June was a whirl-wind of activities starting with a trip to Kansas to visit family, attend a wedding, and give an up-date on our work in Mexico to those who have been supporting the ministry.  We really had a great time.  And while we were away, everything was well under control in the churches in Mexico.  During a youth meeting, a young man was led to the Lord, and a young lady accepted Christ in the regular morning service after Salomon ministered.

We returned to our regular duties on the 10th, beginning with our leadership class in Victoria, and the next day at the cottage.  Vicente mentioned that when he and his family go to Mante to minister (we have been alternating with several people for the time being), he often stops by a village called “La Quiche” where he discovered he had distant relatives they hadn’t really known.  Now they are well received when they stop by to rest and share Christ with them.  He feels like there may be an opportunity to plant a church there some day.

During our time at the cottage, we were thrilled to learn that Doña Lupe’s daughters now attend the services with her at the nearby church after years of us pleading for them to draw near to God.  To my knowledge, only one still needs to pray to receive Christ now.

Lourdes, the mother of a teenage girl attended service the following day in Victoria and cried the whole time.  Just before the end of the service, the daughter accompanied her to the front where she boldly stated that she wanted to accept Christ in her heart, so Jose led her to the Lord.  Jeanette felt by the Spirit that someone else desired to do so, too, so Jose asked.  But no one else responded until she went back to the students she was teaching in the back.  She explained to them what the lady had done and asked if they had already received Christ in their hearts.  At first, everyone nodded.  Then Martin said, “I haven’t!”   Jeanette asked if he wanted to, and he answered yes, so they prayed together.  He was the one the Spirit was referring to!

Martin, the church care-taker, told Jose that the cartel men who had been parking in front of the church for some time, one day recently walked up to the building and looked in the window and then drove off.  Within about two minutes, soldiers pursued them and captured some and shot others.  He hasn’t seen any of those types near the church since.   We thank God for preserving us from the enemy’s plans and continue to pray for peace and justice to be done in Mexico.

That same weekend, we heard the testimony of a sister who said she’d been diagnosed with several malignant tumors.  She hadn’t told anyone.  She just prayed and declared God’s love in her body.  A week later she returned to the doctor who declared the miracle that the tumors WERE GONE.  Praise the Lord!

The following week, Don Tino of Rio Bravo called to say that they made the final payment on the house the church had been holding services in.  Hallelujah!  Now they will begin saving up money to remodel and expand to make it more presentable and functional as a church building.

At the next leadership meeting in Victoria, we learned that several more have come to Christ recently:  one in Monica’s GDA (Outreach Group), another at Rocio’s, and three more at Karla’s.  Jorge testified that at his government agency that is dedicated to public health, the bosses have decided that not enough attention is devoted to the well-being of the soul and invite any ministry to go in and first teach the staff, and then the patients.  Praise the Lord!  Pray that we and others like us take advantage of the open doors.

Jose and Jeanette left the meeting early with Salomon and Laura to attend the 55th anniversary party of the Joel’s parents.  (He is Rosi’s husband who recently celebrated his birthday, and we prayed for him and his parents that night and perceived the Spirit had done something in his heart.)  Jose was asked to speak a few words and pray over the meal. He shared the Gospel in a very appropriate manner.  It was a great opportunity to sow some seed in that family.  They were very grateful and receptive.  We also took advantage of the time and shared Christ with a couple at our table whom Salomon and Laura have known for some time.  He use to attend services, but she was totally against it because of her strong roots and connections with the Catholic Church.  But she was definitely in need and confessed to Laura her struggles with depression and the difficulties she has with her sons.   Laura invited her to our leadership class the following weekend to be prayed for.  She went and was led to Christ.

The next day, several of the co-laborers headed in different directions, all at the same time.  Jose and Jeanette met the folks from Mante in Xicotencatl to baptize three.  Two were lawyers delivered from alcoholism, and the other is a lady who had been with the group since the beginning, but had never taken the step of faith to be baptized until now.  What joy!  Meanwhile, some of the praise and worship team helped out a small church called Shalom that meets in a tent and was holding a revival service.  They needed musicians.   It was a real blessing to be of help, and they said they had a powerful time there.  Laura and the ladies attended their monthly meeting at the church.  Karina, who hasn’t done much speaking before a group, was asked to direct the meeting.  She shared some Word and told her testimony.  Others jumped in, and they had a great time in the Lord.  Several ladies were also ministered to.

