Our first trip in for the month was what some would consider uneventful, but that would only reflect the surface. Ministering to congregations requires support for many types of situations, and such was the case this time. There were issues to address regarding relationships between believers, dealing with a child diagnosed with a form of autism, and a sister who finds herself in a marriage with situations that even soap operas could not dream up. Only perseverance and love, in the anointing, can bring victory in such things.


At mid-week, Miranda and Omar, who minister in Rio Bravo weekly, ministered at WHTC. Miranda shared testimonies of God's faithfulness during the offering time, and Omar gave an outstanding message from the Word on the power of God through the Church. Seeing how the Lord has brought them up in the anointing to preach and teach is absolutely exciting. They are doing a fantastic job in Rio Bravo, serving along side Don Tino and Dona Maria, Omar's parents. During the message, Omar shared a testimony of how the members of the church in Rio Bravo have been coming together to declare Jesus is Lord of Rio Bravo and rebuke the enemy. Since they began doing that, six bars have closed down!


During our trip the following week we met with our core leaders in Victoria after the discipleship class to discuss ministerial plans and issues of the churches. We praise God for the dedication of our leaders in all the congregations. They are bright, creative, and very faithful.


The next day in service we were so happy to see the husband of a long-time believer. She has been faithfully standing for him to come into the Kingdom for years. Since the day of the convention, there have been signs that he is seeking and inching forward. During the service, he was seen to take notes on an offering envelope. Later, he told his wife he was looking up what the pastor said on the internet to see if what he said was correct. He also commented that he was looking for how to get the Bible on his phone! More good news about this family: a married son and his wife are looking for a church to attend. Her mother is a Christian (we think she recently accepted Christ), so they are considering hers as well as ours. To our knowledge they still need to accept Christ, but now acknowledge their need to go to church. Another daughter we have known for years and watched grow in the Lord is soon to marry a man from another church who is in the ministry. Years ago, her mother was the only one in her family who believed. God is faithful to bring the whole household in!!!


The same lady told Jeanette that she had been in the Spirit all week. She was singing songs that would remind her of Scriptures which she would be led to read. Then she would read scriptures that would remind her of songs, and she would break out in song. Her business is prospering, and her husband has taken notice. She tells him that it is because she lives for the Lord. Her life is her testimony.


That week we learned of the passing of the mother of a sister in Rio Bravo. Before she passed away, Dona Maria went to pray for her which brought her great peace as she later quietly slipped away to be with the Lord. While at the hospital, Dona Maria also led a man to the Lord.


Don Tino has had some ups and downs. Doctors are still trying to regulate medications. We continue to declare his body totally strengthened and restored to better than ever and would appreciate your agreement in prayer for him.


During our visit to Rio Bravo, we found the congregation to be vibrant, strong, and unified. There was a new couple in their 50's or 60's in attendance. The man said he just received Christ a couple of years ago, despite his mother being a Christian all his life and pleading with him to receive Christ. He regrets the years of lost time and the fact that he and his wife now have to believe for the salvation of their 3 grown sons. We prayed with them and encouraged them. We also learned that 4 kids were led to the Lord in Chela's and Oscar's GDA (grupo de alcance/outreach group) and are now attending services.


During the next trip in, soldiers at a check point asked us to get out of the van so that they could check our vehicle. (This actually gives us great joy because it is an opportunity to share Christ with the soldiers.) The soldier who appeared to be the highest ranking there invited Jeanette to stand in the shade as it would take a while and struck up a conversation with her. He said he is a Christian, the only one in his troop, and commented on how necessary it is to have Christ in our lives during these perilous times. He testified of times the Lord has preserved him in dangerous situations and wondered out loud why it is that some Christians refuse to accept that God still performs miracles. He also told of a pastor and his wife were protected by God by “breaking down” their car just before they would have driven into an ambush. After some time, the wife laid hands on the car and prayed. Then the husband, who had been walking around, returned and started the car with no trouble. By that time, the ones laying the trap got tired of waiting and left.


As the soldiers dismissed us, Jose, unaware of Jeanette's conversation with the soldier, felt led to hand a ziplock bag of New Testaments, tracts, and booklets to him, but directed himself to the others around him and encouraged them to read the materials to gain strength in their faith. It turned out that he handed the bag over to the right one, both because he was a believer and could explain more to the others and because he had authority over them.

