While we headed to Victoria to deal with the unexpected changes brought on by the decision of the elders and their family to withdraw themselves from our ministry, Willy and Joshua were returning from their very effective trip to Bulgaria. They ministered in 13 churches in ten cities in 10 days and saw God do great things, including the healings of an estimated over 200 people and several receiving a powerful touch from the Lord for a higher level of their personal ministry. Many were simply refreshed in the presence of God. A more precise report will follow.

In Victoria, the tree has been pruned and is now in a great position for stronger, more abundant fruit. While the pruning may not feel pleasant at the time, the benefits much more outweigh the temporary feelings and inconveniences. As we met with our leaders to make many necessary adjustments, we praise God that everything lined up quickly and the Lord placed the right people in each position in the church according to the giftings with which the Lord has endowed each one. We are absolutely amazed at how the Lord has reassured us and guided us by His Spirit and His Word to make smooth, natural, and effective changes. Right away He showed us a vision of a tree chopped down and seven sprouting up in its place, similar to what is expressed in Job 14:7. It is also interesting to note how the Lord gave several members of the Body scriptures to show them what to do in this situation. Others had very specific dreams. He leads so faithfully!

The Lord has provided us with a nice place to meet temporarily in Victoria since the elders kept the building, but we are extending our faith for land and a building for a permanent home. We are also asking the Lord to provide us with an economical apartment or house that would serve as a place for us to sleep and also double as a place to hold our weekly and monthly group meetings. We would greatly appreciate your prayers for us and the congregation of Victoria as the transition is completed. In the meantime, our leaders have really been wonderful, ministering to us personally in so many ways including offering their home for our weekly leadership/discipleship class and blessing us with a place to stay.

There is an atmosphere of love and unity as never before, and the response and support from the congregation has been overwhelming. In fact, some who had not been very involved at all have begun to lovingly serve in various areas. One brother who is fairly new to the congregation welded a beautiful pulpit for us and has offered his skills to do the welding labor of the construction when we begin building. Attendance in our first service was at capacity of the building, and the offering was more than double the previous average. In addition, the praise and worship team from Voz has attended service every Sunday to support Victoria's praise and worship team. Their help has been invaluable. Another amazing and supernatural occurrence since the move has been that each week people whom we haven't seen IN YEARS have located where we are meeting and joined us, including Vicente's mother and other relatives that had moved to Victoria.

Actually, the Lord began doing that the day before our first new service in Victoria. As we ministered in the service in Voz, a family we had ministered to years ago up a mountain in a village called Valle de San Jose showed up. (These are the people who received running water in their village when Pastor Max and the team connected a pipe to a spring about a mile from their homes and put a spigot in the center of the village. The villagers have since made it so that each home has their own spigot inside.) Vicente had run into them in town and mentioned that we would be at church, so they made it a point to attend. It was with great joy that we greeted them.

During our service in Voz, we prayed for several people with health issues, marriage problems, as well as other requests. A co-worker of Isai who had torn muscles in his chest received his healing and told us he plans to continue attending and will bring his family from Veracruz. The congregation is growing and is interacting better than ever! Lately they have been having meals together at least once a month. Another member will also be added because Isai and Karen are expecting their first child! We also learned that Rosi has finally received her teaching position in Victoria, a much coveted and hard to obtain position which she'd been praying for for some time.


We visited Mante twice this month, in addition to the visits by others in the ministry including Vicente from Voz on two occasions, first to explain the necessary transition and give them the option as to whether or not they would continue under World Harvest since the elders who had left the ministry are close relatives to many in the congregation. On that trip, Carlos and Vivi accompanied us. When others from their GDA heard they were going, they decided to go too, making our “entourage” a group of ten, which turned out to be of great benefit as we all spread out to pray for everyone present at one point in the service. After the initial shock of the situation, one by one, everyone from the Mante congregation publicly voiced their desire to continue submitted under the covering of the ministry. In addition to dealing with this issue, the Lord took us there to assist the people in situations that the congregation were facing, unbeknown to us. Following the very unusual service, we all enjoyed a meal and fellowship together. There was an atmosphere of peace all around established, and we left absolutely rejoicing.

