This month we seemed to focus much on individual needs and victories.  At our first leadership meeting in Victoria, it was wonderful to hear Maribel express the joy she has now that she is in Christ.  She said she is consciously aware of His presence all day long.  Through her, her family is coming into the fullness of God.  In fact, her younger sister who had been very rebelious just recently went forward and tearfully prayed a prayer of repentance and forgiveness, hand-in-hand with Maribel and her mother.  The change in her sister was instantaneous.  Her face absolutely glowed.
Lately we've been noticing that the members of the various congregations have had a desire--and have felt free-- to visit each other's congregations and minister there.  It is a beautiful thing to see this unity among the brethren.  They no longer leave it up to us to make the arrangements.  In fact, they communicate with each other often, update each other on news in the ministry, and even help each other in times of need.  It seems like they are replicating the workings of the first church of the book of Acts without even knowing it.

The praise and worship group of Victoria (except for a couple of them who still don't have papers to cross the border) visited the church in Edinburg and ministered in music.  They were received with great hospitality and love and very much enjoyed their time with the brothers and sisters on the U.S. side.  They plan to have excursions about once a month to minister in different places.
Around the middle of the month when we arrived to Salomon's business for our leadership class, we found federal soldiers, some masked, standing with their weapons ready in front of the business and the one next to it.  Though it was quite a sight and caused some concern, Jose pulled up anyway and parked.  Inside, Salomon had been unaware of their presence.  He quickly called his friend of the neighboring business and learned that the soldiers were there due him being a victim of extortion.  The neighbor requested our prayers as he had left town for his safety.  He said he believed the problem would soon be resolved, though no details were given as to how that would be.  Extortion and kidnappingseem to have increased lately in Mexico.  Join us in praying for justice, protection for the believers, and the exposure of everyone with evil intentions.
During the meeting, Rosi asked for prayer for a neighbor whose baby was born with breathing difficulties and possible brain damage.  By the next week, Baby Emanuel was presented in church as evidence of the power of prayer.  He is a beautiful, HEALTHY baby.

We were also quite pleased to hear the testimony of Monica's "friend" named Jaime who recently accepted Christ and found himself preaching to his family about the Word of God.  They were astonished at his boldness and knowledge of the Word.  In addition, his grandmother, a staunch Catholic, has had several conversations with him about the Bible and has encouraged him to marry a born-again-believer.
We have enjoyed having similar conversations with our neighbor Doña Lupe.  She says she now has a peace that she never knew before and can't believe how she ignorantly used to go to Lllera to pray to the saints when all she had to do was pray to the Father.  God has really changed her life and continues to prosper her.

It is knowing the Truth that makes us free, and one more has gained that freedom through Sister Toñita who recently led a young customer of hers to the Lord.  We see great potential in her and believe she should begin attending our leadership meetings.  We will soon discuss that with her.
During our last trip, we visited Voz and were so glad to see how they have grown and matured.  There was a joy on them that hadn't been there before, attendance was up, and the praise and worship team sounded better then ever.  Before preaching the Word, we prayed for the sick, including a lady who said she had a terrrible headache.  After praying for her, she casually walked away, so Jose asked how she felt.  She very matter-of factly said, "It doesn't hurt anymore."  It was as if she expected that result, so she didn't react with surprise to the healing.

From there we headed to the service in Victoria.  Before service, Jeanette chatted with Rosi Moncada who expressed such gratitude for a scripture that Jeanette had given her years ago when she was facing surgery.  She said she had her sister Hortencia read it to her over and over, and that is how she was able to keep her peace.  Jeanette told her it probably did her sister some good, too.  Indeed, she said.  Now it is her sister who needs it.  She is having liver probles due to hepatitis.  Please keep her in prayer.
After a powerful praise and worship service, the invitation was given for any sick or oppressed to go forward for prayer.  About ten did, including a woman who was visibly oppressed.  She said she felt terrible, but the doctors could find nothing wrong.  After praying for her, the joy on her face was restored, and she went away thankful.
God has been so good to us this month, and we look forward to some very exciting events next month.  (Stay tuned for the details!)
Thanks for your prayers and support!

Love in Christ, 
Jose, Jeanette, Joshua, and the Missions Team

Some things to Pray About 
*Sergio, a new member, says his wife Marcela has asked for a divorce.  They have a 4- yr-old son.  Pray for her salvation, the marriage to be restored, and peace for Sergio and the son.
*The congregation in RIo Bravo has purchased (rent-to-own) their own building.  Finances are very tight as several haven't worked for a while and Don Tino will have to wait several months for his first retirement check.  They need supernatural provision.
*Sister Mari of Rio Bravo has been fighting a throat infection for months with no relief from antibiotics.
*Rosi Moncada's sister Hortencia needs healing of the liver.

*Pray that the construction of the new church building in Victoria be completed on time for our convention on October 31.

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