For our first trip of the month, we left home in the rain but drove out of it quickly as we headed south past the border. Our first objective of the trip was to visit the village of Voz Campesina. There, just finishing the praise and worship and before the message, a hail storm hit. It was so loud that we could not proceed, so we stopped and rebuked the storm, speaking protection over the vehicles, homes, and crops. After about 10 minutes, the storm moved away, and no harm was caused by it. After the message, it was a great joy of ours to dedicate a two-day-old baby, followed by a nice meal provided by the family.


Because of the weather, the temperature dropped dramatically, making it a very pleasant evening to sleep comfortably at the cottage before heading to Mante for service the next day. Despite threats of rough weather, our trip to and from Mante was free from it. The service there was very good, and there was great response from the people, with several going forward for in-filling of the Holy Spirit. Afterward, we were blessed with a delicious meal and mangos from Araceli and Beto's tree. Carlos baptized 2 people in Mante the following Sunday.


The group from Victoria that visits hospitals ministered the following day. They noted how hungry the children were for love, many of them clinging to them and embracing them. One child urged Samuel to continue playing his guitar for him. It is such a blessing to see how this group and the one in Mante are making an impact on many lives while stirring up in the participants the love and desire to actively minister.


The following week, we found the people reacting to the recent elections in Mexico where the party that had been in power for over 80 years had been defeated in several positions, leaving many of our members wondering about their futures since they hold government jobs that could be affected. At the discipleship class and the service the next day, we prayed for all government employees and spoke words of faith and encouragement over them.


During the service, a mother asked for prayer for her 4-yr-old who has been diagnosed with craneocynostosis (born with his cranium sealed and not able to expand with the growth of the brain). His mother has expressed her faith that he is healed and will not require the surgery that doctors recommend. We join in agreement with her faith.


Another mother testified that her 1-yr-old son had been referred to a specialist due to signs of autism, but after praying with Pepe and Sofi, her son has completely changed and now has no signs of the condition.


The publications table of the church in Victoria is quite a hit. Now people not only take materials from the table, but they also go to the ladies in charge to request resources on particular subjects. Nayeli in Rio Bravo has begun a table there, too, and the ladies from both congregations are now in contact with each other to share materials that will bless people and help them grow in their faith.


Our visit to Rio Bravo was a joy, as always. The people there are receptive and responsive. Several received deliverance and filling of the Holy Spirit as we prayed for them. It was also great to see how involved the members are in the lives of others. Chela spoke with the leaders about a neighbor girl who has asked for help regarding a serious family situation. We prayed together, and the Lord gave wisdom as to how to proceed. Also, Tono asked for prayer for his sister who is fighting cancer. She was later provided handouts on healing which she said did her much good. After reading a portion of it, she said a deep peace entered her and she was able to sleep soundly all night for the first time (which allowed her mother who stays at her bedside to sleep, as well).


Miranda met with Rio Bravo's praise and worship team for a special workshop the next week. In preparation, she asked several leaders of World Harvest questions about praise and worship and compiled their answers in a power-point presentation for a very effective meeting. Immediately following, she joined the ladies of the congregation at a restaurant for a very blessed, enjoyable time together.


Miriam is having great success with her GDA (grupo de alcance, outreach group) for children held at her home in Reynosa. Her younger siblings invite their neighbor friends, and it has become quite a popular place. There have been several testimonies of the Lord touching their lives.


Victoria celebrated Father's Day on Saturday with games, prizes, and food under the gazebo. The next day all the fathers were prayed for at the front. Several other situations required prayer, as well. Among them. Sister Martha of Mante is in Victoria for radiation treatment and asked a family for lodging and transportation to and from the treatments. It greatly pleased us that Raul and his wife as well as the ladies of the intercessory prayer group opened their home to her. How nice to know that the Body of Christ is lovingly meeting the needs of the members! In a subsequent report, we heard that Sister Martha is handling the treatments well, and is coming out stronger than ever.


After a quick visit to the cottage to check on the neighbors who have been facing health struggles, we headed to the marriage class in Victoria that was led this time by Eric and Lucero. They did a great job in discussing the subject of the man as head of the marriage.


The next day during service, a sister in Victoria who came to us a year ago lost, hurting, and with many problems but was born again the day we met her, testified that she recently led a co-worker to the Lord where she only began working weeks ago. The co-worker has (had) many problems, and this sister was able to share with her how Jesus has dramatically changed her life. This is the natural result of the new life in Christ: multiplication!


Our month of activities ended as we headed north to Kansas for a very special wedding to be held on the 2nd of July. The trip was easy and pleasant, and we thank God for providing for all our needs for it. In the meantime, very reliable leaders in all the congregations of Cosecha Mundial (World Harvest) handled the every-day activities quite well in our absence, for which we are so grateful.


Yours in Christ,

Jose, Jeanette, and the missions team


1 Pet. 1:8 whom having not seen you love. Though now you do not see Him, yet believing, you rejoice with joy inexpressible and full of glory.

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