How can we possibly fit all the great news of the month of July in just a few lines? So much has happened, and our joy is over-flowing.


Our rejoicing actually began in Kansas at the wedding of two people very special to us. Not only was the wedding motive of great joy for us, but we were also so glad to see God working in the lives of many people whom we love. We also enjoyed our time with the congregation of Pleasant Hill Community Church where we shared a little about what the Lord is doing in the ministry and ministered in song and a particular word by the Spirit to some boys and a young lady.


Meanwhile, the churches in Mexico held their own quite well with the wonderful leadership that the Lord has raised up. In Victoria, it was a full house, and six people accepted Christ. We also received a message sent by the sister of a brother in Rio Bravo who is battling cancer who thanked us for a teaching on healing that we sent her that, after reading a section, brought her a deep peace and enabled her to sleep restfully (and her mother who has been at her bedside) through the night for the first time in a long time.


After our quick trip to Kansas, we returned to Victoria for a discipleship class and service the next day. It was another full house with so many visitors that we ran out of visitors packets. Several people received prayer at the altar call including a woman with schizophrenia from whom two demons were cast out. Another lady who had pain in her neck was healed. Also, Sister Fidela testified that she has been moved in her job to another position, one with better hours, more pay, and less physically taxing. Afterward, a sister shared with Jeanette how participating in the recent multi-wedding brought about great blessing. Relatives attending who asked for prayer for a nephew suffering with lupus. That very day the newly married couple went to pray for him. The change was so dramatic that the doctor wanted to know what saint they were praying to. The young man is now back to work. They also led a brother-in-law to the Lord by phone. The mother of the man healed of lupus later attended service and was healed of a leg problem.


On our way back to the U.S., heading to South Padre Island to join the Harvest Christian Academy staff for a couple of days, we passed through Valle Hermoso and rejoiced in the evidence of a presence of Christians as noted in a couple of signs on the road, one quoting Romans 8:31, and another saying, “Prayer should be your priority, not your last resort.” Though this town has suffered much due to the affects of the cartels in the area, there are now signs of life.


The next weekend, while we were in Victoria, Joshua, Tanya, HollyAnna, Bob, and Erick were in Washington D.C. to attend a worship event at the capital along with hundreds of thousands of people. We thank God for the Church and the generation that has been raised up for such a time as this.


Following the discipleship class in Victoria (so glad to have Araceli and Beto of Mante join us), several people took vacation Bible school (VBS) fliers and passed them out in the nearby neighborhood where there are lots of children. We are so blessed by the great amount of dedicated people who give of their time and efforts for events such as VBS for the expansion of the Kingdom of God. A lot of work has also been done in the village of Mariposas y Mahuiras where Mario and Rosi and family have been faithfully serving weekly. They worked all week getting the land they donated in condition to meet requirements for the electricity to be installed, clearing trees and brush in extremely hot and humid conditions.


One lady from the discipleship class testified that after having been removed from a position at work with further plans to close other aspects of her job, and that she was told that she would be moved to another department, one that would have been very difficult for her and would most surely interfered with her activities with the church, she boldly told her boss that she would not move to that department. After prayer during discipleship for several in precarious job situations, everything completely turned around for her. She was restored to her original position, and all other plans were reversed. Another sister who just started her new job just a few weeks ago has been given a vacation already. She says it's because she is a favored daughter of God.


The aunt of one of the members in Victoria made a trip from Pharr, Texas to Victoria to deliver backpacks for the children of the congregations. She has done this two or three times and has also taken in jackets and goodies for Christmas. We are so blessed that she would appreciate the ministry in Mexico and desire to have a part in it.


The VBS in Victoria was held the following week, and some 78 children attended, and several made the decision to accept Christ. In fact, all of them were led in the prayer to receive Him. After the VBS was over, testimonies began to come in:


A mother took the time to write and thank all the people involved in the VBS and said it was a great blessing. She added that she had invited the daughter of a coworker who was not a believer who had many problems in the family including diseases and deaths with several suicides. The girl was absolutely fascinated during VBS, so much so that she invited a cousin. The two had so much to say about the VBS to their parents that the coworker later attended service and has begun to be touched by the Lord.


The grandmother of a little girl testified that her granddaughter had really been worrying her because she would always say that she is a vampire and that she really liked movies about them. After the VBS, the girl told her grandmother that she no longer believes in vampires. Now she believes only in God. Also, the girl's father one day was worried about something and she told him not to worry and to just pray and trust God. She told him that He would give him what he needed. Lives of all ages are being changed because of the anointing in VBS!


That weekend we traveled with Willy, dropping him off in Victoria before heading first to the cottage and then to Voz for service where we ministered and gave some direction regarding their upcoming VBS. We also passed out the first recorded CD of the group that Willy leads called Los Leones en Cristo. They have blessed all the congregations with copies, including the new congregation in Queretaro. (Anyone who would like a copy/or to send an offering to support their ministry, just let us know.) After our visit, we were so blessed to fellowship with Isai and Karen at a taco stand and offer some guidance.


