Our travels for this month first took us to Kansas to spend time with family and update people on what God is doing in Mexico.  Jeanette was elated to have the opportunity to give a hand with Living Hope’s VBS and share with the children a little about what the mission trips are like.  When she was a child, missionaries left a lasting impression and her and planted the seed that led to her calling to the mission field, so it was a pleasure to, in turn, pass it on to the next generation.

While we were away, Willy, Omar, and Bobby were very effective in ministering in Voz and Victoria and fellowshipped with the believers there.

On our way home, we swung by Pastor Max’s place in Oklahoma where the Eagle’s Nest Camp is held to drop off Joshua so that he could serve as camp counselor there for a few days.  The time ministering there was very enjoyable, and God touched many young lives through the musicians, speakers, volunteers, and other workers, as well as the youth themselves.

Just days following our return to Edinburg, we joined Willy and others from the congregation in accompanying the friends and family of fallen soldier Derrick Hernandez at a memorial service held in his honor at the city auditorium.  Though the situation is quite sad, we rejoiced in the peace present there and the opportunity to minister to many.  The church’s praise and worship team ministered tenderly in song, and Willy followed with a moving, anointed message which led several in attendance to stand and make decisions to get right with God.

The following day we headed for Victoria’s leadership meeting where we were glad to learn that there had been two young ladies saved at Monica’s cell group.  We also heard the testimony of a new congregant named Oralia who had received a word from the Lord given by Jose that assured her that the Lord would give her supernatural wisdom, which He did for a situation at work.  She was also told that she would have the gift of healing which was also manifested twice recently.

At the cottage we were asked to pray for Doña Lupe’s granddaughter named Perla who has scoliosis but was unable to tolerate the pain from the treatment.  Please continue to pray for her.

Also at the cottage, we held our leadership class with the ones from Voz and discussed the importance of being led by the Spirit with regard to the dangers on the road.  Vicente said he was driving with Guero to sell watermelons when the Spirit told him to stop.  He didn’t give Guero much of an explanation and just began to check under the hood to stall for time.  After about an hour, they continued on their way.  Later they learned that during the time they had stopped, there were bandits just ahead stopping people and taking their cars.

In Mante, we were so grateful to the Lord for the report that Beto has been transferred from being stationed far from his family to Mante, which was beyond our expectations.  For everyone, if he could be transferred just to the same state, it would have been considered a blessing.  Now Beto will be available for all the services held there at his home.  He and others have become very active in participating in leading the services, and the youth have begun to prepare themselves for a praise and worship team they plan to form.  First, they must get the instruments and learn to play them.

Mante has had strong moves of the Lord during their services.  In at least one occasion, they all found themselves praying for one another boldly.  Before, few of them would have dared even speak up during the service.  Suddenly, they find themselves with a new joy for being led and used by the Lord.

In a service in Victoria, Brenda Alicia, the girlfriend of Enrique (the young man who received Christ just a few months ago at our first service in the new building), also gave her life to Christ.  After service, we headed home using a new road the Lord just blessed us with which is a short cut that leads to the highway and shaves off about twenty minutes.  Then, nearing the border, we took a chance on a new highway that still appears to be closed, judging from the obstructions on the road which we dodged or drove over along the way, and found that it takes us directly to the border bridge and allows us to completely avoid Reynosa and all of its inconveniences and saves us another twenty-five minutes.  Once again, God has provided us better roads for our travels!

During the week we visited the church in Rio Bravo to encourage them.  They have been facing many challenges for some time, including finances.  We have also arranged for Omar, whose parents are the elders there, and his wife Miranda to minister Saturdays there.  They are also helping to teach the youth music and prepare them to one day take become a part of the praise and worship team there.  We are so grateful for their assistance in the work in Rio Bravo.

In Victoria this month Jose led their first men’s fellowship meeting where Anel’s brother accepted Christ.  Anel has been faithfully believing God for him and her mother for years.  Then the next week  Jeanette led the first ladies’ fellowship.  Both meetings went extremely well, and the people expressed their interest and enthusiasm in  meeting monthly.

On Father’s Day we were relieved to hear that the brother-in-law of a lady had been released unharmed from kidnappers after we had prayed about it the previous week.  And the ladies joined together during their meeting to pray for the husband and brother-in-law of another sister who said she hadn’t been able to communicate with them for two days after they had left to go check on a property that was said to have been robbed.  Within an hour of praying, she heard from them and learned that they were fine.  They’d had cell phone problems.

This month has had plenty of challenges, but the blessings outweigh and outnumber them by far.  We’ve been made more than conquerors, according to the Word!  As you pray, please remember our brothers and sisters in Christ across the border, especially as they face elections on Sunday, July 4th and other opportunities to apply their faith.

We greatly appreciate all your support!

Yours in Christ,           José, Jeanette, Joshua, and the Missions Team

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