aside and the day was perfect for a bapismal service.  Also to our delight, there were three people who walked up and sat close by as spectators.  For sure they heard the Gospel.  As soon as we finished, they left.

The following week, Jose officiated at a QuinceAñera (15-yr-old birthday celebration) in Victoria.  It is always a privilege and a great opportunity to share the Gospel with people who ordinarily would not go to a Christian church.

A step of faith was taken in Victoria, and services were moved from Saturday night to Sunday morning.  The first service went well, and attendance was great.  Brother Gerardo made the decision to close his business during that time in order to attend.  Unfortunately, another brother did not, and we have not seen him since.  Where your treasure is, there your heart will be... 

The following week, Carlos preached in our absence, and Monica and Pepe led the service.  All went very well, and the people received from them.  This gives us great satisfaction to know that whether or not we are there, there are very capable people to continue the work.

What a glorious month this has been!  God is SO good!

With love in Christ,

Jose, Jeanette, Josh, and the team


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