<p style="&quot;text-align:" left;="" "=""> Our month began with a Spirit-filled leadership meeting with many receiving gifts and special words from the Lord.  There were also testimonies:  Karina’s cousin had a high risk pregnancy with concerns of placenta previa and a lack of amniotic fluid.  After prayer, she was free from those issues.  Monica testified that her GDA went to pray for the grandmother of a friend with pancreas cancer and found many family members there, so they ministered to them, and eight received Christ.  During another GDA, Roxana’s friend accepted Christ.  Pepe told of God’s miraculous hand of protection on him and others during some violence on the streets.  Regarding another incident, the in-laws of the sister of Rocio were threatened at their taco stand and told to leave.  When Rocio and others went to pray, 4 from the business were saved, and the local Home Depot gave them permission to set up their taco stand there, a much better location for them.  Dante testified of a powerful time ministering in Mante.  He also led a man at a taco stand to the Lord.  Randu’s brother had been kidnapped, but was released.  He is not a man of faith but acknowledged that “God saved me because He loves me so much.”  There were many others involving God’s provision, marriages touched by God during a church service, and so on.

We also learned that in a town in Nuevo Leon, 33% of the police force is now Christian.  There have been pastors who have been praying daily for them and are teaching them a course on values.  God is working through His Church in Mexico, and we know that because of that, there is great hope, regardless of the circumstances.

At the end of the meeting, we noticed that Sister Lili had her hand bandaged.  She explained that by accident she’d cut it through to the bone and had severed nerves.  We laid hands on her and learned the next Sunday that the cut had completely sealed up and healed, with feeling and movement back in her fingers.

The following day we taught the leadership class at the cottage with the folks from Voz.  We also discussed the plans to improve the ceiling at the church which should help to reduce the oppressive heat in the building.  Vicente testified that while ministering in Mante the previous week he led a lady to the Lord.

Later that day we went to Voz to visit the congregation and minister.  Jeanette shared first with the adults regarding God’s purpose for their lives and for the Kingdom of God before sharing the same message with the children.  The children, the oldest of whom being 6 yrs old, spoke excitedly about what Jesus did, and that He rose, and that He now lives in their hearts.  One also added that God takes care of them always.  It’s a joy to hear them declare these things noncoerced.  

This month the children in Victoria finished the child evangelism course and gave a brief summary to the congregation on what they learned.  During the same service, we prayed for an alcoholic man who was led to the Lord the week before and his family.  They received a great deal from God and have been faithful to attend ever since.

The man named Oscar who had homosexual tendencies appears more and more delivered each week.  Please keep him in prayer.  Also, please continue to pray for Isaac Rodriguez who has now been missing for over 2 months.

On our way to Kansas we stopped by Austin to visit Maribel and Tono, a couple from Victoria who moved there for a job.  We were so pleased to see them doing very well and quite faithful in the church they found there.  Though they are distant from us, they remain very connected to the Church.

We were also able to stop by the church’s camp Eagles’ Nest in Oklahoma to drop off t-shirts and say hi.   It’s amazing to see all the people willing to give of their time and energy so that children can have an encounter with the Lord that will impact their lives forever.

A sign seen on the road blessed us and corresponds with something God’s been talking to us about: 





During our stay in Kansas, we really enjoyed visiting Pleasant Hill Community Church and sharing with them what God is doing in Mexico.  Joshua also participated by leading the congregation in a song of worship.  It was also our joy to pray with several people in need during our time with friends and relatives.  Among them was our nephew who was healed of a debilitating bone problem that would have required surgery.  He later testified in 2 churches of what God did for him.

Once back in Texas, Jeanette visited with Karina, a young mother in McAllen whose son had recently died.  Interestingly, she had been referred to Jeanette indirectly through Karla in Victoria who holds a GDA where this lady’s cousin attends and has received a great deal through the group.  The cousin also had been testifying to her about what God has been doing in her life and urging her to do the same.  Karina was very receptive when Jeanette visited her and availed her home to a GDA.   The details have yet to be ironed out.

On our first trip back in, we enjoyed fellowshipping at Chano’s restaurant with the praise and worship team in Victoria after their practice.   While there, a young lady from Monica’s GDA showed up grinning from ear to ear.  She testified that a while back when we prayed for her, she received a word about victory and a change quickly coming in her life.  The next day she got a good job that she really likes.  She gives God all the glory for it.  Also during the meal, Samuel got a call from a co-worker asking if he would pray for her mother who was in the hospital.  Samuel asked if we would go to, so we did.  Samuel was glad that seed was sown in that family as they face several problems.

The service the next day was thrilling.  Maribel’s dad told Jeanette that he recently had an encounter with the Lord after reading the book of James as recommending by Jeanette and passed on by Maribel.  He beamed as he spoke as a completely changed man.

