This month began with a special Saturday night service in Victoria of praise and worship among some 120 people in attendance and included a powerful time of ministering to people at the altar. Willy joined us and participated with the music and ministering to people. At least two people accepted Christ, including a teen girl who had been hearing from her Christian friend for two years that there is life in Jesus. She finally attended church and was led to the Lord. In attendance was also a mother who chose to miss a performance of her daughter saying, “What happens here is for the benefit of my family.” A boy who suffered for 3 years from a bondage that caused a very strange behavior was set free that night. Another lady testified night that she had taken a pamphlet on healing long ago but hadn't read it until quite recently. She finally did and was healed of a problem in the spine.


The following day, Willy played with the praise and worship team and preached in Victoria on the prodigal son from different angles and applications. At the end of the service, 2 ladies who had been away for some time told him the message was exactly for them. They have been attending faithfully ever since.


While Willy ministered in Victoria, Jose and Jeanette ministered in Mante and prayed for several needs at the conclusion of the service. There was a great turn-out, which interestingly included at least 5 people who happened to be visiting from Victoria. The children showed great interest in the lesson. They even asked to keep the materials of the lesson for later. Their improvement is remarkable.


The next day, several from Victoria ministered at the hospitals, and, as usual, there were great reports about what the Lord has done. They reported a mighty move of the Lord during the singing, and they found people they had prayed for last month who testified of improvement in the patients, many expressing a desire to attend church to give thanks. One couple had a tiny premature baby daughter in the hospital who had heart surgery. She is improving greatly. One of the ladies from church picked them up to go to the service. Another girl was prayed for who was supposed to be admitted, but the father called at midnight to say that the doctors now found that admission was unnecessary. They too want to attend our church. The team also encountered a lady who had had cancer 3 times. They ministered the Word to her which she said she'd never heard before, though she professed to be a Christian. Her eyes were opened, and she requested that the group return to share more with her. Another lady, bed-ridden in very critical condition whom they had prayed for last month, is now able to get up, move around in a wheel chair, and eat. Her son has noted a dramatic change in her. She now wants to live. And this last visit she accepted Christ! The ministry in the hospitals and shelters always produce glorious results.


The leader of the group that goes to the hospitals has also had reason to give God thanks. She had recently been removed from a position by her direct supervisors, but was reinstated by the director of the hospital, stating that she was the most qualified for the job. Standing firmly in faith, she had prayed that the hidden things be brought to light and that no weapon formed against her would prosper, and she got the victory. Since then, she was recently selected as the only physician in the entire state to attend a conference in Cancun. The boss who had previously removed her wished her well on the trip.


Also that week, Isai and Karen of Voz were sent to minister for an entire month in Urecho. Several people had a hand in the planning, preparations, communications, packing of supplies, transportation, coordination, prayer, and completion of their trip. They first arrived at Victoria and stayed at our apartment there the night before leaving with Pepe who dropped them off on his way to Leon. Before leaving, the leaders spent time with the young couple, advising, directing, and praying over them. They arrived with a suitcase loaded with mostly items for the children's ministry, as well as a book on discipleship, an over-head projector recently donated, folding chairs, and a table. Next month, we expect to report on Isai and Karen's month-long stay.


The following weekend, Jeanette and Jose returned to Victoria for the discipleship class, a leadership meeting (very effective and informative!), and service the next day.


In the discipleship class, it was great to hear the testimonies of several people. Raul said that, though his week was very challenging due to a course that he had to take in addition to keeping up with his regular duties, he found it EASY by the Lord's help. A young believer said that she had found herself taking the problems of work home with her. She was so stressed out that she had heart palpitations and couldn't sleep until she asked the Holy Spirit to bring her peace. She began to see herself as eternal and her problems temporary and recalled the scripture that says, “Be anxious for nothing.” She got the victory over it! And Rosi testified that, when she couldn't find the charger for the laptop they used to show the children movies, a 4-yr-old from her group in Mariposas told her they should pray and the Lord would help them find it. They prayed together, and immediately the Lord showed them where it was!


