At the beginning of the month, Edinburg's praise and worship team returned from Rio Bravo's church after holding a two-day intensive workshop with their up-and-coming praise and worship team consisting of pre-teens and teens.  Each member was taught individually on his/her own instrument by the Edinburg team's counterpart.  They also made time for lots of fellowship and were led by the Spirit to lay hands on Nayelli to be the leader of the group.  She later said that was what had been in her heart, and the Lord confirmed it.  The whole experience was very effective.

While the P & W team was in Rio Bravo, Jeanette and Jose headed for Victoria for the leadership class, encountering heavy rains from tropical storm Arlene along the way, so much rain that they began to doubt anyone would be able to show up.  To their surprise, almost everyone attended.  Their faithfulness never ceases to amaze.

During the meeting a lady who had just begun attending testified that she did what José had asked the members to tell people: that God loves them.  She told all her co-workers individually, and they all were touched.  Some actually cried.  Many hugged her.  And some replied, "Really?!  Could it be true?"  She assured them that it was.

Salomon later told us that he led to the Lord a young father who'd attended services in Victoria off and on.  He confessed that he had been angry with God for the death of his mom when he was 7-yrs-old.  We are so glad that he released that anger and will now be able to lead his family in faith.  Salomon later led an 89-yr-old man to Christ in Valles where his father lives.

We also learned of a past co-worker of Salomon named Edith who ran into Salomon and Laura.  She said she has already invited Jesus in her heart, (though she still places high importance on the idols) but she wanted to know how to pray.  Laura agreed to hold weekly Bible studies with her and has already held the first one.

One day, Laura was bored and prayed about whom to visit.  The Lord brought to mind a person she hadn't seen in years.  So she and Salomon just popped in on her and found her in the middle of a birthday  dinner with her family honoring her.  As they shared Christ, many were touched.  The lady prayed to receive Christ along with 4 other members of the family.  Talk about God's perfect timing!

On Sunday, Dante asked the congregation to pray for his friend Miguel who had been kidnapped.  By the next day, he was rescued.  Praise the Lord!

The following week, Rocio (the physician--there are several ladies with the same name) led her younger sister Wendy to Christ, the last one in the family to enter the faith.  After much time resisting adamantly, she had contacted Rocio saying she couldn't take it anymore and need to know how to accept Him.

The next Sunday, while experiencing a great move of the Spirit in Victoria, Pepe and Luis were ministering in Mante with much the came results.  Six people testified of healings, deliverance, and a much needed job being supplied.

During another trip in, a traffic cop stopped Jose "for speeding" and called for another car to escort us to the police station to pay the fine.  While waiting, our occupation came up in the conversation and that we were kind of in a hurry to resolve the issue.  Then we started testifying to him.  After a brief pause, he returned Jose's license and sent us on our way, with no money changing hands!  We arrived just in time for the monthly ladies' meeting in Victoria.  The next trip, same spot, a cop stopped us for going too slow.  Then, on our way back, we were stopped again for "speeding."  Again, no money changed hands, thankfully.

Carlos and Vivi ministered in Mante the following Sunday.  Vivi shared the Word for the first time and really enjoyed it.  After the service, Carlos gave music instruction to the beginners while Vivi helped a young believer with lessons for the children.  She delivered some much needed materials and a TV/DVD player to use with a program we'd purchased.  It should help make things easier for her.

On that trip, we noted that many of the soldiers, custom agents, and officials now recognize us and greet us friendly, some even shaking our hand.  No one even checked our documents nor the contents of the vehicle.  That's the favor of God!

During another trip, a soldier was supposed to check our vehicle, but when he saw the Christian flag we were taking for VBS, his attention was drawn to that, and he pointed tothe cross and asked if we believed in it.  Then when he asked if we believed in idols, we began to share with him and gave him tracts along with a New Testament, which he very happily received before sending us on our way.

This was the month of vaction Bible school in three of the four congregations.  Mante surprised us be deciding to hold VBS, despite the group consisting of some 28 people in attendance and very few kids.  They only had two teachers to work together.  We sent them the plans titled "Let's Go to the Beach with Jesus" and materials the Lord had given us for Victoria, and they took it from there.  Astonishingly, they had 36 children in attendance.  Cheli went up and down the neighborhood inviting kids and giving rides.  They even hired a clown.

VBS in Victoria, their first, also went very well, and they were able to sow into the lives of 50 children, the exact number the Lord had told us to prepare for, with most of them praying the prayer of salvation.  The Lord blessed abundantly with lots of teachers and helpers for every department.  One mother offered to help and took her daughter and her son and a friend of his to attend.  The boy was telling his friend proudly that this was his church, though he never attended.  Then, when he was picked (by the Spirit) to carry the Bible during the pledges, he was beside himself with joy that HE would be chosen.  His mother beamed for the rest of the VBS, and so did the boy.  We truly expect that family to be whole and come into the Kingdom, along with many others.  During the closing service, about 250 people attended, many being parents of children who had never attended before the VBS.  We were so grateful for the seed planted in so many lives.  (see photos on web site)

About a year ago, Laura invited a neighbor boy named Jose to church.  When he went to ask for permssion, his parents sent him to tell her that they are Catholic (implying that the answer was no).  This year she invited him to VBS, and the parents were entirely enthusiastic about it, and he was ecstatic.  Jose received a great deal and really enjoyed the experience.  When she and Salomon took him home, the parents even invited them to dinner.  What a great open door!

Voz also plans to hold VBS in August, using the same plans, but adapting them to the village.

A week earlier, Karla asked the congregation to pray for Maribel, a young mother and baby in Christ from her Grupo de Alcance who had been beaten by intruders and dumped off the highway, left for dead.  Miraculously, she was able to free herself from what they had used to bind her hands and from the rug they'd rolled her in, and found help on the highway.  When some of the ladies in Edinburg learned of it, they sent with love and prayers a beautiful gift basket with many items to help heal her heart and soothe her many wounds.  Most of all, the objective of the basket was to show her that the ministry extends spiritual covering to her, even though she still only attends the cell group.  (Many come to Christ through the cell group and later work up the nerve to enter the church.)  We want to serve notice to the enemy that even the members of the Grupos de Alcance are off linmits, just as every member of the congregation is!

Our visit to Rio Bravo was thrilling.  We heard that six drug addicts accepted Christ when Doña Maria, Omar, and some others were invited by her brother to minister at a soccer game he had organized.  They preached ot them, let them play, and then fed them.  He wants to set up regular meetings with them.  They are praying about how to go about it.  Doña Maria was also instrumental recently in ministering to a troubled man who was separated from his wife.  After speaking with him and praying, he asked his wife for forgiveness, and they reconciled.  Blessed are the peace-makers...

Jesus is coming SOON, and there's lots to do, so we'll keep on in the calling and are glad that you are too.

Yours in Christ,

Jose, Jeanette, and the many colaborers 

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