For the closing day of VBS in Victoria, Willy shared the Word while we ministered in Mante. For both services the buildings were filled to capacity (Mante needs more chairs!). In Mante we prayed for several needs, including a child healed of a fever and a young teen who had complained of pain in a knee but reported that it left after prayer. Afterward, we headed back to Victoria to meet with the leaders and discuss some decisions while also fellowshiping with Willy.


That same week, Oscar, Chela, and their family, accompanied by Dona Maria and Omar, all of Rio Bravo, went by bus to minister to the fledgling believers in a village near Queretaro called Urecho (near Colon), a trip which takes about 12 hours. In the 3 days that Omar and Dona Maria were there (They returned to Rio Bravo, leaving Oscar and family there to continue ministering.), they reported an additional 3 adults and 3 children accepted Christ. A brother named Gildardo testified that ever since they have begun to believe and receive the Word, they have prospered. For services, the people cleared an area and put up a tent. There were 36 adults and 15 children in attendance. The people are very attentive and desirous to grow, asking many questions.


During our last trip of the month, we held a dinner in Victoria to celebrate the successful VBS and thank everyone who helped in so many ways. The next day we ministered in the service. As a surprise, in honor of our anniversary, the ladies of the publications table provided a booklet they produced from an interview they had done with us regarding our marriage.


Afterward, we then headed to Rio Bravo for a late afternoon service where we experienced their new air conditioning for the very first time. All the years of enduring the heat have ended. We are so very grateful for the donation of the air conditioner and the installation of it by our brother Riley of World Harvest (who is also a member of Los Leones en Cristo).


While there, Jeanette had a chance to briefly chat with Miriam who has been ministering to a group of about 14 children in Reynosa for about a year with great results. The children are the ones to invite others. Together, they pray for each other, sing, and worship God as well as learn the Word. Several have been healed as they pray. Eight children have received Christ this year. All the others were saved last year. One girl recently asked for prayer because she had been seeing often a dead girl, and after prayer, that harassing spirit left. Recently, Miriam has also added a short prayer meeting with the parents and the children who desire to stay after the weekly class.


She's also having an impact on her own dad. For years, he has been in bondage to several things, and his family has suffered greatly for it, so much so that Miriam's siblings have told her to just forget about him. But she told them, “No, the Bible says to honor our father and mother, and I will do so, trusting God to change them.” For a while, she lost touch with him, and he finally showed up recently. Miriam told him how the Lord is changing the lives of the children and how she has them repeat “I am special. I have great value. God has a purpose for my life. He loves me. I am His child.” (She has been led to have them repeat this weekly because several of the children come from such difficult situations that they have questioned their reason for living, even the small ones.) When she told him that, he began to cry. He told her that he had been planning to hang himself and asked her to pray for him. She did, and he was set free from the desire to commit suicide.


While we enjoyed a meal together in Rio Bravo, we learned even more testimonies. About 8 years ago, Jose asked Dona Maria to accompany Oscar and Chela to Urecho because Oscar was going to let his family know that he had decided to follow Jesus Christ, and it was unsure what the reaction of his parents would be. During that visit, Dona Maria prayed for a lady who was in danger of miscarrying. The pregnancy went full term, and she had a healthy baby who is now almost 8. His parents are the most enthusiastic about this new faith in Christ and have prepared the place for the meetings.


During this trip, Dona Maria told a young man to whom she said, “You need Jesus. Will you accept Him?” He agreed, but suddenly could not speak the name of Jesus. The people all gathered together and prayed for him. After several times, he finally shouted out “Lord Jesus” and was set free as he accepted Christ.


Included in the activities of the end of the month was the VBS in Mante which ended on the 31st. There's was also a successful VBS with 50 kids in attendance. When asked who wanted to receive Christ as Savior, they all raised their hands. Araceli also prayed specifically with 4 older children who wanted to give their lives to Christ. We thank God that every year just gets better and better. The congregations are even more united and willing to give in many ways for the VBS. What's more, members from one congregation help others as one body, and the materials are passed from one congregation to another. We look forward to hearing about more testimonies and lives changed in the near future.


During the month, there were so many more great things that have happened for the glory of God. In Rocio's grupo de alcance (GDA, outreach group) another young lady accepted Christ and has begun joining the group at their monthly visits to minister at hospitals. The Lord has given this group particular instructions as to how to proceed which has produced greatly. They first preach salvation and who Jesus is, then pray for healing. Last month 12 people accepted Christ in Victoria. The names of the people ministered to are also passed to the intercessory group for continued prayer. There is also a group in Mante that visits hospitals regularly.


Rocio also testified that during vacation with her family, her nephew showed symptoms of appendicitis which went away the following day after they laid hands on him in the hotel and persevered. (As a physician, she could recognize the symptoms.) The boy was completely healed of all pain and fever. We praise God that the members of the Body of Christ know what to do in the spirit when they face difficult situations.


Glory to God for all that the Lord is doing! And there is lots more to come!


Yours in Christ, Jose, Jeanette, and the missions team


1 Pet. 1:8 whom having not seen you love. Though now you do not see Him, yet believing, you rejoice with joy inexpressible and full of glory.


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