A subsequent visit to Mante by us was to teach the leadership class. The people are extremely eager to learn and ask many questions. The subject of the Holy Spirit provoked quite a discussion and revealed some of the cultural issues in the area that the people have dealt with regarding witchcraft, the occult, and other related topics. One lady said that as a child her parents did to her as the wicked in the Bible who passed their children through fire. A brother said that before he was saved he consulted a nearby witch doctor and expressed a desire to now lead him to the Lord. They all agreed to pray about that. The congregation now has a FaceBook page for anyone interested in keeping up with them (COSECHA MUNDIAL CIUDAD MANTE).

On our way back to the U.S., at the bridge, an agent named Armando Cazares requested prayer that in 2014 he would not work any Sunday so that he could attend his church. We prayed with him then and there and told him we would make others aware of his request. While you are praying, please lift up Olga Leos de Ferretiz and Javier Ferretiz Leos who were abducted from their home a couple of weeks ago, and there has been no word of their whereabouts. They are relatives of a family that attends church in Victoria.

A couple of days later, we visited Rio Bravo. We are excited to see the church vibrant and serving the Lord with joy. They have been holding weekly prayer meetings, Lupita evangelizes every chance she gets at her business, and Chela and Oscar's GDA (outreach group) of neighborhood children is doing well. Vacation Bible School was held at their house, and attendance grew daily and peaked at 50 kids. In addition to feeding them the Word, they also provided the children with lunch daily. During our visit, Sister Mari testified of how good the Lord has been to her and her family and how He worked through Carlos of Victoria ministering to them at the convention, resulting in complete restoration in finances, health, marriage, relationships at church, etc.

The following weekend we officiated at an outdoor wedding in Victoria. Pepe and Eric took it upon themselves to accompany us to be available for anything we might need. They have such a serving heart which really came in handy before, during, and after the wedding. The wedding went off without a hitch. We were so grateful that the impending rain literally held off until we got into the van to drive off. Then it poured.

During the service in Victoria that weekend, several people raised their hand to express that they had been touched by God in one way or another. Fabiola said the Lord healed her of chest pain. Jeanette also had a very touching conversation with Kenya, a young mother who used to live in Voz and served the Lord there. She recalled how once in Voz she heard the Lord tell her to share a particular word at church, but she didn't, so the Lord told her someone else would. That's when Jeanette told the congregation word for word what Kenya would have said. This was confirmation to Kenya that she did and does hear the voice of the Lord and has a purpose in the Kingdom. Since moving to Victoria, she had been “disconnected,” but now has a strong stirring in her and a desire to serve the Lord. We, too, are eager to see what God has planned for her and the entire family. Her husband Javi has been faithfully helping the praise and worship team playing the drums ever since we moved. They have also brought in other family members.

Jeanette also spoke with Sister Tere who tearfully urged Jeanette to continue to pray for her son Hector to come into the faith. Jeanette wrote down some scriptures for her to give him. By the next week, Hector attended the leadership class with his mother with the intention of giving his life to Christ, which he did! He later told Jeanette that the first verse he saw written was the exact same one that someone else had given him, as well, which settled the truth in his heart.

During the leadership class, Mario testified that when he was called forward by the Spirit during the convention to be prayed for, he felt a ball of fire hit his belly which expanded through his body, and he spoke words he couldn't understand, but knew the words were sweet and pleasant. Another Mario and his wife Rosi told us that 2 more adults and 2 children recently came to Christ in their GDA after the members performed a small skit.

Carlos and Vivi returned from their 10-day vacation and hit the ground running. They headed to Mante to help with Mante's first vacation Bible school in their new building for some 14 children and to teach the leadership class. Both went very well. Carlos and Vivi's grupo de alcance (GDA) continued meeting in their absence, a testimony of the quality work they are doing with the people AND of the quality people they have in their group. We are so proud of them.

God has been so good! And we thank you so much for being a part of His great plan.

In Christ, Jose, Jeanette, and the Mission Team members

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