June 2015/additional testimonies from convention



There is much to tell about the good things the Lord has done during this month!  The brothers and sisters in Christ of Rio Bravo have been especially active this month in passing along written testimonies of recent occurrences, including some testimonies from what they received from the convention that took place in April (Yes!  There are still more testimonies!) which will be attached in summary to this report.


Among the recent blessings, one young teen wrote that during a service when the Holy Spirit was really ministering to the people, he received deliverance from fear and gained encouragement.  His mother Mari wrote that in the following service, the people were praying one for another, and she felt led to have a sister pray for her stomach that was hurting.  When she did, the pain left her.  Following the service, she felt led to call her niece and discovered the she and 2 of her 3 children had been ill with a very sore throat, cough, and body aches for 2 days.  Full of the Spirit, Mari commanded those symptoms to leave in the name of Jesus.  By the next morning, they were all completely well.  Another person wrote, “I give thanks to the Lord for His Word that renews and changes minds and hearts.  For years I had hurt feelings toward someone close to me that blocked my relationship with Jesus until I finally understood the love with which He gave His life to pardon our sins.  I knew He had forgiven all offense like it says in Mat. 6:14, but in a recent service, I was able to express to my mother that I love her and asked her to forgive me.  I also told her she owed me nothing, and that I forgave her.  Now I am sure that my prayers are not obstructed.” 


In Victoria, the church prayed for a guy who had been kidnapped.  The family had paid the ransom, but the captors refused to release him because they wanted money from the company where he works.  Within just hours of praying for him, he was released.  The brother who brought the situation to our attention was asked by the victim's father to pray because he knew he was a Christian.  His friends and family half-sarcastically call him “The Brother” in reference to him being a Christian.  His brother recently lost his cell phone which he relies on heavily for work, and he told him by faith not to worry, that it would be returned.  When his brother went to a convenience store, the manager handed him the phone and refused any compensation for it.


The following week, during discipleship class, we prayed for the cousin of one of our members who had also been kidnapped, and he was quickly released, as well.  We also prayed for this brother to have more work, and by the next week, he had a contract.


A couple from Victoria recently returned rejoicing from a trip to visit family members with the purpose of sharing the Gospel.  They actually held a “service” complete with songs, prayer, and the Word and were well received.  A niece eagerly accepted Christ.  She had expressed curiosity about this “religion” and asked many questions.


Lately, we have been so impressed by the deep appreciation that the people have expressed for the Word of God and go through great lengths to hear it, read it, and study it.  One sister records on her cell phone the meetings so that she can hear them again and again.  She said that one particular scripture relieved her of an emotional “crisis” for which she was so grateful.  (She has also said how she wishes that she could also record our casual conversations that are always based on the Word.)  Another sister writes out the convention messages as close to word-for-word as possible so that she could go over them again and again.  Last year she made copies of her notes to share with people who were unable to attend.  Another expressed how the Word delivered her from oppression and fear.  The Word is working mightily in our brothers and sisters!


As a result, the words that come out of their mouths are powerful and anointed.  Pepe made a statement during prayer for someone that really stood out.  He declared that the person would “reach the nations and the generations,” indicating that what one does now for the Lord will reach beyond our borders and have an effect on future generations.  What a powerful, exciting concept!


Just hours after leaving Victoria, the city was hit with torrential rains that caused great flooding which affected at least one sister's home.  In addition, water got into one of the rooms that we rent and reached the musical instruments that were stored there.  However, they were not damaged!  And, by the grace of God, the water went completely around another room that we rent instead of seeping into it.


The leaders in Victoria ministered in Word and song in two funerals this month and were very effective in comforting the families, even when in one of the cases the one who went to be with the Lord was their own family member.  They truly are anointed to serve with much grace and love in these types of situations.


One of the brothers who attends discipleship class won a B-B-Q package consisting of meat, tortillas, cheese, and such for Father's Day.  He decided he wanted to bless the group with the meal, so we enjoyed a very nice fellowship after the teaching.


We rejoiced greatly in our most recent visit to Mante.  Under the leadership of Carlos and Vivi, and the support of others who also travel there to preach, the congregation is growing both in number and in the Word, and they are making improvements in the facility itself.  They recently obtained a Canon projector (for computers) and have decided to bless the congregation in Voz with their transparency projector.  (It's wonderful that they consider their fellow brothers and sisters of other congregations.)  Also, the children's ministry is really taking shape.  The children are adapting well to their classroom and teachers, and the room is much more comfortable now that it has air-conditioning, allowing the windows and doors to be closed which helps in classroom management of the wide range of ages of children.  At their last visit, even the smallest one was able to sit on Jeanette's lap to read books with her—a major improvement for him!


Willy and Los Leones, accompanied by long-time faithful servants Oscar Brown and Herminio Torrez.   visited Rio Bravo to have a men's praise and worship  service.  Together, they worshiped God and prayed for one another, with some even receiving prophetic word in the strong presence of the Lord which could be perceived later by Dona Maria as the men joined the women meeting across the street for a meal and fellowship.  They enjoyed it so much that they lost track of time and had to abruptly say their goodbyes in order to make it across the bridge before it closed.  The men crossed just as the lights at the checkpoint were turned off.


The following day, Jeanette accompanied Omar and Miranda to Rio Bravo to hold a special meeting with the youth where Jeanette spoke on wisdom in choosing relationships according to the Word.  Jose later joined them for the regular Saturday service.  While he preached, Jeanette enjoyed her time ministering to the children.  During their Tuesday service the next week, three children accepted Christ, two who are neighbors living in very difficult circumstances whom Dona Maria invited just before service, and the other is the granddaughter of a lady who has just begun to attend church. 