Watching people grow in the Lord in the congregation is one of our greatest joys. A mid-aged couple in Victoria who has been with us just a few months are enthusiastically grasping the Word and joining themselves up to the Body, including participating actively in the GDA of another couple. The GDA leaders, new to this experience, report great joy in their meetings which at times go way past the planned time as they all stay fellowshiping together and continuing the discussion of the Word. They sing together, pray for one another, share testimonies, eat together, and get into the Word. Once, there was a confusion about the day of the meeting and no one attended except the hosts, so they decided to hold the GDA anyway, just the two of them, and they had a great time together. After that, the days got back on track, and attendance has been good.


Another lady shared at her GDA with her family, and extended family happened to be there. Instead of avoiding the meeting, they listened and received. She had printed up some scriptures which they eagerly took with them to their home at a nearby town. They enjoyed the meeting so much that they asked her to visit them and continue to share the Word.


A young man who has been in attendance in Victoria now for a few months has realized the importance of marrying his common-law wife and brought it up with Jose. He also mentioned some concerns regarding a parent who has a tattoo indicating worship to the “Santisima Muerte” (most holy death/grim reaper). Some think that those people are somehow disqualified from receiving Christ or even attending church. Jose just advised him to have the person wear sleeves so as not to cause concerns among the babies in Christ. This young man had attended another church a little, but admits that nothing in his life changed (drinking, etc.) until he started attending with his sister at our church. He and his family seem like they have always been a part of our Body. The fit is so natural.


On the weekend of Father's Day, Willy and Los Leones performed on South Padre Island for the Island of Praise event where several Christian bands set up and play on the beach. There was a great anointing with the group as the Gospel was shared and people were prayed for. Many in the crowd were actually from Mexico, so the style of music and the words shared in Spanish reached lots of ears and hearts. They plan to play in September in McAllester, OK, for an event to reach the Hispanics in the area.


Father's Day celebrations went great in the congregations. There were gifts, presentations, and special meals to honor the dads, including some who had never attended before, but only went because of the special invitation. In Victoria, all the dads were asked to go forward for prayer. At least 50 men went forward, and the anointing could be strongly perceived. Even the visitors were seen to receive from the Lord.


That day, one of the men told Jose that since he gave his life to Christ (after years of resistance), he thinks and acts totally differently. At work he even performs differently. He said he gets much from the messages from the pulpit and his life has been completely transformed. He exemplifies what we have been hearing lately: many of the employers of businesses now ask on the application what religion the applicant is and are giving preference to born-again believers because they make better employees (less likely to steal from the company, harder workers, cause less problems, etc.).


Another man said that one day before church he had run a 10-K. He decided to attend service anyway, though he had no energy. But the service injected him with revitalized energy.


Also during the service, Jeanette asked a lady about a little grand-baby there we'd prayed for a few months back due to a skin condition that caused itching and excessive bleeding that would not clot. That child no longer experiences those symptoms. She is healed!


While visiting the RGV, Brother Manuel (Manny) Barrientes, member of WHTC who, with his wife and kids, has been assisting Pastor Max in Oklahoma, was led to go to Rio Bravo to minister at the Tuesday night's service accompanied by some of the Leones de Cristo: Bob, Jon and Willy. They were excited to see the continued progress of the church building. The Leones had been asked to lead in praise, and they gladly did, joined by Josue, Samantha and Nayeli of Rio Bravo. The Lord was praised with great joy and fervor that evening!! Using the David and Goliath account, Brother Manuel then ministered on declaring that the problem that people are facing today is done with that night if you have all your trust in HIM!!! After the teaching, he laid hands on several people and encouraged them to declare their victory. One young lady was filled with the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues. Two were healed. Brother Willy then asked the church to bless Manuel and his family and pray for them as they continue to minister in Oklahoma.

The next weekend Jose and Jeanette met with the discipleship class in Victoria and prayed for several people and situations together with the group. Lucero also testified that she had been praying about the fact that she runs at the stadium with ladies who are not saved and not feeling very edified because of the conversations with them. So she prayed for opportunities to share Christ, and the next day, a girl running with her mentioned she used to attend church but had fallen away. That gave Lucero opportunity to share the Word with her as they ran together. Now she has a reason to run with them!


