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Our activities for the month began with a very pleasant breakfast with Pepe and Sofi, a young married couple in Victoria. We give thanks to the Lord for having joined us with them as co-laborers and look forward to the good things God has in mind for them in the Kingdom of God.


Later, we spent some relaxing time at the cottage before ministering in Voz. As we sang 2 Chronicles 20:21 with them, we saw the people become refreshed and strengthened. The tiredness from the oppressive heat left them, and two testified of being healed, one of a headache and another of pain the the legs. A great time of fellowship and food followed the service.


In the evening, we spent some time with the neighbors. They gave us guamuchil, a fruity white bean from a circular red pod of a tree, for us to try for the first time. It tasted like sweetened jicama (a commonly eaten root).


The next day, Carlos and Vivi stopped by the cottage to pick us up and accompany us to Mante for service. Pepe ministered in Victoria in our absence. When we arrived, we found a young man and teenage girl from Victoria waiting for us to discuss a situation they found themselves in. It was a good thing Carlos and Vivi went with us so that they could lead the service while we counseled and prayed with the couple. Carlos preached, and Jeanette later relieved Vivi with the children so that she could be with her husband. To conclude the service, Jose led the group there in the 2 Chronicles 20:21 song, and many results transpired as they did in Voz. One man recovering from a broken wrist said he was now able to move it freely. Previously the doctor said he would need pins put in and surgery to move the bones closer, but the man stood in faith.


In the children's class, one 10-yr-old boy suddenly announced that he wants to be a missionary. Another boy asked what that was and was told by his companion that “it's like a pastor, but you preach God's Word all over the world.” Jeanette just had to smile, then chuckle as the kids wondered out loud if the pay was okay. Mostly, she wanted to burst with joy because God has already begun to direct the boy in his calling. Later that month, he was quite useful in helping Jeanette distribute commemorative goodie bags to the 30 children in attendance in the grand opening of his church building in Mante.


On our way back to the cottage, Carlos and Vivi overflowed with testimonies of God's favor on them. They looked back and recalled when their daughter was sickly and much money was spent on medicine. They also had continuous mechanical expenses on their cars. Now that they have entered the faith more fully, they are free from those things. They haven't had to go to the doctor in years. In addition, they have finally found themselves in a position to own their own home due to recent raises.


The next day, Jeanette got an email from a sister in Victoria who is a doctor and has twin patients who were born in critical condition a few years ago. The mother told her that her brother had gone to a church to ask for prayer. Turns out, he went to ours, and Jose told him after prayer to go lay hands on the babies and they would live. He did as instructed, and the babies did indeed live. (They are having trouble walking, and may require surgery unless there is divine intervention again.) As the mother related the story, she didn't know that the doctor happens to attend our church until she exclaimed, “That's my pastor! And I will be sure to tell him this testimony!” In her email to us, she also let us know that she and other leaders of her GDA, grupo de alcance (outreach group), have begun to pray together for the members of their group 30 minutes before the meetings, and there have been great results.


At a recent meeting, Rocio, the doctor, told us that her grandmother is doing much better after several praying and ministering to her for deliverance of confusion and mental issues. She improved so much that they were able to plan a trip to McAllen with her.


We also were told that some had gone to minister to a family in crisis and observed that the 9-yr-old son has been learning so much in Sunday school that he has been encouraging his parents with the Word. Later, Jose, Jeanette, Salomon, and Laura went to visit the family, and Jeanette told the boy how proud she was of him! Our visit came at a good time as the family was really at a low point. They looked much better by the time we prayed and counseled them.


While we were in Mexico, Willy and Los Leones de Cristo, including Joshua, Riley, Jon, Rene, and Carlos, who was invited from Victoria, were playing at Island of Praise on Padre Island. They were given the best stage of the island-wide event and were received very well by the audience, so much so that an encore was requested. The next day, Carlos and his family were invited to fellowship with Jon's family. This thrills us because we always appreciate when members from sister congregations enjoy each other's company and minister one to another.


A baby presentation highlighted the service of the following day. It is always a privilege to speak blessing over a baby and take advantage of the opportunity to share the Gospel with loved ones in attendance. In addition to the baby dedication and celebration, there were several issues to tend to, including praying for some people facing threats by evil men who have kidnapped the driver of one of their trucks and his family. We also learned that the teenager who had sought our counsel followed through with some of our counsel given a week earlier, much to our relief. We ended our week's visit with a prenuptial meeting.


Our next trip was very full of activities and started off with quite a surprise. Just an hour or so before departure, Joshua announced that he would be joining us so that he could spend Father's Day with his dad. Later, Josh spent time with some of the friends from Victoria while we chatted with Salomon and Laura and learned that Salomon had recently led the nurse of a sister to the Lord. (He leads people to the Lord frequently, but we aren't always informed about them.)


During one of the meetings, we were so thrilled to learn that at Rosi and Mario's GDA, another person has come to Christ. They now have 10 children in attendance with their parents, and Rosi and Mario's daughter Luz, now age 16, teaches the children. It is amazing to think that she started with us when she was about 6 or 8. Now she is serving the Lord! Tere, a lady in their group and attends service as well, says her 2-yr-old grandson has told her he wants to be a pastor and combs his hair like Jose does. How cute!


At our monthly ladies' and men's meetings in Victoria, Tere told Jeanette that her son Hector Joaquin Martinez remembers Joshua and Willy from a visit some years ago at a service he had attended. She asks for prayer for him because he needs Christ as the solution for his many problems. Both meetings went very well. The men sang together and shared testimonies. One said for years he went to church but would click off; the Word wasn't real to him (and it showed!). Then he noticed that Monica and Dante were growing and he wasn't. When Carlos invited him to accompany him to Mante, he heard in his spirit, “You know me. Now follow me.” He thought it might be a word for the group, but was afraid to say. Then at another service, he heard it again. He began reading the Word at home and started to grow. Before his testimony, we had already noticed a dramatic change in him. During the meeting, the guys also prayed for Willy and Joshua's up-coming trip to Bulgaria. Joshua and Willy left for Bulgaria on the 20th to minister in 9 different cities where a missionary couple have been working for years and desired some support in the area of praise and worship, in addition to ministering the Word and praying for the people. A more complete report on their very successful trip will follow soon.