At the end of the service, we counseled a couple planning to get married.  The bride had not yet made a confession of faith, so we spent time explaining how to be born again first.  Then she gladly prayed to receive Jesus.   With the confidence that the two were now of the same faith, we were happy to precede with discussing biblical marriage and the details of the wedding.   

On our way back to the U.S., when stopped at a check point, we gave to a soldier our only New Testament with tracts stuffed in it.  Another soldier noticed and asked for one too.  After a frantic search for another one, Jeanette remembered a paper-back Bible in the back.  She handed it to him and had to explain the difference between what he had and what his partner had.  With both hands gripping it and his eyes as big as saucers, he asked, “Is this a real Bible?!  The kind they use in church?!  Really?!  Wow!”  We assured him that it was indeed, a real Bible and that it brings life to the one who reads it and accepts it.  He then told us that after he reads it he will take it to his family (probably to a state far south such as Chiapas).  We’d never seen anyone react with such delight, as if it were something he’d longed for for some time.

Our leadership meeting in Victoria was another fulfilling one with lots of praying one for another and testimonies.  Lili arrived a little shaken and explained that she’d been stopped on her way by men with bad intentions.  One went up to her car and told her to get out.  Without hesitating, she responded, “If you have the courage, you get me out.”  The man glanced at the Bible next to her and was about to let her go when his partner showed up demanding the same thing.  She told him the same thing she’d told the other one.  The first guy told the other to just let her go, but he was hesitant because of her “attitude.”  Eventually, the two just peeled off, and Lily continued on her way.  Hallelujah!   Our people are “hands off” and are covered by the blood of the Lamb!

Lili also testified of her experience in visiting Mante with Carlos and Vivi.  In addition, she mentioned a new guy who attended the GDA and was seen smiling for the first time.  That GDA is very active and unified.  They still visit a local hospital to minister to the sick and their families as well as to deliver food to them the first Monday of every month.

Fernando, who attends Salomon and Laura’s GDA, mentioned the healing of a child whose parents are just entering the faith.  It was a sign that proves the power of faith in the Lord for them.

Several others from the leadership group expressed a desire to begin their own GDA.  The rest surrounded them and prayed for them.

Dante and Samuel headed to Rio Bravo the next day to minister.  We encountered them on the highway on our way home and stopped to talk.  They returned rejoicing for the opportunity to minister to the teens and then in the main service.  There were confirmed words of knowledge shared, prayer for needs, and great fellowship.  While there, Dante took measurements of the building in order for the church in Victoria to help with the roof in Rio Bravo’s remodeling project.

Vicente showed the movie “Courageous” in Voz, to some 30 people, complete with popcorn and such before passing it on to Sister Fidela in San Isidro.  Vicente expressed a desire for an encore presentation later.

Also during our leadership meeting at the cottage, Vicente let us know that some final documents for the church registration will soon be signed in Llera to include the congregation in Voz in the ministry’s legal covering.  Fidela discussed her position as treasurer in the Alianza Amen, an alliance of pastors, which plans evangelism activities and channels government funds to support local ministries (Yes!  Believe it or not!).

At the marriage class in Victoria, Jeanette shared a teaching on how the two are become one and are the symbolic trophy representing the Church.  Following the class, Jose and Jeanette enjoyed dinner with Pepe, Lucero, and Eric.  The church is so blessed to have such devoted people to the ministry of Jesus Christ.

The next day Don Roberto recounted to Jeanette a recurrent dream that he’d had 3 times.  In it he dreamed that he got a yellow school bus, hired a driver to go around and pick up people to take to his book store where he would serve coffee and sweet bread and compel them to attend the church to receive what he has received in the past few weeks since his conversion.  There’s no doubt that something like that will happen some day soon.  He has already shown a giving heart and blessed several people as well as the children’s ministry.

During the week, we were glad to visit the brothers and sisters in Rio Bravo.  They always welcome us with open arms and receiving hearts.  They are a great example of the love of God manifested in the Body of Christ.

During the last weekend of the month, Willy held a two-day praise and worship conference in Victoria with the support of Joshua, Miranda, and Omar.  Each participated in teaching workshops or instrument trainings, with Dante from Victoria also teaching a session.  To culminate the conference and put into practice what was learned, there was an hour-long service of just worship, with people from the GDA’s invited to attend.  The whole experience was very effective and will produce great fruit for years to come.

Following the conference, Jose and Jeanette held a wedding rehearsal while the others headed for a BBQ to take place at Salomon and Laura’s house in honor of Joshua’s birthday.  Jose and Jeanette later joined them for wonderful fellowship.

Praise and worship the next day, July 1st, was charged with anointing which carried over throughout the rest of the service and during the altar call when several people went forward for prayer.

Returning to the U.S. with that bunch of great men and women of God was a wonderful way to wrap up such a busy, blessed month.  And July is sure to be just as full of great testimonies.


Yours in Christ,

Jose, Jeanette, and the Missions Team 

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