The service the next day was great. Raul testified that, after waiting 2 years for pay for a raise in position that he had been occupying, he finally got it. He had been sent back to the old job because they said the raise had not been approved. He said he decided by faith to be content and just trust God. In one month, the written approval of the promotion arrived, with better pay and less stress. During the month he spent back in the old position, he prayed the Lord would keep him from the “hard cases,” and miraculously, it was the most peaceful time he had ever had there, which all his co-workers noticed. He attributed it to prayer every day, leaving everything in the Lord's hands.


After service the next day, several leaders went to pray for Pedro Reyes, the father of a lady in the congregation in Victoria who has been diagnosed with cancer. The visit was glorious! He, his wife, and three daughters received Christ. The Lord had already been preparing his heart as he had been reading a lesson on the healing through Jesus that his daughter had taken him.


The following week, we were privileged to have Willy join us. While Jose and Jeanette went to the house in Llera to get some much needed work done, Willy, accompanied by Carlos, David and Carlos's daughter Sofi, went to Voz Campesina on Saturday to lead praise and to minister the Word. Willy shared on the importance of living a praise-filled life and how it also benefits the believer in doing so. As they praised, Isai and Karen joined them in praising and leading the church. While in time of worship, Willy called people to the altar to deliver a Word of the Lord for them. A lady that had been battling a chest pain for a month was instantly healed as she praised the Lord. An elderly couple testified that they have been battling many symptoms but had found relief when Bro. Vicente would praise God in their midst. They gladly went to the front to get prayed for and Willy instructed them to thank God for their health and a manifestation of healing and joy came upon them. Afterwards they stayed for a great time of fellowship and food before returning to Victoria.

That same evening, the leaders in Victoria led the monthly marriage group with about ten couples in attendance. This month was a general review of the many topics addressed to strengthen marriages.


The next day Willy accompanied the praise and worship team on accordion, delivered the Word on giving, prayed for and believed God for a woman that wants to have a baby, and prayed for a young man who's father has leukemia. He instructed the boy to go home lay hands on his dad and declare that his father is healed in the name of Jesus! A great time of worship went forth including new songs to the Lord.


Meanwhile, Jose and Jeanette visited the church in Mante to celebrate the church's first anniversary in their new building. While there, a sister introduced Jeanette to a young lady who was there for the first time. She openly said she was there seeking peace. (Later, Jeanette learned that her husband had left her for another woman and she was so distraught that she had thoughts of suicide.) The lady said she had begged God for peace, but could not get it. Jeanette spent several minutes before the service explaining how she could obtain peace through a new life in Christ. After the service, because of time limitations and dealings with other situations, Jeanette left her in the hands of the sister who had invited her and urged her to lead the lady to Christ before she left. In a later conversation, Araceli told Jeanette of leading a lady to the Lord in a hospital just days before she passed away.


During the meeting there were testimonies given on answered prayers of the congregation: a nephew falsely accused released from prison, freedom from debt/supernatural prosperity/provision of a vehicle to be able to drive to church, a nephew healed of severe injuries from a car accident, a new couple came to the Lord through a GDA who had been “prayed in” by a sister, Jose de Jesus, a man with heart condition, improved and asked for his Bible in the hospital/standing firm (Please continue to uphold him in your prayers.).


During the fellowship, the Lord directed Jeanette to a teen girl named Lupita whom she did not know. When she began to speak to her, it was clear that the girl's mind was not right (retardation caused by demonic oppression) . Immediately the Holy Spirit brought to Jeanette's memory scriptures on the “eyes of understanding” that she had seen earlier that morning. So Jeanette prayed for her mind and spoke over her clarity of thinking. She gave a relative those scriptures for her to read to the teen over and over. We are excited about the work the Lord has done in her and anxious to see its full manifestation.


Much has happened this month! And we are so grateful for the joy we experience in seeing God's hand move in so many lives. July promises to be just as full of joyful moments, and we will be sure to share them with you.


With love in Christ, Jose, Jeanette, and the rest of the Missions Team


I Corinthians 16:13, 14 Watch, stand fast in the faith, be brave, be strong. Let all that you do be done with love.


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