Following the meetings, Jose, Jeanette, Salomon and Laura, met with a couple in crisis. The parents of the lady are active members of the church. She had recently accepted Christ, but her husband hadn't until we asked him if he wanted a new life in Christ. When he said yes, we prayed with him, and the glorious change in his demeanor was immediately observed. He thanked us profusely. We gave him a Bible and directed him where to read to help him and his wife grow. The next day, they attended service, and again expressed much gratitude.


On Father's Day, Josh helped the praise and worship team in Victoria, filling in at the key board. Then he preached, with his dad translating for him. It went very well. During a time of fellowship, Jeanette had a chance to chat with a long-time member who abounded in joy and expressed gratitude and thanksgiving to the Lord for many things. Most would think that she has every right to be depressed and bitter because she had had cancer, her sister has cancer, her mother recently died, and her alcoholic husband still hasn't come into the faith. Things have been hard, but she gives thanks for us, the Word, her “extra time” to be alive, her daughter graduating from UTEP with honors, her sons also graduating from college, a successful business, her husband doing well at his job, her mother spared from agonizing pain before her death, and the birth of her first grandchild. That is the power of the Holy Spirit in her life!


Paco's dad, who recently accepted Christ when attending service to give thanks for rescuing his son, attended again on his own and sought out Jose during the time of fellowship. He said he had looked forward to speaking with him all week long. This man had a reputation of being very tough and difficult to reach for Christ, but for the Holy Spirit, he is no challenge. We've noticed something interesting at the services lately in Victoria: several unsaved husbands/dads have shown up. God is certainly up to something!


Obed Alejandro was recently released from captivity, but still needs much prayer. He is quite traumatized and is unable to feed himself, according to Luz. Unfortunately, his family is unsaved, and his mother worships La Santisima Muerte (the “most holy death,” or the grim reaper).


During breakfast with Miranda, we were updated on the wonderful things God is doing in Rio Bravo. She said that before a service, she perceived a heaviness among the youth. Dona Maria picked up on it too. They have learned to deal with those things quickly and not allow anything negative to invade a service. Omar asked Miranda to play at the keyboard softly, and before they knew it, the youth began to minister one to another in tears, hugging each other. Nayelli received a word from the Lord to go and make things right with her mother, which she promptly did. The youth have shown that they have gained understanding regarding the tongue and defeating offense, which brings unity and joy.


A new couple is attending in Rio Bravo. The man had a health problem and was prayed for. He said he felt heat all over his body. Later he returned to the doctor who confirmed that he had been healed. Now he goes around telling everyone of his healing. They have a cute 4-yr-old girl who stands on a chair at their taco stand and tells people, “Let's pray!”


We held a marriage class that went very well with some 26 people in attendance. As we sang a song to conclude, the Lord gave Martina a vision and a word which essentially was “Pray together as a couple for 5 minutes now. Ask for guidance, and if anyone has offended you, forgive them. Forgive one another.” That same word was confirmed by others. So the last minutes were spent in sweet prayer as couples.


Following the meeting, we had a very effective dinner/meeting with Fernando and Martina and really enjoyed fellowship with them. They are helping build the church in Mante. They let us know of a lady in Mante who began jumping up and down without her cane when she received her healing. There has also been a marriage restored, and a man not yet in the faith yet thanked them for ministering to his wife. He told them “She's doing much better, but don't get any ideas about me going to church.” Fernando has continued to invite him, and one day the man invited him to eat at his home. He later said, “One day, I'll just surprise you and go.”


The praise and worship team from the village of Voz has been backing up the team in Victoria lately when substitutes have been needed. We rejoice in the cooperation between the sister churches.


For our last trip in, Pastor Max joined us. He taught the leadership class. By the Spirit, he was led to discuss the servant's heart and to use the example of Jesus washing the disciples' feet. This confirmed what the Lord had already impressed upon Jose. Later, we met with our core leaders and were led to wash their feet, something we had never done before. By faith, we are sure that the Lord did something beyond words among us.


Our last activity of the month was wonderful! We held the grand opening service in Mante at the new building after having held services outside for some 7 years. The service went very smoothly with a full house of people, some joining the brothers and sisters from Victoria and Voz. The folks from Voz arrived 2 hours early just to make themselves available to assist in any way with the preparations. The Word brought by Pastor Max was anointed and very effective. The praise and worship team from Mante played better than ever. In addition to the offerings given by the entire congregation, a special offering came in that will cover the expense of the construction of the classroom for the children, which they planned to begin the very next day. The folks that brought the offering also announced that they would be visiting often to begin an intercessory group there. We also praise God that the heat was 10 degrees less than predicted stifling heat because we began to declare it a day earlier.


Though the following news occurred in July, we must include it in this report as it dramatically affects the ministry in Mexico: our elders and their family in Victoria have decided to separate themselves from our ministry. Please pray for the church as we adjust to this new direction and make many new decisions. We are at peace, and we pray peace over everyone involved. As of the date of this mailing, everything is coming together in a magnificent, supernatural way. More details to follow next month.


What a month this has been! Thanks so much for your part in all the Lord is doing in the Kingdom!


Yours in Christ, Jose, Jeanette, and the missions team

II Cor. 4:1 Therefore, since we have this ministry, as we have received mercy, we do not lose heart.

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