Every mission trip is an adventure. Our trip this month began with us crossing a river of sewage, caused by a broken pipe, that flowed across the road leading out of Reynosa. We were blessed to be in the Expedition and to be led by some brave guys who stood in the waist-high water to direct traffic to avoid cars driving off the road.


At our leadership meeting in Victoria where 21 people were in attendance, Salomon testified that he had received revelation from the Word regarding deliverance, and when he spoke the scripture out to the Lord, he heard a “pop” and felt air leave his ear; then he suddenly felt peace. When he went to Mante to minister, he said he ministered in a new freedom and anointing . Everyone noticed the difference. Even his voice was smoother and more confident.


Our leadership meetings in Victoria seem to be more and more thrilling each time. A new young man named Fernando has been going. Jose asked him what made him draw near to God. He responded that he saw peace in the Christians. At a subsequent meeting, he prayed to receive Christ. The watchman who just recently got saved also attends every meeting and is growing by leaps and bounds. He finds his way around the Bible and keeps up with the group.


At the meeting, the church's logo was presented. They had hired a Christian team to design it who first prayed and got the vision of it before proceeding. The magnificent final product can be seen at WHTCMINISTRIES.ORG.


The following day the youth/college and career in Victoria met at church for a special meeting. They planned it, organized it, and ran it themselves. They plan to hold similar meetings about once a month.


That same day, our leadership meeting at the cottage with the folks from Voz went well. We learned that the government has again awarded funds to churches for building improvement projects. Our church received $15,000 pesos which will go for roof and ceiling repairs this time.


While Jose and Jeanette were busy in Mante, Brenda, Herminio, Miranda, Omar, Manuel, Melissa, and Josh ministered in Harlingen, Tx. at the request of a co-worker of Brenda who'd gotten saved and asked Brenda to share the message with her family at a rented meeting room. About 45 people were saved, and 2 were delivered from demon oppression.


In Mante, we had the first baby dedication there. A new convert had requested the special service because she now realized that infant baptism was not necessary. At first her baby was fussy until we prayed for him. He suddenly became very content.


During the same service, Sister Berta testified that after the previous service, she went to pray for her mother-in-law in accordance to what Jose had suggested that she do, and she saw her mother-in-law healed. It is important for the new believers to see that their faith is just as valuable as the pastor's and that they are not dependent on the pastor to pray for everyone.


During the week we went to minister in Rio Bravo. On the way, we got checked by the agent at the border. When he noticed a Bible, he asked lots of questions and said, “Oh, you're going to teach the Word of God.” That's when we concluded that he too was a Christian. When Jose asked him is he was, he said yes, but that he was a rebellious believer due to a disagreement with his pastor. We urged him to repent and return to church. Since he was just recently stationed in Reynosa he said he didn't know where to go and asked if we could refer him to a church either in McAllen or Reynosa. We were happy to point him to a church.


At Rio Bravo we learned that a young lady from Reynosa had invited two friends to church the previous week. One accepted Christ in the service, and the other after the service.


In Mariposas where Rosi and Mario minister to the village children, they have found that one of the girls sweeps in preparation for the class without anyone even asking her. That's how excited the children are to be taught there.


Cynde/Willy, Omar/ Miranda, Ivan/Elizabeth joined us one weekend to minister in Voz and Victoria. We really enjoy their company, and the brothers and sisters south of the border truly receive from them. That Sunday, a man named Saul accepted Christ. We later met his sister who said he had been living a very oppressed life and that she'd been praying for his salvation. After the service, another couple accepted Christ (The wife is the sister of the magistrate whom we'd led to the Lord while visiting his son at the hospital last month.), and several others received healing and deliverance. While we were in Victoria, Viviana and Carlos were ministering in Mante where they also led a young man to the Lord.


After the service, we all were invited to eat at Salomon's house. There was an impromptu time of praise and worship singing led by Willy and Ivan with the acordian and guitar. It was a beautiful time in the Lord.


During the last service of the month in Victoria, we had a special baby dedication service to present Lucero and Eric's baby girl. During the meal that followed the service, a young man named Enrique was seated at our table. We began to share Christ with him and the practicality of the Word of God. Within minutes, Salomon had changed seats to sit next to him and enter into a more personal conversation with him. Then he announced that Enrique wanted to pray to receive Christ, so Solomon led him while we joined them in prayer. What a precious way to end the month!


Convention 2010 is upon us in just a little more than a week. Please be in prayer for the event and those involved, and most of all, that God be glorified greatly!



With love in Christ,

Jose, Jeanette, Josh and the team

P.S. Happy Resurrection Day!

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