The brothers working on the building in Rio Bravo are making great strides and heading for completion.  The front of the building has taken on a very good look, and now their attention is on the electricity which is being installed by a young man who is studying to be an electrician with others helping him.  


While we were there, Eric and other leaders led the marriage group in Victoria, and everything went well.  They also covered for us on Sunday while we stayed in Edinburg to minister in the pastor's absence which was for us a great blessing and privilege to spend time with the home church body.


July is already taking shape to offer some great times in the Lord, which we will be sure to fill you in about as soon as possible for the glory of God.


With love in Christ,   


Jose, Jeanette, and the Missions Team


You crown the year with Your goodness, and Your paths drip with abundance.” Ps. 65:11





There is always a great joy to see all the brothers and sisters.  I see the glory of God in everyone, and I know that God has transformed me and that the love that I feel towards them all is God, Jesus Christ, in me... A couple with a son came up to me in the convention and testified of their son who was healed of bronchial asthma.  I didn't remember, but they said that God used me to pray for him (last year) for His glory...Every year that we get together with the brothers and sisters in Christ of the other churches is a great blessing...(This year I also prayed for an elderly woman and a couple who asked for prayer for their marriage.)”


The Lord spoke to my life, showing me so much love for the brothers and sisters of Cd. Victoria...God said to me at the convention, 'I am here.  I love you, but just as I have loved you, you should love' because if we don't have love, we are nothing.  Therefore, being representatives of God here on earth, I should demonstrate the love of God in the congregation (Palabra De Poder) because we are believing God for growth in numbers of people needing the love of God Who shows Himself through the believers who demonstrate faith by works, loving as God loved us first.  God is good.”


A sister urged me to go to convention this year, saying I really needed it because of my situation with my husband and aunt.  However, I wasn't sure because I just didn't have the money.  But she invited me to share her hotel bed, and another sister told me that I wouldn't have to pay for my bus ticket.  I really didn't feel right about not paying anything, but the Lord told me to go and celebrate Him with the brothers and sisters at the party in His honor.  The trip was very pleasant, and we traveled with lots of joy, peace, and love, sharing our food (we even had some left for later!)  The hotel room that we got was the best one.  And the Almighty God in Whom we believe, to Whom I serve, gave me my own bed!  I felt so loved by my Father.  At first, when I decided I would go, I thought I would sleep on the floor so that Tere could have the bed.  But one lady canceled at the last minute, and I took her spot...  The service honoring our God and the reunion with our brothers and sisters was marvelous.  It was truly a party, and I enjoyed myself immensely.  I thank God for the life of each one of my brothers and sisters who participated in the organization of this convention.  I could see the love with which they did everything, with which they received us and attended to us.  May they Lord bless them abundantly and prosper them in everything.  Truly I went to celebrate Him in a party together with all my brothers and sisters.  To Him be all the glory, the honor, and the praise.  Amen.”


The Lord spoke strongly to me with His Word.  I had questions.  He spoke to me about forgiveness as He forgave us all.  Daily He shows us His love.  He also spoke to me about a relative; He gave me a word for him that he needed...The Lord is always faithful!”  


The Lord dealt with me about the gift of the written word, the ministering of the Word, perfecting the gift of music, and the gift of healing.  He also talked to me about speaking more to people.”


My fingers were healed, and I can now bend them.  I also had a word from the Lord for two young men that I shared with them.”  


A couple of days before the convention I received a call asking me to help with the kids.  Though I didn't say no, at first I didn't like the idea because I take notes during the service and later review them which blesses me a lot.  I took my notebook, pen, and Bible, anyway, but I was discontent wondering what I was going to miss in the messages.  Then I observed all the ushers serving and going to and from in various areas, and the Lord said to me, 'Do you think you are the only one that is not hearing the message? I have prepared you; I have offered you, and you are ready to give.'  I said, “Wow!  That's true!   Acts 20:35 says it is more blessed to give than to receive  (See also I Peter 4:10.).  The Lord is faithful to His Word and He prepares us, and we are not going to stay in the same place.  He takes us from glory to glory.  All the honor and majesty be for the Lord Jesus.”


When I was asked to take photos in the convention, at first I didn't want to because I though it would distract me and keep me from receiving.  But I did it with joy and actually appreciated the opportunity to serve and observe from up close all that God was doing.”


I received the gift of healing and the gift of prophecy (Luke 4:18, 19).  I received new strength, as God says, “like the buffalo's,” and He renews me like the eagle.  I received freedom from fear.  Now I want to serve God and that His will be done in me.”


This convention I received a lot from the Lord, but mainly I want to thank Him for the freedom He gave me to praise Him in dance.  He spoke to me by way of the song “I Am Free” that the praise and worship team from Edinburg and Victoria played.  And now, as the song says, “I am free to run, dance, praise, sing, shout,” and that is why I give God thanks.”


I returned from the convention blessed.  God dealt with me about the praise and worship team and my place as leader.  It was a great blessing to me to be able to fellowship with the other groups.  The presence of God moved among us, and I give thanks to God for each group.  In our hearts as leaders, there is the same spirit, and I rejoice in knowing that they are willing to do what the Lord asks of them.  Thank God for the Love that He has given each member; I rejoice in seeing the love, the disposition of each brother and sister to help each other with unreserved love.  Thank God for His love and for each brother and sister of World Harvest!


The Lord talked to me about Him always being there to correct me and help me do better.”


I really enjoyed Pastor Jaime's message on multiplication.  The praise and worship was great.  We enjoyed ourselves in the entire service as the Body of Christ because we have a powerful Daddy.  I also praise Him because He healed me of a stomach infection when we all prayed.  I give Him thanks because He cares for us at all times.  He is our healer and our provider. (Phil. 4:13)”  

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