This month (and always) we rejoice in God's love and how it is manifested in and through the family of God. It is the fuel that encourages in the hard times and strengthens the Body of Christ, and there have been many examples of this love in action throughout the month.


The love of God has covered the family of Brenda, a young believer who recently went home to be with the Lord, just weeks after being baptized. Though we truly lament her passing, we all are so very grateful for the time we had to minister to her and believe that her life was prolonged so that she and her family could receive His love. In addition, the Lord was exalted in the funeral which was led by the leaders of our congregation with several members in attendance to console the family. She leaves a husband and 3 children who have continued to draw from the love of the Body of Christ as they have only missed one Sunday since.


On the same day of her passing, however, we also learned of some very good reports. During the discipleship class, Carlos testified of his healing during the recent trip to Voz and Mante with Willy and the guys. He wasn't feeling up the whirlwind of activities, but walked in faith and found himself free from the symptoms that he was experiencing. He also reported that the church in Voz is vibrant and growing and found Vicente to be joyful for the visit of the men. Isai, who joined the men in leading the praise and worship for both congregations, was also notably “strengthened in the inner man.”


Not long after the trip, Willy returned with Ivan to Rio Bravo to continue “stoking the fire” and give some pointers to the musicians. Reflecting on the trip, one of the young men who had attended commented on how the trip made him appreciate the family of brothers among the five congregations represented. It, indeed, was a unique experience.


Rio Bravo also reports that Sister Chela recently walked into the church, after a long illness that had left her bed-ridden and then wheelchair bound. We praise God that she has turned a corner and this will soon all be over. We also praise God for a new couple who has begun to attend services there.


There was also much rejoicing with a sister who testified of a supernatural debt cancellation of $15,000 pesos. She had fallen behind on her car payments and was concerned. But when she checked the computer, there was a balance of zero. She called the bank, and the balance was confirmed.


Yet another supernatural debt cancellation took place just days later. A lady who owed one year of income taxes due to the negligence of a former employer had delayed going to the office to make arrangements because she didn't know how she would pay it. But she bolstered her faith and went to resolve the issue. To her pleasant surprise, she was told that the balance was zero! She had prayed that the Lord would work on her behalf, in addition to the congregation's prayer just days earlier in general for deliverance from debt. The Lord also recently worked in a similar way for her daughter, adding to her account some much needed funds and providing her with a better job.


The following week, we received a wonderful report from the team who ministers in the hospitals. About 18 people accepted Christ, including a 16-yr.-old who had been asleep during the time of ministry. But as the group prepared to leave, his mother went to wake him up and bring him. They promptly led him to the Lord, as well.


Days later, a mother of a teenage son closed her business and raced to church to testify that our prayers for his healing had been answered. He was scheduled for gallbladder surgery, but after further tests was found to be free of stones and in no need of surgery. What's more, the doctor did not charge her for the last consultation.


Another sister gave an amazing testimony of her healing of uterine cancer. The doctor discussed plans to remove her uterus and begin chemotherapy. However, she felt led to just stand firmly in faith for her healing, telling only Jeanette about it who prayed with her. She challenged the incredulous doctor and asked him to schedule further tests which would confirm her healing. He did, and was utterly shocked to find no trace of cancer in her body. In fact, she was healthy from head to toe. Even some stones that she'd dealt with before had been removed! The doctor had to admit that the Lord had healed her. He was amazed at her faith. She told him, “No! Be amazed at the power and glory of God, which is what we experience every week at our church. I look forward to the day that you join us and experience it, too.”


As Jeanette was on her way out of the service, she asked a teenager how she was doing and noticed a forced smile and a vague answer, so she stopped to talk to her. In an instant, the teen confessed to being depressed and having been cutting herself. Quickly, Jeanette pulled her aside and asked Lucero, who was passing by, to join her in praying deliverance for the young lady. After ministering to her, her countenance changed, and the spirit of oppression was gone. She then prayed to receive Christ in her own words. (She had been led in the prayer of salvation months earlier, but she hadn't done so in faith.)


On our way home, we were questioned more than usual by a soldier at a checkpoint. As Jose responded and told him where our church was, another soldier within ear-shot heard and took over the “interrogation.” He said he desires to attend service in Victoria either Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday on his days off and take his 6-yr-old daughter to church. He is a single father and desires a congregation that would be family to them. We told him Victoria does not hold mid-week services, but could probably accommodate him in a GDA (grupo de alcance, outreach group). We also invited him to the monthly men's meetings and the upcoming VBS for his daughter. He eagerly jotted down Carlos's number for further info. Please pray for him and his daughter. His name is Eugenio.