Another couple was added to the group of leaders (assistants) in Victoria. Raul and Karen have been so faithful, dedicated, and eager to learn and serve. During the meeting, Pepe also gave us a report on the conditions of Urecho and explained some of the challenges we face in establishing a church there, including the high, rugged, rocky terrain (extremely difficult to get to by vehicle) and the precarious location of the donated land. The extreme poverty of the people was also manifested by photos that Pepe took when he gave Karen and Isai a ride to the village. We also discussed the best steps to take to provide for a new tent where they can meet, for the time-being, as their tarps are terribly torn and rain pours in at times.


Among several who went forward in the next day's service and received deliverance and healing was a young teen who had suffered from a stomach ailment. Also several went forward to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Directly following the service, Jose and Jeanette headed for a specially scheduled service in Rio Bravo. There, in addition to worshiping with the congregation and sharing the Word with the adults and children, several conversations took place for the edification of individuals and for the benefit of the Body. In addition, Sister Mari gave Jeanette money to purchase a case of Bibles for which she'd saved her hard-earned cash for very particular purposes in her heart.


A few days later, Willy returned to Rio Bravo along with the group Leones and Manny and Erick who ministered as well. Willy reported that the heart-felt praise and worship of the people, magnified by the acoustics in the room, was presented before the Father Who made HIS presence greatly known. Then Brother Manny ministered the Word with a powerful message, encouraging the people in how to live a victorious life as a believer, while Erick assisted with the kids' ministry. At the end of the service, Manny was led to bless the children. Accompanied by Ivan and Dona Maria, they released giftings upon their lives. Manny also prayed for the teachers that were in attendance. The men enjoyed their ministry trip to Rio Bravo and their fellowship continued all the way home. It was yet another great service in the Lord!


The next weekend, Jose and Jeanette remained state-side and enjoyed time with the WHTC congregation, including time later at the beach with the staff of Harvest Christian Academy (an event that takes place every summer), followed by a very pleasant visit by Jeanette's brother and his family.


They no sooner left when Jose and Jeanette returned to Victoria for the discipleship class and the service following. Then the focus of the next week was almost entirely on WHTC's Vacation Bible School which was a great success, with around 50 of the 180+ children going forward to accept Christ during one of the gatherings together. It was so sweet to see several bow their knees at the altar without being instructed to do so. WHTC's VBS always has an effect far beyond what is accomplished on site, as the decorations and materials are collected and sent to Victoria where a Spanish version is prepared for the next year. They then get passed to the congregations at Voz, Mante, Mariposas, and Rio Bravo. (We will now most likely also figure out how to get them to Urecho, as well.)


Interestingly, Dona Maria of Rio Bravo purposely attended a day of VBS in Edinburg to observe how it is done, and Araceli of Mante did the same in Victoria in the VBS that took place the same week. We praise God for the dedication of so many people involved in ministering the Gospel to children. Since the program for the VBS did not include songs in Spanish, musicians from the praise and worship team, Jasson, Samuel, and Genesis TRANSLATED and RECORDED their own versions of the songs to be used. Hallelujah! Victoria had 79 children, lots of help from the members of the congregation, and in the closing service, the placed was packed, with more parents than ever in attendance. (Mante's and the others will take place in August.)


While Carlos and Vivi led the closing service in Victoria, Jose and Jeanette ministered in Mante where a lady visiting from Tampico accepted Christ. She had asked for prayer for her father who was recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and given only 3 months to live. Armed now with faith and the Word (and lots of materials), she was “charged up” with hope, ready to return to her father and share the Good News that she had received. Also, Areceli informed Jeanette that earlier this month, 2 others accepted Christ in her GDA (grupo de alcance, outreach group).


On the same day, several from World Harvest Family Church, accompanied by Dona Maria of Rio Bravo and her son Omar and Miranda who also serve the church there, headed for Ft. Worth for the week-long Kenneth Copeland convention consisting of daily anointed presenters of the Word, powerful praise and worship, and a mighty move of the Holy Spirit. We are so grateful for the Lord's provision for this trip and look forward to the anointing and direction from the Lord that they will bring back with them for the benefit of the Body of Christ.


Thank you so much for your prayers and support for the ministry.


With love in Christ,

Jose and Jeanette, and the Missions team


He turns a wilderness into pools of water, and dry land into watersprings. There He makes the hungry dwell, that they may establish a city for a dwelling place, and sow fields and plant vineyards, that they may yield a fruitful harvest. He also blesses them, and they multiply greatly; and He does not let their cattle decrease. Psalm 107:35-38

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