On Father’s Day, the dads were asked to go forward to be prayed for, surrounded by their families.  One of the young ladies named Laura was there visiting.  Her brother Pepe mentioned to Jeanette that he really hoped she would receive the Lord that day.  So Jeanette asked her if she would like a new life in Christ and she eagerly said yes and prayed to receive Christ.  What a beautiful Father’s Day gift!

Right after the service we were asked by relatives who attend our church to comfort the family of an officer recently killed in a gun battle with the cartels.  So we went, and Jose had the opportunity to share the Gospel before the family at the funeral home.  We then prayed for the mother and sisters of the deceased, accompanied by Salomon, Laura, and some other believers.

At another leadership meeting, we were asked to pray for a friend of Dante named Miguel who has been kidnapped, and there is no word of his whereabouts.  Please pass the word to hold him up in prayer. He knows the Lord, but has been away from church for a few months.  Also at the meeting, Eric testified that his grandmother was healed from terrible pain when several from church went to lay hands on her.  At first, some relatives had gone to Eric to ask if he would look for someone to perform a superstitious ritual on her.  He told them no, but he knew something much better.  That’s when he got the people over to pray for her.  While there, she also accepted Christ.  We also heard the testimony of how the staff at Salomon’s business all get together for morning prayer.  When they started off, few knew how to pray, but they can now pray very well.

During the week, Pepe and Dante went to the prison to minister to a young man there who is caught up in the corruption of officials in some way.  He happens to be the son of the “municipal president” of Llera to whom we ministered and led to Christ many years ago at the cottage.  It is interesting how the Lord keeps bringing us into this family’s life.  Pepe says he plans to visit him again the next week and take him a Bible.

Laura led a desperate wife of an abusive husband to the Lord when she went downtown with her grandbaby and came across this lady.  As they chatted over a puppy for sale, the conversation turned to faith in Christ as the solution.

The last Saturday of the month was busy.  First, we had leadership class at the cottage.  We were a little sad to learn that Javi, the drummer for Voz, moved to Victoria.  Now we need to pray that someone will take his place, and that others will learn instruments and join the praise and worship team.  We are mostly concerned for Javi and his family and hope he stays connected to the ministry by attending the services in Victoria.  However, where he moved is very far from the church, and he has no transportation, so we are in search of people living nearby who could give them a ride, and we are also praying that he find a job quickly.

After the meeting, we returned to Victoria to pray over Alejandro’s new business location.  God is really prospering him.  Then we had a fellowship with the praise and worship team while we watched the U.S. soccer team lose to Mexico in the Gold Cup.

The next day was just as busy.  During the service, several were instantly healed during a song that Jose led the congregation in: leg pain, ears unplugged, thyroids, back pain, and oppression in the mind.  Immediately following the service, nine were baptized in a friend’s pool while Jeanette met with the teachers in preparation of their first Vacation Bible School: “At the Beach with Jesus”.  We are all very excited about the plans and the people who will be involved in it.  Afterwards, Jose and Jeanette made it back to the US just in time to attend the WHTC fellowship.  Great fun!

Omar and Miranda met with us the following day and gave us some updates on Rio Bravo.  Two teens have recently accepted Christ, one who had never heard the name Jesus Christ and probably had never even been to a Catholic church.  He used to work for the cartels, and now works at avoiding them.   Omar and Miranda plan to begin a leadership class weekly on Fridays.  They also are helping with the praise and worship team and ministering at the services on Saturday s.  Then they return Sundays to serve as deacons at the church in Edinburg.  They are such a tremendous blessing!

At the end of this month and the beginning of July, the praise and worship team from Edinburg will go to Rio Bravo to hold a workshop for the team there and to minister at the service.  It is exciting to know how much they will invest in the people of Rio Bravo, and we anxiously await the reports of all God will do in and through them.

More is being packed into a day than ever before.  Jesus is coming soon, and there is much to do!  Thanks for all you do to support the Kingdom of God!

In Him,

Jose, Jeanette, and the Missions Team

P.S.  Have a great Independence Day! 

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