A nice trip home to Kansas to attend a family reunion and spend time with the family interluded our missions activities. There, we also very much enjoyed our visit with the congregation of Pleasant Hill Community Church where we were asked to give a brief report of the ministry. We were also very glad to pray for some people and minister to them. While there, Jeanette accompanied her mom and mom's husband to a gospel music jam session at a senior citizen center in Oswego. Those people were real characters! All very talented musicians and quite humorous. One walked in dressed in pink over-alls and a feather in his cap. Among them was also a 95-yr-old singer/guitarist native Indian who didn't look more than 70. And a man who looked like Merl Haggard incognito “tickled the ivories” and wowed the audience with his country voice. Another stepped up to tell a few jokes. In the evening, Jeanette joined her mom and her mom's husband at their church for a prayer meeting where she was again asked to give a report on what the Lord is doing in Mexico. It was an honor, a joy, and a blessing to find so many interested in what He is doing south of the border.


Just before the family reunion, Jeanette and Jose had the privilege of meeting a cousin and his wife who have been pastors for decades in California. (Though their paths may have briefly crossed years ago, they had never really known each other.) We praise God for the godly lineage of people found on both sides of the family whose lives are devoted to the expansion of God's Kingdom.


For our first trip back to Victoria, we were thrilled to have Willy, Cynde, and their 2 sons visiting. Willy honored us with a teaching during the discipleship class on Saturday evening, and then joined the musicians for one song during the service. He also assisted in praying for people during the altar call where there was a mighty move of the Holy Spirit. A large number of people had gone forward, including one who accepted Christ. Amazingly, though the electricity had gone out due to a bird colliding with a transformer (or some important part), the service continued seamlessly and in the anointing. Before returning to the States, we enjoyed a meal with them along with Carlos, Vivi, David, Paola, and their families.


Interestingly, the man who had accepted Christ had only met a brother one week earlier through another acquaintance. He asked how he could obtain that peace that the brother in Christ emitted. He was told that it was through faith in Christ and was invited to church. The man attended and his interest in receiving was clearly noted during the service, and he quickly responded to the invitation.


Alex, a young recent graduate for whom we had just prayed for a job that day, messaged us 3 days later to testify that he got the job he'd wanted and had recently prayed with the church about. Another man for whom we'd been praying for a job now not only has a job, but also 3 other offers!


One sister knew of an ailing 80-yr-old lady and asked the family if they would like someone from church to pray for her. Though they are not “churched,” they readily accepted the offer. Since only one person was allowed in the hospital room, Karla was selected to go in where she found the lady despondent with a blank stare to one side. Karla asked her to look at her and nod if she wanted prayer, which she did. Then Karla shared Christ with her and asked her to nod in agreement if she wanted to receive Christ in her heart. As Karla prayed the prayer of salvation with her orally, and the lady nodded with each phrase. By the time Karla left her, there was peace in the ladies' face, and just days later, she went home to be with the Lord. The family expressed their gratitude for the prayers of those involved.


Two ladies who attend our church also lost an elderly loved one and asked the leaders to minister at the funeral, which they gladly did as it is yet another way to share the love of the Lord and spread the Gospel.


There were 3 baptized this month, one in Mante whom David had the privilege of baptizing on the day he went to minister there, and 2 in Voz on the day Rocio and Luz went to hold their monthly ladies' meeting which is going very well. Each time, the ladies participate more and more and seem more and more free. Karen, the leader along side her husband Isai in Voz, had the extreme joy of assisting Rocio in baptizing her mother and sister.


The last day of the month was busy, but quite a joy, with almost every minute of the day occupied in the edification of the Body of Christ. It began with Rocio and Luz Elena's visit to Voz for the ladies' meeting. In the afternoon, David and Paola held their meeting with the college and career age group. Meanwhile, we had a prenuptial meeting in the apartment above with a couple before heading to the monthly marriage class, led by Carlos and Vivi, where the youth had just finished, followed by a dinner/meeting back in the apartment with the council of 6 couples (including ourselves) who lead the Victoria congregation. So many activities fill the days! And this is not to mention the personal activities of the members of the congregations! It's all so satisfying!


There's certainly much more to come in the month ahead, and we'll be sure to keep you informed. Thanks so much for your part in all that brings glory to Jesus Christ!


Yours in Christ,

Jose, Jeanette, and the missions team

For we who have believed do enter that rest,...” Hebrews 4:3a

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